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Christopher Knaus is a reporter for The Canberra Times.

John Papalii granted bail in supermarket robbery case

Christopher Knaus John Papalii drank 48 beers while he allegedly robbed and attempted to rob two supermarkets over 24 hours, a court has heard.

$600,000 damages for barista injured by years of steaming milk

A Canberra barista has won a payout of almost $600,000 after suffering permanent injury after years of steaming milk.

Christopher Knaus A Canberra barista who had a rib removed and suffered disability due to years of steaming milk has won a $600,000 payout.

John Papalii drank two cases of beer before alleged robberies, court is told

John Papalii, left, and brother Josh Papalii.

Christopher Knaus John Papalii drank two cases of beer in the 24 hour period during which he allegedly robbed and attempted to rob two Canberra supermarkets last week, a court has heard.

Two ACT jail inmates in hospital

06 September 2012 News, Journalist Louis Andrews The Canberra Times, Photo Jay Cronan. The Alexander Maconochie Centre Generic.

Christopher Knaus, Michael Inman Two inmates have been hospitalised after separate prison fights in less than a week at the Alexander Maconochie Centre.

Man arrested over jewellery theft

Christopher Knaus A man accused of stealing $10,000 worth of electronics and jewellery before trying to sell them to Cash Converters has been denied bail.

Conviction over bathroom shooting quashed

Christopher Knaus A woman will walk free from jail after a court quashed her conviction for intentionally shooting her former boyfriend in the bathroom of her McKellar home.

Murder plot trio jailed

Alexander Duffy leaves the Supreme Court in Canberra after his sentence.

Christopher Knaus Three young men who plotted to kill a Canberra teenager and then stow his body in a car boot for burial have been handed sentences of imprisonment.

Bust linked to ‘very serious group’ of drug traffickers

Christopher Knaus Police executed a string of search warrants on Sunday and Monday in relation to a lengthy investigation into the organised supply of cannabis in the ACT.

Army sergeant found guilty of raping woman in Canberra hotel

Geoffrey William Joyce leaves the Magistrate's Court.

Christopher Knaus An army sergeant has been found guilty of raping a woman in her Canberra hotel room after a night out in Civic last year.

Jail for stealing from poker machines, pay parking meters

Christopher Knaus A man who stole thousands of dollars from pay parking machines and repeatedly used a demolition saw to steal money from poker machines at the Weston Club has been sentenced to almost eight years...

Victims Commissioner knows well from no conscience come shattering consequences

Christopher Knaus Victims of Crime Commissioner John Hinchey is convinced the thugs who take to the streets after dark have no conscience.

Prosecutors allege rape-accused army sergeant 'caught out by CCTV'

Court, justice, courts, judge.

Christopher Knaus An army sergeant has denied he lied to superiors to help cover his tracks after realising police had linked him with a rape in a Canberra hotel room last year.

'Extremely strong' DNA support links army sergeant to alleged rape victim


Christopher Knaus There is ''extremely strong support'' that a mixture of DNA found in a Civic hotel room matches an army sergeant and his alleged rape victim, a court has heard.

David Eastman inquiry challenge could result in 'appalling' waste of money

David Eastman.

Christopher Knaus Judge says that whatever the result of the DPP's challenge to convicted killer's inquiry, there "doesn't seem to be any upside to any of this".

Dance instructor cleared of molesting young pupil

Scales of Justice.

Christopher Knaus A Sydney dance instructor has been cleared of sexually assaulting a young pupil in his Canberra hotel room during a dance competition.

Army sergeant rape-accused goes on trial

Supreme Court

Christopher Knaus An Army sergeant accused of raping a woman in her Civic hotel room while telling her to "stop f---ing crying" has gone on trial in the ACT Supreme Court.

Durham Castle Arms pub buckling under rising costs

Bar manager of the Durham in Kingston,  Adrian Moran talks about the issue of alcohol-fuelled violence and the impact on local venues.
The Canberra Times
12 November 2013
Photo Jay Cronan

Christopher Knaus The Durham Castle Arms is hurting. The pub's manager of seven years, Adrian Moran, says the future of the Kingston venue is fraught with uncertainty, with business as bad as he's ever seen it.

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Reward good bars, suggest hotels


Christopher Knaus The hotels lobby has called for rewards for well-behaved bars, pubs and clubs, while urging the government to focus on supermarkets and liquor stores to prevent young revellers pre-loading on alcohol.

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Murderer of Liang Zhao told cowardly act will haunt him

Christopher Knaus Taylor Schmidt has been told his ''brutal, vicious, unprovoked and cowardly'' murder of a young university graduate will stay with him for the rest of his life.

David Eastman lawyers fight DPP's challenge

David Harold Eastman.

Christopher Knaus Lawyers for David Eastman have fought back against a challenge that could stop the inquiry into his murder conviction in its tracks, sparking a fresh battle that could end up in the High Court.