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Box-shaped not good enough for Bungendore

Palerang Shire rejects box-shaped supermarket for being out-of-character with the village.

Canberra IGA operator the Krnc Group has submitted a fresh proposal for a new Bungendore supermarket after Palerang Shire rejected the first one for being out-of-character with surrounding buildings.

Three developers were vying for a supermarket site last year, which led to proposals to demolish or remove heritage buildings, and vigorous opposition from the community.

Mayor Pete Harrison said there was always going to be only one new supermarket, and it had been a battle among developers for a site.

The Krnc Group lodged a development application in September that would retain a heritage-listed building in Malbon Street, and another building occupied by Le Tres Bon restaurant.

Mr Harrison said the council rejected this application because it did not reflect the design that council was expecting, although it did not want to discourage the project.

The original proposal was too much like a block, he said.


“We suggested they look around, note the use of awnings, and nature of roof styles being more gabled-structured rather than being flat structured.’’

Mr Harrison said council was mindful the new supermarket would be the village’s biggest building and would set the tone for future development in the village, a popular tourist spot for Canberrans en route to the South Coast.

Mr Harrison said when he looked at the supermarket he wanted to see it reflect Bungendore, rather than a supermarket’s corporate design.

The Krnc Group has proposed a 2200 square metre supermarket, first floor administration office and parking space for 131 cars.