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Paul Jurak is a Canberra dad, CIT trades instructor, and cancer survivor. He loves the pre-dawn silence of Lake Burley Griffin. Luckily he takes his camera so the rest of us can enjoy the view at a more reasonable hour.

Friday, July 12

Paul Jurak It was like peas soup out there this morning with the visibility getting down to a few metres. Lucky I know my way around or you could find yourself going round in circles.

Thursday, July 11

Paul Jurak This morning it felt like I was cast into a world of mystique.

Tuesday, July 9

Tuesday, July 9. Kayak cameraman Paul Jurak. Lake Burley Griffin. sunrise. generic.

Paul Jurak What a Winter Wonderland it is. Such serene and calm conditions out there again this morning.

Monday, July 8

Monday, July 8. Paul Jurak kayak photos of Lake Burley Griffin. Sunrise, morning, weather. clouds

Paul Jurak My Monday morning meditation. I know that I keep saying it, but there is truly no better way to start the day.

Paul Jurak, Friday, June 28

Paul Jurak Marbled skies and calm conditions made for the perfect end to a busy week, especially when Canberra has been in the national political spotlight. I hope you have a great weekend. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 27


Paul Jurak Amid the political storm, the lake was serene and calm.

The best of the Kayak Cameraman

The Kayak Cameraman: The best of the past 12 months

Paul Jurak Today is quite a significant day for me as it marks 12 months since the Lake View blog commenced with the Canberra Times.

Lake View: Thursday June 20

Paul Jurak That was exactly what I needed this morning. There is no better way to unwind and unravel the mind. Yesterday I had several mental doors open up as I heard news from a friend that their ...

Monday, June 17

Paul Jurak The title for this morning’s paddle would have to be "Marbled Monday".

Lake View: June 12

Paul Jurak Marbled skies and mirror reflections greeted Paul Jurak on his paddle this morning

Lake View: Wednesday June 5

On the lake, June 5.

Paul Jurak LBG certainly had a wintery feel about it this morning. It was clear as bell when I took off at 6.15am from the East Basin, but it wasn't long before the fog slowly rolled in and engulfed the entire...

Monday, June 3


Paul Jurak Winter bites hard into Paul Jurak's fingers and toes.

Lake View: Wednesday, May 29

Paul Jurak All the warning signs were there that it was going to feel like you were paddling in another world this morning.

Monday, May 27

Monday, May 27. Kayak cameraman Paul Jurak. Lake Burley Griffin. weather. generic. cold. sunrise

Paul Jurak What a beautiful morning on Lake Burley Griffin. The calm conditions made for mirror like water that cast magic reflections.

Saturday, May 25

Saturday, May 25. Kayak cameraman Paul Jurak's photos of Lake Burley Griffin. generic. fog. weather. Canberra

Paul Jurak The foggy conditions created such a mystical atmosphere.

Thursday, May 23

Paul Jurak The protection that the wetlands provided made for some amazing reflections this morning.

Wednesday, May 22

Wednesday, May 22. Paul Jurak's photos of Lake Burley Griffin. Weather. Canberra. generic. kayak

Paul Jurak The colours this morning were wild and I wasn’t the only one out there to enjoy it.

Monday, May 20

Monday, May 20.

Paul Jurak It certainly had a wintery feel about it this morning with temperature dropping to minus 2.

Monday, May 13

Monday, May 13.

Paul Jurak It was a brief but beautiful sunrise this morning, but it was quickly extinguished by the low lying clouds. Let’s hope that today’s forecast of rain is correct as we certainly need it.

Thursday May 9

Paul Jurak It had a magical feel on the water this morning. The mist rolled in from the wetlands at 5.45am chasing me into the main basin - it gave the lake a different persona.

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