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Burgled pair are remanded in custody

Two teenagers who broke into the home of a cancer patient, stealing electronic goods and a car, were remanded in custody on Friday.

Dylan Kane Stacker, 18, of Kambah, and Brendon Walters, 18, of Narrabundah, appeared before the ACT Magistrates Court on Friday over an alleged aggravated burglary and car theft.

The pair are accused of burgling the home on Thursday while the owners were in Sydney for cancer treatment. They are accused of stealing a Holden Commodore and a car key, a Nikon D90 camera, and a tablet computer.

The court heard police had Stacker under physical surveillance, and watched as the pair drove in a Subaru that belonged to Walters' mother. They travelled to Red Hill, where police allege they picked up Walters' brother, before driving to Farrer.

Police say they watched as the men began knocking on doors to check to see if residents were home, leaving if the front doors were answered. About 2.40pm, a stolen Holden Commodore pulled out of a home, and police allege they saw both men inside.

They followed the Subaru back to Woden CIT, and the stolen Commodore to Kambah, before arresting both Walters and Stacker.


Walters made an application for bail in the ACT Magistrates Court on Friday, but Stacker did not, and was remanded in custody.

Criminal Investigations Detective Simon Rohan told the court Walters had a drug problem, with no way to support it other than through a ''life of crime''.

The prosecution argued against granting Walters bail, saying he was a risk of reoffending, may interfere with witnesses, including his brother, and was likely to fail to appear in court.

But defence lawyer Kate Bills said Walters had secured full-time employment with a bricklaying company, which knew the extent of the allegations against him.

Special magistrate Graeme Lunney accepted the prosecution's arguments. Walters will appear in court again next week.