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Christopher Knaus is a reporter for The Canberra Times.

Weekend jail sentence after teenager sexually assaulted

Christopher Knaus A man who sexually assaulted a teenager while she slept at an 18th birthday party has been sentenced to six months' weekend detention.

Foster father threatened to kill himself if teen revealed sex, court told


Christopher Knaus A teenage girl whose foster father allegedly had repeated sex with her told police she hid the relationship from her foster mother because she was “the only family I’ve ever had”.

Eastman evidence may have misled inquest: scientist

Christopher Knaus A forensic expert has admitted he may have misled the inquest on ACT police chief Colin Stanley Winchester and allowed ''unacceptable confusion'' in the labelling of gunshot residue taken from David...

Lawyers criticise end of periodic detention

Christopher Knaus The decision to abolish weekend detention has been criticised by parts of the ACT's legal fraternity, who say it was made without consultation and appears to be motivated by a desire to cut costs.

Suspected drug trafficker Trong Ruyen Bui on trial

Christopher Knaus A suspected ice and heroin trafficker who was tracked using phone taps and police surveillance has gone on trial in the ACT Supreme Court.

Man caught drink-driving three times in five hours

Police tape.

Christopher Knaus, Henry Belot A 30-year-old Crace man who was allegedly caught drink-driving on three separate occasions within five hours has faced court.

Correction order shift as weekend detention phased out

Shane Rattenbury.

Christopher Knaus The ACT government is planning to abolish weekend detention as a way for Canberra criminals to serve time.

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Foster father accused of having sexual relationship with teenage girl

Christopher Knaus A Canberra carer accused of repeatedly engaging in sex with his 14-year-old foster daughter has gone on trial in the ACT Supreme Court.

Foster father accused of sex with teenage girl in his care

Christopher Knaus Canberra carer goes on trial accused of repeated sex with his then 14-year-old foster daughter.

DIY fraudster Nicholas Oettinger avoids conviction

Michael Inman and Christopher Knaus A former Canberra man who attempted to defraud an insurance company over a do-it-yourself kitchen repair has avoided conviction.

Koppers timber treatment plant: ACT government was warned polluters weren't being watched

Christopher Knaus The ACT government was warned last year that the environment protection watchdog was poorly resourced.

Men sentenced over sophisticated cannabis grow house

Christopher Knaus Group tried to hide grow house using false walls and an untraceable power supply.

Hume residents claim Koppers site discharged contaminants for years

Local families who lived next to the former Koppers timber treatment plant in Hume claim they witnessed a murky, foam capped liquid discharged from the site for more than a decade.

Christopher Knaus Families who lived next to the Koppers timber treatment plant say they witnessed a murky, foam-capped liquid discharge from the site regularly for more than a decade.

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Forensic expert Robert Barnes questioned at David Eastman inquiry

Christopher Knaus A forensic expert has been forced to respond to allegations he misled an inquest and deliberately selected gunshot residue evidence to support an argument that later would implicate David Eastman at...

David Eastman inquiry continues to pick over Robert Barnes' work

Christopher Knaus A forensic expert has denied deliberately selecting gunshot residue to support the argument he presented at David Eastman's trial.

Eastman expert witness gets grilling over inquest evidence

Robert Barnes leaves the ACT Supreme Courts

Christopher Knaus The forensic expert whose evidence proved critical in convicting David Eastman has been warned he will be questioned over whether he misled the inquest into the ACT police chief's death.

Koppers' toxic legacy may be scrutinised by Auditor-General

A ground water bore at the former Koppers timber treatment plant in Hume.

Christopher Knaus The public watchdog will consider scrutinising ACT authorities over failures surrounding the pollution of groundwater in Hume, as pressure mounts on the government for answers and legislative change.

Husband cleared of rape allegations

Christopher Knaus A man has been cleared of allegations that he raped his wife in their Canberra home in 2012.

Greens to push for law reform to ensure Koppers pollution not repeated

Christopher Knaus The Greens will push for stronger laws to prevent groundwater pollution and seek assurances that failures highlighted by the Koppers case are not being repeated elsewhere in the territory.

Revealed: Timber treatment plant's toxic legacy

Christopher Knaus A multinational corporation was allowed to pollute Canberra water with toxic chemicals in a case exposing more than a decade of failings.