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Braddon locals call for supermarket in new developments

Justin Ryan wants nothing more than to walk down to a small supermarket in Braddon and buy an onion.

A businessman who has lived in the inner city suburb for eight years, Mr Ryan has chosen the site where he'd like a supermarket, an empty shop next door to Cornucopia Bakery in Mort Street where he wrote in bold red capital letters: ''IGA here please! Braddon needs one.''

The 182 square metre shop is currently for sale or lease.

The former inner-city car yard suburb is continuing to transform into a mixed-use area with two cranes on the skyline and development applications in the planning pipeline for medium density units.

Planning laws allow a 200 square metre supermarket in Braddon's commercial zone. A portion of the Cooyong Street urban renewal area (ABC Flats redevelopment area) permits a shop up to 800 square metres.


Business people say it's only a matter of time before a supermarket arrives.

Mr Ryan can't wait and says residents are growing more frustrated.

He says Express and Star Mart stores attached to service stations just don't cut it.

''They are convenience stores for buying chocolate at,'' he said.

''We don't need another cafe. There needs to be service businesses, not just cafes and restaurants. There's three liquor stores.''

He said his sign on a shop for lease was slightly cheeky, and his actions are under fire on his Facebook page, but the red chalk crayon will come off easily.

''I know I am not creating a problem, I am making it more obvious who they rent (the place) out to. I don't apologise for it.''

A chemist and fruit shop would also be welcome for people who wanted to walk or ride their bikes, and avoid driving a car to a major supermarket, which is the planning intention of Braddon's rezoning.

A 2007 planning study which underpinned the rezoning found Braddon over 20 years developed a unique character, merging light industry and motor trades with a diverse range of uses including a yoga studio, art galleries, outdoor shops and restaurants.

A spokesman for the former Braddon chamber of commerce Peter Conway said developments had been progressing steadily since re-zoning.

''Someone will see the opportunity. An IGA will move there as the population grows,'' he said.

Mr Conway would also like to see a bank and credit union in the neighbourhood.


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