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Brumby Clyde Rathbone to join comedian brother on stage for It’s Me Mandela

The Rathbone brothers don't have a great history of helping each other out at work. 

Earlier this year, ACT Brumbies player Clyde Rathbone's brother Dayne dressed up as mascot Brumby Jack during the Anzac Day match against the Chiefs.

Dayne was later filmed vomiting on the sideline out from under the head of the costume

“On the day everything was going perfectly for like 90 per cent of it, and I was running around so much and overheated. I got too hot and I had to puke,” he said.

“Apart from that everything went pretty much perfectly.”


Clyde will attempt to make a better impression when he swaps the rugby field for the stage in support of comedian brother Dayne for one night in July.

After the success of his first comedy show It’s Me Dayne, the younger of the two brothers has written its follow-up, It’s Me Mandela which is on at Canberra Theatre on July 5.

The brothers grew up in South Africa, with Clyde moving to Australia in 2002 to pursue his rugby career, and the rest of the family following soon after.

Dayne has made a name for himself in the comedy circuit for his unique style and awkward delivery since winning the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and Triple J RAW Comedy award in 2011.

He was looking for inspiration for a new show when former South African President Nelson Mandela passed away.

“Because I was there when Mandela became the president and apartheid got stopped, and I thought I want to do kind of a more serious show but also a funny show all about Mandela and when he was alive and the whole story about that,” Dayne said.

The play is set to be a family affair, with all four of the Rathbone boys - Luke and Rory as well as Dayne and Clyde - starring in the show.

The four brothers are very close, and all share a house together. But Dayne said his brothers, particularly Clyde, aren’t too keen to get on stage.

“I asked and he said no. I was trying to find somebody like an actor to do the show but then my Mum got angry with him and said, ‘you should support your family and support your brother,’ so Clyde said ‘fine’,” said Dayne.

As show night approaches, Clyde is somewhat warming to the idea. “I’m not terribly thrilled about it to be honest. I’ve been a reluctant participant from day one,” said Clyde.

“But I think it’s good to take yourself out of your comfort zone.”

It’s Me Mandela is on at Canberra Theatre on July 5. Tickets are available from