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Christopher Knaus is a reporter for The Canberra Times.

Commando claimed PTSD gave him low testosterone

Compo claim: Stress related claim ejected.

Christopher Knaus An Australian war veteran has not been able to prove his low testosterone levels were caused by post-traumatic stress disorder.

Spurned man allegedly hid in former eHarmony lover's home with gun


Christopher Knaus A Canberra man spurned by an eHarmony lover allegedly armed himself with a gun, hid in her apartment and trapped her inside for three hours.

Bar Association calls for more funding to Aboriginal legal services

ACT Bar Association president Shane Gill, who has called for increased funding for Aboriginal legal services in the ACT.

Christopher Knaus Government urged to properly fund Aboriginal legal services to drive down rates of indigenous imprisonment in ACT.

Man allegedly brandished tomahawk, assaulted mother as baby watched

Christopher Knaus Man allegedly took tomahawk to ex-girlfriend's house, before forcing her to drive into a pole while their three-month-old sat in the back.

Prosecutors say only three months needed for David Eastman retrial, as stay application foreshadowed

Charged: David Eastman is arrested in December 1992.

Christopher Knaus Retrial of Eastman likely to take half the time of the first, not likely to start until late next year, prosecutors say.

David Eastman certain to launch stay application to prevent re-trial, lawyers

David Eastman at an earlier hearing.  He has spent more than 19 years behind bars.

Christopher Knaus David Eastman is almost certain to launch a stay application to permanently stymy attempts to put him on trial for a second time, lawyers say. 

Prison guard speaks out about four months in solitary on bogus rape charge


Christopher Knaus Behind the wire of the notorious Goulburn jail, a prisoner's momentary lapse almost let his dangerous secret slip out.

Man allegedly snatched woman's handbag, used it to demand sex

Christopher Knaus Man accused of snatching handbag, using it to demand sex in Glebe Park.

Forged court reports may have earned Corrective Services author bonus fees

ACT Magistrates Court

Christopher Knaus Rogue Corrective Services officer who faked signatures to get unvetted assessments of criminals may have won bonus.

Bolts to be checked by company in Catanzariti construction-death case

Workplace death: The Catanzariti family. Barney, Ben and Kay. Ben died in a construction accident in Kingston in 2012.

Christopher Knaus A company accused of poor maintenance says US-supplied bolts may offer an alternative theory.

Murderer sentenced to 12 months for prison guard bashing

Jail generic

Christopher Knaus A violent murderer has been sentenced to 12 months jail for the unprovoked bashing of a prison guard last year.

Man accused of using Facebook to trick teen into sex pleads not guilty to blackmail

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Christopher Knaus A man accused of pretending to be a woman on Facebook to trick a teen into having sex with him has pleaded not guilty to blackmail.

Catholic school principal found with explicit picture of teenage boy


Christopher Knaus A Catholic school principal from Young was found with an explicit picture of a 13-year-old Canberra boy he previously chatted with on social networking application Grindr.

Prisoner used fake confession letter in attempt to overturn burglary conviction

Christopher Knaus Jailhouse lawyers helped inmate in attempt to pin blame for crimes on someone else.

Young woman accused over grow house in her old family home

The hydroponic cannabis setup found in one room at a home in Macgregor in 2012.

Christopher Knaus Woman, 21, accused of involvement in $500K cannabis crop which "consumed" parents' Macgregor home.

Hoddle Street killer given addresses of alleged Duntroon attackers

Christopher Knaus Mass murderer given locations of former alleged attackers, despite concerns he could still hold a grudge.

Calvary Hospital disputes blunder caused mother's fatal cancer

Christopher Knaus Calvary Hospital disputes that a blunder that saw a liver tumour go uninvestigated caused a mother's fatal cancer.

Bavco cleared of using sham contracting at sites across Canberra

Courts generic.

Christopher Knaus Floor repair company Bavco has been cleared of employing workers on sham contracts at sites across Canberra.

Hoddle Street killer says he doesn't hold grudge against alleged Duntroon abusers

Julian Knight arrives at court in 2004.

Christopher Knaus Hoddle Street killer says he holds no grudge against the former Duntroon members he is trying to track down to sue for alleged abuse.

Man who tricked prostitute into sex pleads guilty to rape charge

scales of justice

Christopher Knaus A man who tricked a prostitute to get free sex has pleaded guilty to a rape charge just before his trial was due to start.