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Christopher Knaus

Christopher Knaus is a reporter for The Canberra Times.

'I feel ashamed and deeply sorry': apologetic armed robber sentenced

Christopher Knaus Armed robber apologises after hearing of crime's impact on victim.

Disability carer accused of mistreating group home clients loses unfair dismissal bid


Christopher Knaus Advocates say they are "appalled" by allegations that an ACT carer washed a client with a broom and showered three others at the same time.

Trial over violent home invasion ends after pair plead


Christopher Knaus Two men have struck a plea deal mid-trial over a violent home invasion involving a baseball bat, tyre iron, and machete.

Woman fined $300 for animal cruelty: RSPCA

A neglected dog with a badly matted coat was seized by the RSPCA.

Christopher Knaus A woman has been fined $300 and banned from pet ownership after two complaints about neglecting her dog.

Bashed inmate Stephen Freeman loses bid to be released on bail

Christopher Knaus Prison is not breaching the human rights of a man who was savagely bashed after being housed with sentenced inmates.

David Eastman successful in removing judge from hearing bid to prevent trial

Acting Justice Anthony Whealy has been ordered to remove himself from hearing David Eastman's bid to prevent a second trial for the murder of Colin Winchester

Christopher Knaus David Eastman has successfully removed a judge from hearing his bid to prevent a second murder trial.

Minister gives $500,000 to ACT rehab after lobbying efforts

Social Services Minister Scott Morrison has reversed funding cuts to Karralika's family program.

Christopher Knaus Federal government reverses cut to vital and unique ACT rehabilitation program supporting parents and children.

Pair on trial for machete attack on man over alleged racism


Christopher Knaus Man speaks of stopping a machete with his hands while fighting off alleged home invaders at Ainslie Village.

Judgment expected on Eastman's push to remove judge

David Eastman launched a stay application.

Christopher Knaus David Eastman expected to learn on Wednesday whether judge has been removed.

Woman pleads guilty to faking bar deals to defraud alcohol promotions company

Christopher Knaus Alcohol promoter paid for circus tickets, school fees, swimming lessons, and video games on her corporate credit card.

Canberra man pleads not guilty to handful of charges in major dog cruelty case

Christopher Knaus Dogs found severely underweight, with untreated wounds, and matted fur and allegedly denied access to water, vet treatment or exercise in major animal cruelty case.

Company fined $270,000 over Nishi worker's 'fall into the void'

Jayson Bush in a back brace after the accident

Christopher Knaus Jayson Bush asked for help as he cut holes into awkwardly-positioned panels near a deep shaft. He was sent to work alone, before falling five metres into the darkness.

ACT sues over North Weston Pond asbestos contamination

Christopher Knaus ACT is suing two companies for more than $10 million for failing to detect the scale of an asbestos contamination.

Former AFP agent pleads guilty to using restricted police system to stalk ex-girlfriend

Court photo

Christopher Knaus Former AFP counter-terrorism member pleads guilty to using restricted information to stalk ex-girlfriend.

Taxi driver sexually assaulted intoxicated passenger in Canberra


Christopher Knaus A taxi driver twice sexually assaulted a heavily intoxicated woman who got into his cab in the early hours of the morning after a night out in Civic.

ACT provides $486,000 for David Eastman stay application

The ACT government has provided $486,000 in new money to fund David Eastman's bid to stave off a second murder trial.

Christopher Knaus ACT government has forked out $486,000 in new money to fund David Eastman's bid to stop his retrial.

Child abuse victim hung wind chime to warn of molester's approach

Christopher Knaus Child victim who was molested more than 100 times hung wind chime to warn of her stepfather's approach.

Lack of evidence from bikie victims not 'special or exceptional', judge says

CCTV of Rebels fight with Finks at Belconnen Mall

Christopher Knaus Lack of evidence from bikie victims 'unsurprising', judge finds as he refuses bail for senior Rebel.

Josaia Vosikata appears in court accused of murdering, leaving girlfriend in car boot

Daniela D'Addario who was allegedly murdered by her partner.

Christopher Knaus Josaia Vosikata is accused of killing his girlfriend and hiding her body in the boot of her car.

Mental Illness Fellowship to close Magistrates Court, ACT Health cafes

Closed down: The Mental Illness Fellowship is ending programs that provide training and paid work experience at the cafe at the ACT Magistrates Court.

Christopher Knaus Programs that give those with mental illness training and work experience will be closed down.