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Christopher Knaus is a reporter for The Canberra Times.

David Eastman inquiry recommends murder conviction be quashed

Christopher Knaus The Eastman inquiry has recommended David Harold Eastman's conviction for the assassination of ACT police chief Colin Stanley Winchester be quashed.

Crime Throughcare program funded in Tuesday's ACT budget


Christopher Knaus A fledgling program aimed at stopping Canberra's criminals from reoffending will be extended with $2million of funding in next week's budget.

David Eastman, where to now?

Arrest of the Colin Winchester murder suspect, David Harold Eastman, at his Reid flat. Eastman, handcuffed, is escorted to an awaiting police car by Commander Ric Ninness. December 23rd. 1992.

Christopher Knaus The fate of David Eastman is still far from certain, despite Friday's momentous release of the inquiry's report.

Cameron Flynn Tully denies molesting girls at Hillview farm

Cameron Flynn Tully, who has denied all charges against him.

Christopher Knaus Cameron Flynn Tully has denied molesting young girls at his family's religious "Hillview" farm, saying he'd never even laid eyes on one of them.

Public servant sent to 'naughty corner', wins compensation

Scales of Justice outside the District Court in Brisbane.

Christopher Knaus Public servant claims she was put in the “naughty corner” and developed a psychiatric condition after meeting with boss.

Man refused bail after allegedly stealing from lolly shop sister worked at

The alleged thief has been kept behind bars.

Christopher Knaus A man who allegedly burgled a Belconnen lolly shop where his sister worked has been refused bail.

Girl allegedly molested during hide and seek, trial hears

Cameron Tully.

Christopher Knaus Girl allegedly raped in her home by Cameron Flynn Tully during game of hide and seek.

Fallout from 2003 bushfires reaches new stage

2003 Canberra Bushfire victim Wayne West.

Christopher Knaus A battle between property owners and the NSW government over alleged negligence during the devastating 2003 Canberra bushfires is set to resume this week.

Woman in tears as she tells of being raped as a child by Cameron Tully in shearing shed

On trial: Cameron Tully.

Christopher Knaus Woman breaks down telling of rape as a child in the shearing shed of Cameron Flynn Tully's religious "Hillview" farm.

Inmate sentenced for stomping his cellmate's head


Christopher Knaus Inmate's innocent explanation for prison bashing falls apart when guards find shoe prints on victim's face.

Prosecutors lose challenge to Eastman inquiry

Still behind bars: Convicted murderer David Eastman.

Christopher Knaus Prosecutors have lost a challenge threatening the very foundations of the inquiry into David Eastman's conviction.

Tully family farm marked by hierarchy, bullying, court hears

Cameron Tully.

Christopher Knaus Families bullied, controlled, and placed on hierarchy on the Tully's religious "Hillview" farm, court hears.

'You never disobeyed a Tully', Supreme Court molestation trial hears

Accused Cameron Tully.

Christopher Knaus An alleged victim of Cameron Flynn Tully followed him into a dark room because "you never disobeyed a Tully", trial hears.

Academy nightclub owner questions police tactics in hunt for king-hit attacker

Academy nightclub assault cctv grab

Megan Gorrey, Christopher Knaus, Tom McIlroy A Civic nightclub owner has described a single punch assault outside his venue as "sickening" and "brutal".

Trial continues for Cameron Tully, accused of molesting young girls

Cameron Tully leaving the Supreme Court on Monday.

Christopher Knaus A woman who alleges she was sexually abused on Canberra’s ''Hillview'' family farm says she didn’t tell anyone because ''you just did what you were told in that house''.

Man sentenced to prison for raping sleeping woman

A man who raped a sleeping woman has been sentenced to two years' imprisonment.

Christopher Knaus A man who raped a sleeping woman, telling her “don’t worry babe” when she woke, has been sentenced to two years' imprisonment.

Cameron Tully on trial over allegations of molesting girls at Canberra farm

Cameron Tully.

Christopher Knaus Cameron Flynn Tully, 41, on trial for molesting girls at his Hillview family farm, where their parents gathered for religious and home birthing sessions.

Alleged teen flasher back in court facing new charges


Christopher Knaus A teenage boy who allegedly exposed himself to a young girl last month is facing fresh charges.

The David Eastman inquiry explained

Legal challenge: David Eastman was convicted of killing Assistant Commissioner Colin Winchester.

Christopher Knaus 25 years ago two bullets, fired on a sleepy Deakin night, ended the age of innocence in Australia. Now an inquiry has recommended the man convicted of murdering the ACT's police chief walk free,...

Canberra rape victim tells of constant pain, fear

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Christopher Knaus A woman raped as she slept after a night out clubbing in Civic has told a court “I’m still his victim”.