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Christopher Knaus is a reporter for The Canberra Times.

Passenger in drunken crash contributed to his own injury: court


Christopher Knaus A passenger hurt in a car crash after allowing his drunk friend to get behind the wheel contributed to his own injuries, an appeal court has confirmed.

Mafia links to Colin Winchester's murder may be investigated before any retrial of David Eastman

Christopher Knaus Police may be forced to properly investigate secret new claims of Mafia involvement in the assassination of Colin Stanley Winchester before prosecutors can push ahead with a retrial of David Eastman.

Cut on hand from push-ups near broken glass, murder accused claims


Christopher Knaus A man accused of stabbing his girlfriend to death in her Macgregor home told forensic officers that a cut on his hand came from doing push-ups near broken glass, a court has heard.

Teenager denied bail after throwing drugs into the Alexander Maconochie Centre

The Alexander Maconochie Centre.

Christopher Knaus and Henry Belot A teenager who allegedly threw drugs over the fence of the ACT's prison on Monday morning has tried to break in to the Alexander Maconochie Centre in the past, a court has heard.

Judges slam AFP for failure to investigate new mafia claims

Federal Police Commissioner Colin Winchester was shot outside his home in 1989.

Christopher Knaus Police have failed to seriously or impartially investigate new claims of mafia involvement in the assassination of Colin Stanley Winchester, a court has found.

Inmates disciplined over YouTube prison fight at Alexander Maconochie Centre

A screenshot of the fight on YouTube.

Christopher Knaus Canberra inmates involved in a prison fight placed on YouTube have been internally disciplined but are unlikely to face criminal charges.

Released: David Eastman's murder conviction quashed after two decades

David Eastman, obscured, leaves prison.

Christopher Knaus and Michael Inman It took him 19 years and millions in taxpayers's money, but on Friday David Eastman had his murder conviction quashed.

A true David Eastman fight, right to the end

arrister, Shane Gill, outside the ACT Supreme Court after Mr
Eastman's conviction was quashed.

Christopher Knaus It was a fight in true David Eastman style, right to the end.

A car park and a fist fight; where it all began for David Eastman

David Harold Eastman shortly after his arrest in 1992.

Christopher Knaus A neighbourly fight over a car park, of all things, set David Eastman on the fateful path to life behind bars.

Forensic flaws from case against David Eastman case should have been uncovered 17 years ago

David Eastman's lawyer Bernard Collaery in 2012.

Christopher Knaus Appeal lawyer fought to have forensic evidence scrutinised way back in 1997.

Eastman prosecutor says his team 'did their best' at lengthy trial

John Ibbotson enters the Coroners court in 1992.

Christopher Knaus Prosecutor who helped run case against David Eastman said his team left no stone unturned in the 1995 murder trial.

The David Eastman inquiry explained

David Harold Eastman.

Christopher Knaus 25 years after the murder he was convicted for took place David Harold Eastman will learn his fate.

David Eastman released from prison after conviction quashed

David Eastman will walk from prison more than 19 years after he was taken into custody.

Christopher Knaus and Michael Inman David Eastman's conviction has been quashed and he could soon walk from prison a free man after serving more than 19 years of a life sentence.

Duntroon cadet alleged to have raped woman on Anzac Day


Christopher Knaus and Michael Inman A young Duntroon student allegedly choked and raped a fellow cadet on ANZAC Day in yet another disturbing revelation of abuse within the Australian Defence Force.

Retired detective Richard Ninness fears he could be target if David Eastman freed from prison

Christopher Knaus The detective who spent years chasing David Eastman over one of Australia's most notorious police assassinations fears he could become a target should the prisoner walk free.

Man freed over sexual assault allegations after 540 days behind bars

Christopher Knaus A man has been freed over the sexual assault of a sleeping Canberra teenager after spending more than 540 days behind bars.

Eastman 'holding up well' ahead of his judgment day on Friday

Is David Eastman about to spend his last night in prison?

Christopher Knaus David Eastman is in suspense but reportedly "holding up well" ahead of his day of judgment on Friday.

Man linked to multimillion dollar cannabis haul dying behind bars

The potential street value of the drugs seized from the  properties is about $2,500,000.

Christopher Knaus A man linked to a multimillion dollar cannabis haul is dying from a liver tumour behind bars, a court has heard.

Man caught smearing faeces on play equipment in Belconnen park

The children's play area at John Knight Memorial Park.

Christopher Knaus A court has told a homeless man who smeared faeces on a Belconnen playground he should have used nearby McDonald's toilets or, in the ''worst-case scenario'', a bush.

ADFA cadet charged over two alleged sexual assaults

Harlan Agresti

Christopher Knaus An ADFA officer cadet will fight charges that he sexually assaulted two female officer cadets at night on two separate occasions.