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Christopher Knaus is a reporter for The Canberra Times.

Man pretended to be girl on Facebook to blackmail boy for sex, court hears

Charged: Billy Tamawiwy is accused of using a fake Facebook profile to have sex with another man.

Christopher Knaus A young man who allegedly used a fake female Facebook profile to blackmail and rape a Canberra teenager has been charged with sending video of the ordeal to other young Canberrans.

Woman carer who assaulted mother beats background check

Christopher Knaus A woman has won the right to work with people with disabilities despite having been convicted of assaulting her mother.

Aaron James Holliday trial drawing to a close


Christopher Knaus and Megan Gorrey A stupid plan can still be an illegal plan, jury told.

Canberra men jailed over 'unspeakably callous' abduction and rape of Tango user

Christopher Knaus Two men responsible for the "unspeakably callous" abduction and rape of a woman they blackmailed using a social media application have been sentenced to eight years and 12 years imprisonment.

David Eastman's bail conditions relaxed as judge blasts prosecutors

David Eastman.

Christopher Knaus Conditions preventing David Eastman from contacting witnesses and the family of Colin Stanley Winchester family have been removed after a judge found they were not supported by a "shred of evidence".

Canberra man denies plan to kidnap, murder teen witnesses

ACT Supreme Court.

Christopher Knaus An inmate has denied he had any intention to organise the kidnapping and murder of witnesses while behind bars facing child sex charges. 

Tougher Environment Protection Agency powers to prevent pollution in Canberra

Pollution law changes: Environment Minister Simon Corbell has backed changes to the Environmental Protection Act to strengthen the ACT's regulatory system.

Christopher Knaus The ACT's environmental watchdog agency will have tougher powers to deal with potential polluters.

Father, son not guilty of assault after using baseball bat, gun, cable ties

Christopher Knaus and Michael Inman A father and son who used a baseball bat, unloaded gun, and cable ties against a gang of youths outside their Canberra home have been cleared by a jury after claiming self-defence.

ACT police officer guilty of accessing child porn, but acquitted of molesting boy

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Michael Inman and Christopher Knaus A decorated ACT police officer has been found guilty of accessing child pornography online, but cleared of molesting a young boy in his care and using the child to produce child exploitation material.

Chief Justice disqualifies herself from hearing Eastman's bail proceedings

Charged: David Eastman is arrested in December 1992.

Christopher Knaus The ACT's chief judge has disqualified herself from hearing David Eastman's bail proceedings because she knows a witness involved in the case.

Jury to decide whether father and son acted in self-defence

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Christopher Knaus A father and son claim they made citizen's arrests when they beat and bound two youths outside their home.

Father, son used baseball bat, gun, cable ties in self-defence, lawyers argue

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Christopher Knaus A father and son were defending themselves and their family home when they used a baseball bat, an unloaded gun and cable ties against aggressive youths, their lawyers argued.

Jury begins deliberating over alleged stabbing murder

Christopher Knaus A jury has begun deliberations over the stabbing murder of mother of three Paula Conlon.

Director of Public Prosecutions told to speed up plans for potential David Eastman retrial

It's still unclear if David Eastman will face a retrial.

Christopher Knaus The Director of Public Prosecutions has been warned he has little over a month before he will need to explain his plans for a potential retrial of David Eastman.

Man convicted 20 years after abusing step-daughter loses bid to have sentence reduced

Christopher Knaus A child molester who was convicted after a 20-year delay has lost a bid to have his sentence reduced for abusing his step-daughter.

David Eastman case back before the court for first time since his release

David Eastman on his way to the ACT Supreme Court to face murder charges 20 years ago.

Christopher Knaus David Eastman faces the prospect of a retrial for the alleged 1989 assassination of ACT police chief Colin Stanley Winchester.

AFP should not be let 'anywhere near' a new investigation of Winchester Mafia links, former judge says

Murdered: Former AFP assistant commissioner Colin Winchester.

Christopher Knaus The AFP was last week subjected to a blistering criticism for its failure to seriously and impartially investigate secret new information potentially linking the 'Ndrangheta to the 1989 killing of...

Aleksander Vojneski's lawyer questions evidence in murder trial

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Christopher Knaus A blood smear found on a bottle of hand sanitiser buried in a handbag cannot be explained in the murder theory against Aleksander Vojneski, defence lawyers say.

Mental impairment being investigated in Lyneham murder case

Nicholas Sofer-Schreiber

Christopher Knaus Mental impairment is being investigated as a potential issue in the stabbing murder of a man in Lyneham late last year.

Drug dealer's "tragic" words to Aleksander Vojneski catalyst for murder, Crown says


Christopher Knaus A drug dealer’s “tragic choice of words” to Aleksander Vojneski as he desperately searched for ice were a catalyst for him stabbing his partner to death, prosecutors say.