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Christopher Knaus is a reporter for The Canberra Times.

Canberra's drink-drivers facing harsher punishments

Ross Peake, Christopher Knaus Canberra's drunk drivers face a possible doubling of the length of time they are forced off the road.

Man who randomly gropes women loses bid for bail

Christopher Knaus A man who randomly groped Canberra women at night has lost an argument that his stabilised mental health entitles him to a shot at release on bail.

Environment Protection Authority gets new powers to crack down on Canberra polluters

Simon Corbell.

Christopher Knaus New powers to help crack down on potential polluters in the ACT have been passed by the government.

Aleksander Vojneski robbed girls of their mother by stabbing Paula Conlon to death, ACT Supreme Court told

Killer: Aleksander Vojneski facing sentencing for  murdering Paula Conlon.

Christopher Knaus ACT Supreme Court told stabbing of Paula Conlon was an act of pure evil that robbed three young girls of a mother and tore lives apart at both ends of the earth. 

Accused child abuser's home ransacked, vandalised after arrest

Refused: No bail for accused.

Christopher Knaus The home of a man accused of molesting a daughter's neighbour has had his southside home ransacked and vandalised, a court has heard.

Canberrans who throw away lit cigarettes face harsher fines

Tossing a lit cigarette will incur a harsher fine.

Christopher Knaus A raft of new powers granted to ACT emergency services include harsher on-the-spot fines for Canberrans who throw away lit cigarettes.

David Eastman being very, very quiet since his release from prison

David Harold Eastman being arrested at his Reid flat in 1992 over the death of Colin Winchester.

Christopher Knaus The man accused of shooting dead ACT police chief and Australian Federal Police Assistant Commissioner Colin Stanley Winchester has been behaving and keeping a low-profile in the two months since his...

ESA commissioner criticised over Sydney Building fire

Christopher Knaus The emergency services commissioner has been criticised for questioning firefighters as they battled the Sydney Building fire in Civic earlier this year.

Canberra fire victims locked in insurance battle to rebuild old home to modern standard

Ravi Vivekananda says the fight in court with NRMA Insurance will be a landmark case for other Canberrans who find themselves in the same predicament.

Christopher Knaus A struggle with an insurance giant over the rebuilding of a fire-damaged home will be fought out in the Federal Court.

Murder victim Cheryl Woutersz remembered as generous, devoted carer and mother

Cheryl Woutersz, who was allegedly killed by her daughter.

Christopher Knaus Murder victim remembered as a kind-hearted wife and mother, whose passion for childcare made her a "surrogate parent" to countless Canberra children.

Joy Burch's son turns life around after Phillip kebab shop robbery

Christopher Knaus The son of an ACT government minister has turned his life around after robbing a kebab shop at knifepoint last year, using his struggle with drugs to help educate young Canberrans.

Court dismisses IVF discrimination suit against government

IVF babies

Christopher Knaus The federal government did not discriminate against a desperate and distressed Canberra couple when it denied them early access to super to pay for an overseas IVF treatment, a court has found.

Gabriela Woutersz to fight allegations she murdered her mother, despite apparent confession

News. The scene of Friday's murder in Dexion Place, Dunlop. Police
forensic officers were in attendance as the area was taped off to the
public. October 19th. 2014 The Canberra Times photograph by Graham


Christopher Knaus Canberra woman will fight allegations she murdered her mother, despite an apparent courtroom confession.

Canberra homeowners cleared of faking relationship status to defraud government over land purchase

Verdicts set aside: Two Canberrans  found guilty of faking their relationship status to obtain a lower stamp duty, have cleared their name.

Christopher Knaus A Canberran couple found guilty of faking their relationship status to fraudulently obtain a lower stamp duty on the purchase of a block of land have cleared their name.

Canberra man to fight charges over 'frenzied' and 'savage' machete attack

scales of justice

Christopher Knaus A Canberra man will fight allegations he launched a "frenzied" and "savage" machete attack that a left a man with severe injuries last month.

Artist Vytas Kapociunas allegedly molested child linked to overseas embassy

Charged: Vytas Bronius Kapociunas, 70, is accused of child sex offences.

Christopher Knaus An Australian artist has been accused of molesting a child connected to an overseas embassy.

ACT refuses to follow NT on public child sex offender website


Christopher Knaus Such schemes are criticised for their tendency to encourage vigilantism, their ineffectiveness, and their hampering of efforts to rehabilitate offenders.

Former Scout leader jailed for historic child sex abuse


Christopher Knaus A former ACT Scout master who abused a parent's trust to molest and rape their child three decades ago has been sentenced to eight years imprisonment.

Justin Monfries loses appeal on sentence for hit-run outside Canberra Hospital

Lost appeal: Justin Monfries killed Linda Cox when he hit her while running a red light in a stolen car.

Christopher Knaus A drunk unlicensed driver has lost his appeal over the 13-year sentence handed down for his 2012 offences.

Alleged Canberra drug importer facing life imprisonment


Christopher Knaus A Canberra man who allegedly had commercial quantities of drugs delivered right to his front door is facing a maximum of life imprisonment.