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Christopher Knaus is a reporter for The Canberra Times.

Gungahlin mosque opponents rack up huge costs in protracted court battle

Christopher Knaus Controversial anti-mosque group racks up huge costs in doomed court bid.

'The bullied has become the bully': Case shows family violence's cyclical nature

Magistrate Karen Fryar said the case was sadly

Christopher Knaus Christopher Cunningham grew up watching his father beat his mother. Now he will go to prison for his own abusive crime.

Man allegedly raped and assaulted his wife because she 'didn't cook dinner'


Christopher Knaus Woman who was allegedly raped, spat on, bitten and assaulted by her husband says it began because she 'didn't cook dinner'.

'Please call the domestic violence, please help me'

Christopher Knaus Lawyers for a husband who allegedly raped his wife say she is making up the allegations.

ACT one-punch offender released on bail


Christopher Knaus A Canberra man who struck a near-fatal blow during a drunken scuffle in Civic has been released from prison until his appeal is determined.

Government body's power to imprison causes 'grave concerns'

Attorney-General Simon Corbell has moved to introduce intensive correction orders, while allowing the Sentence Administration Board to deal with breaches.

Christopher Knaus Barristers say it should be up to the courts to manage offenders who breach new intensive correction orders.

Choking death 'undoubtedly' showed systemic failures, disability commissioner says

Disability and Community Services Commissioner Mary Durkin says  the introduction of an official visitor scheme has helped detect problems.

Christopher Knaus Disability Commissioner Mary Durkin says current staffing challenge has not meant an increase in complaints about services.

Man pleads not guilty to importing ice worth $10million in statues

One of the statues in which the drugs were allegedly concealed.

Christopher Knaus The Nigerian national was caught in a police sting after the statues were intercepted on their way to Kaleen.

Anti-mosque group weighing up High Court option after defeat

Concerned Citizens of Canberra president Irwin Ross.

Christopher Knaus The small group that has fought a lengthy legal battle against the Gungahlin mosque says it is weighing up its options after a significant defeat in the ACT Supreme Court last week.

Second man who stopped machete attack says something 'terrible' was averted

John Akuak helped prevent a machete attack in Belconnen earlier this month. His actions have been praised by prosecutors.

Christopher Knaus Second man who stopped Belconnen machete attack said something "terrible" could have happened.

Family ruled out as persons of interest in Andrew Carville killing

Andrew Carville was last seen alive on November 4.

Christopher Knaus Police say they have ruled out family as persons of interest in Andrew Carville killing.

Protesters face-off in Canberra: Reclaim Australia and 'anti-racism' rallies at Parliament House

Reclaim Australia rally at the front of Parliament House in Canberra on Sunday 22 November 2015. Photo: Alex Ellinghausen

Christopher Knaus Reclaim Australia and counter protesters face-off in Canberra.

Facebook helps police find missing man

ACT Police are searching for missing 32-year-old Flynn man Benjamin Tilden.

Christopher Knaus A missing Canberra man has been found after a Facebook post prompted numerous calls to police.

Second childcare worker pleads not guilty in children assault case

Christopher Knaus A second childcare worker has pleaded not guilty to assaulting children at a Canberra centre.

Lawyers hit out at changes in ACT sentencing reforms

Attorney-General Simon Corbell has moved to introduce intensive correction orders and expand the use of restorative justice

Christopher Knaus Law Society hits out at delays to electronic monitoring of criminals, changes to planned intensive supervision orders.

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Woden sushi shop found with cockroaches, temperature, cleanliness problems

Sushi stored at improper temperatures in Woden

Christopher Knaus Woden sushi shop facing hefty fines over cockroach infestation and other food safety breaches.

Indigenous protesters peacefully demonstrate against court's power

Christopher Knaus Activists challenge court's authority in case against Indigenous woman on minor traffic charges.

Advocates warn disability workers struggle with low pay, staff turnover and casualisation

Christopher Knaus and Emma Macdonald Disability advocates warn that support workers are struggling with woeful pay, high turnover, and casualisation.

Bystander who stopped machete attack says he is not a hero

Mr Akuak's friend, Goch Kot, who disarmed the man.

Christopher Knaus Goch Kot was riding in a taxi in Canberra's north when machete-wielding man stabbed his driver. Then instinct kicked in.

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Systemic failings saw disabled woman choke to death after staff miss warnings

The choking death of Stephanie June Fry, 52, again raised systemic issues of staffing and induction processes in Disability ACT.

Christopher Knaus Profoundly disabled woman choked to death on bread, after confused casual staff failed to heed dire warnings.