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Christopher Knaus is a reporter for The Canberra Times.

Mont 24 Hour Race will give refunds

Christopher Knaus Entrants who paid to enter the washed-out Mont 24 Hour bike race will be given entry into a rescheduled competition in October, refunds, or transferred to other events, organisers say.

Man found guilty of sexual assault on step-granddaughter

Christopher Knaus A 62-year-old man has been found guilty of sexually assaulting his step-granddaughter five years ago.

Torture, humiliation claims aired in court against Anthony Catanzariti

Christopher Knaus A Canberra man accused of subjecting his victim to a prolonged ordeal of violence and sexual humiliation has gone on trial.

Man, 62, found guilty of step-granddaughter sexual assault

Christopher Knaus A 62-year-old man has been found guilty of sexually assaulting his step-granddaughter five years ago.

Man accused of prolonged attack of violence and sexual humiliation

the Supreme Court in Canberra

Christopher Knaus A man accused of subjecting a drug dealer to a prolonged ordeal of violence and sexual humiliation has gone on trial.

Monarchists call for opportunities for public to glimpse royals during visit


Christopher Knaus Monarchists call on ACT government to ensure thousands of Canberrans get the chance see the Royal couple during their public outings.

Split verdict on ACT's criminal trial blitz

Christopher Knaus Prosecutors have praised a blitz on criminal trials in the ACT Supreme Court but it barristers have expressed concerns.

Bar talk a hot topic in Georgina Phelps' family

Georgina Phelps joins the other four lawyers in her immediate family.

Christopher Knaus Debates around the Phelps' dinner table are more lively than those in most families.

Capital Weed Control fails in court appeal over hurt worker

Christopher Knaus A company whose weed sprayer was hit by a large falling poplar tree after a junior public servant declared the area safe has lost its fight to force the ACT government to contribute to the payout.

Drug law proposals 'outdated'

Christopher Knaus, Tom McIlroy Proposed reforms to the ACT's drug laws have received a mixed response.

ACTION driver loses appeal for compensation for hearing damage

Christopher Knaus An ACTION driver who claimed his hearing was damaged by decades spent sitting in noisy buses has lost an appeal in his battle for compensation.

New ACT regulations to target synthetic drugs and traffickers

Changes to drug laws in the ACT means Canberrans will now be able to carry up to 10 grams of MDMA for personal use.

Ben Westcott and Christopher Knaus A crackdown on synthetic drugs will be part of a push to make Canberra's drug laws more effective.

Final witnesses give evidence in Eastman inquiry

Christopher Knaus After five months of hearings and a sea of evidence, inquiry shifts to business end of proceedings. But it's far from over.

Labor minister Joy Burch's son charged over armed robbery

Facing charges: Lloyd Edwin Burch leaves the ACT Supreme Court on Wednesday.

Christopher Knaus Lloyd Edwin Burch drank two litres of beer before entering an Ali Baba store armed with a knife.

Claim surveillance was to drive David Eastman nuts is 'silly', says AFP's Roy Farmer

Christopher Knaus An Australian Federal Police deputy commissioner has denied telling a colleague that surveillance teams were trying to drive David Harold Eastman ''nuts''.

Libs want auditor in on environmental reporting

Christopher Knaus The opposition will push for broader scrutiny of the ACT's management of environmental reporting in the wake of the pollution of Hume groundwater with potentially dangerous chemicals.

Priest facing bigamy charges in ACT court

Alec Stevenson

Christopher Knaus Father Alec Stevenson thought he'd left his life in New Zealand behind when he walked out on his young wife and children and moved to Australia in 1970.

New West Industrial Park buyers not informed of Koppers contamination

Teddy Bear Childcare owner Mark Gillett  bought land about 400 meters away from the contaminated sites but were never told of the pollution the sale of the land never went through.

Christopher Knaus The ACT government is selling land around the contaminated Koppers site without telling some potential buyers.

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Foster father found not guilty of sex with teen

Christopher Knaus A foster father has been cleared of having sex with a teenage girl in his care.

Tests show toxic groundwater at Koppers timber plant has not spread

Christopher Knaus Polluted groundwater has not spread from beneath the former Koppers timber treatment plant, new testing has shown.