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Christopher Knaus is a reporter for The Canberra Times.

Man kicked down doors in spate of late-night home invasions, police say

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Christopher Knaus Armed man kicked down doors, cut resident during spate of home invasions this week, police say.

Drug importation trial collapses, legal flaws mean designer drug is not 'border controlled'


Christopher Knaus Problems with Commonwealth law mean the designer drug MDEC cannot be treated as "border controlled".

Lawsuit alleging CFMEU construction site blockade goes into mediation

Christopher Knaus Lawsuit alleging union officials blockaded worksite goes to mediation.

'I just lost it at the missus': man kicked, stomped wife's head in the presence of children

Christopher Knaus As is so often the case in domestic violence offences, the long-term effect of your offences will be felt not only by your wife but also by your children, judge tells man who kicked and stomped on...

Housing commissioner had no duty of care to dog attack victim, lawyers argue

Patrick Hartigan and Joanne Mangan with their son Jack, 11, who is suing the ACT Government after he was mauled by dogs at a Housing ACT property.

Christopher Knaus and Michael Inman Canberra's public housing commissioner had no duty of care to a young boy mauled by two vicious dogs, lawyers argued.

Refugee's mental health untreated in detention before tasered outside parliament, court hears

Police detain Alidad Haqjoe, 27, outside the ministerial wing of Parliament House on January 8, 2015.

Christopher Knaus Refugee with severe mental health issues went untreated in immigration detention before being tasered outside Parliament House, psychiatrist claims.

Government tries to suppress leaked identities of kangaroo shooter

Christopher Knaus Government tries to suppress the names of kangaroo cull workers, after they were accidentally leaked to a protester earlier this month.

United Firefighters Union voices concerns over Emergency Services Agency revamp

UFU ACT branch secretary Paul Swain is also the former territory fire chief.

Christopher Knaus The firefighters' union says it has "significant concerns" about a major restructuring of the Emergency Services Agency, saying it will not bring efficiency or benefit the people of Canberra.

No jobs to be lost in emergency services overhaul, commissioner says

Christopher Knaus Despite an overhaul of the Emergency Services Agency, jobs won't be lost and the ambulance service won't be moved to ACT Health, the commissioner says.

Federal government shortchanging ACT by millions for fire services, review finds

The ACT is being shortchanged millions of dollars for protecting Commonwealth buildings, a review has found.

Christopher Knaus Federal government money would only pay for a single pumper to protect all Commonwealth assets, review finds.

Repeated complaints about dogs in public housing before mauling

Jack Hartigan, now aged 11, has filed civil action against the ACT Government after he was mauled by dogs. He is with his parents, Patrick Hartigan and Joanne Mangan.

Christopher Knaus and Michael Inman Govt received string of complaints about pit bulls for more than five years before savage attack on child, court hears.

Identity of kangaroo shooter handed to cull activists

Christopher Knaus The name of a kangaroo shooter has accidentally been leaked to an anti-cull activist.

ACT government told to cut fire service management, replace triple-0 staff

Christopher Knaus Government told to cut senior firefighting management to save money, install civilians in triple-0 centre to solve cultural tensions.

Appeal over 'manifestly inadequate' sentence in animal cruelty case

The RSPCA say they found

Christopher Knaus Appeal for tougher sentence in shocking animal cruelty case.

Man was charged over whistle, speakers near kangaroo cull site

A protester was charged with obstructing the leader of the ACT's controversial kangaroo cull operation.

Christopher Knaus An activist who allegedly blew a whistle near the site of the kangaroo cull has been charged with hindering the leader of the annual shooting operation. 

Canberra neighbour found guilty of abusing one brother, cleared on other charges


Christopher Knaus Man accused of abusing neighbour's boys found guilty of offences against one of the brothers.

Man who helped David Eastman overturn conviction may represent him again

Mark Griffin, QC, has offered to represent David Eastman, pictured.

Christopher Knaus Police yet to fly to Holland for tests on botanical evidence in Eastman case, frustrating his defence team.

Govt tries to remove tribunal member for views on race, gender discrimination

Christopher Knaus Government tried to use tribunal member's views on gender, race to force him from medical intern discrimination case.

Builder sued for more than $1 million over defects in Braddon apartment complex

 Builder sued

Christopher Knaus Builder of Braddon's Lagani Apartments sued for waterproofing defects, steel corrosion and cracked masonry.

Jury struggles to reach verdict in Vytas Kapociunas trial

A jury is struggling to decide the fate of Vytas Kapociunas, 71, on child sex offences

Christopher Knaus Jury struggles to reach unanimous decision in Vytas Kapociunas trial.