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David Ellery is a reporter for The Canberra Times.

War Memorial homes in on role of animals in war

David Ellery The expression ''never work with children and animals'' was given a serious workout at the Australian War Memorial on Friday afternoon when officials called a press conference to promote Sunday's...

Canberra motorists claim they are kept in dark on CTP savings

Juan Rodriguez of Florey is concerned how much his rego cost for a Kia Cerato.

David Ellery Compulsory third party insurance changes have failed to save most motorists a cent.

Andrew Barr: No need for actual CTP cost on rego stickers

Andrew Barr

David Ellery ACT Treasurer, Andrew Barr, says it would be ''inappropriate'' for the Territory government to provide Canberrans with accurate information on the likely actual cost of their compulsory third party...

ActewAGL faces Vietnam vet Ian McQuire who won't back down

David Ellery A 75-year-old Vietnam war veteran, left livid when ActewAGL workers entered his Kaleen property without his consent.

Gallipoli centenary

George Jakeman: determined to serve his country

Gladys McLean who wants to attend the Gallipoli Centenary at home in McKellar.
Filed: Wednesday, 12 February 2014 4:04:30 pm 
Photo by Rohan Thomson, The Canberra Times


David Ellery George Jakeman was only 19 when he went to war for his adopted country in South Africa in 1902.

Gallipoli centenary

Brother died fighting alongside family member

A soldier reads by candlelight during the ANZAC Day dawn service at the Cheras Christian Cemetery in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Thursday, April 25, 2013. ANZAC Day honors the men of the Australia-New Zealand Army Corps who died in World War I at the 1915 battle for Gallipoli, Turkey. It has since come to honor the sacrifices made by all service members in the Australian and New Zealand Armed Forces. (AP Photo/Mark Baker)

David Ellery The elder of the two Jakeman brothers to serve at Gallipoli, Charles was 36 when he enlisted.

Gallipoli centenary

Gallipoli centenary: Granddaughter hopes to attend to honour family history

Gladys McLean who wants to attend the Gallipoli Centenary at home in McKellar.
Filed: Wednesday, 12 February 2014 4:04:30 pm 
Photo by Rohan Thomson, The Canberra Times


David Ellery As a little girl Gladys McLean always knew she could rely on her grandad, George Jakeman, when it came to the delicate art of splinter removal.

Storm brews as Tarago wind farm protesters rally

Opposition to a $400-million wind farm proposed for Tarago near Lake George is expected to escalate once a protest committee is formally established next Tuesday.

David Ellery Opposition to a $400-million wind farm proposed for Tarago near Lake George is expected to escalate.

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W.R. Grace assurances cold comfort for victims

Libby, Montana.

David Ellery W.R. Grace, the multibillion-dollar, multinational chemical company that sold asbestos-contaminated vermiculite from Libby, Montana, around the world from 1963 to 1990, does not want people to be...

US insulation product used in Australia at the centre of world's costliest asbestos scandal

1960s photo of the Monaro Mall.

David Ellery Thousands of Australians are believed to have been exposed to an American insulation product at the centre of the world's costliest asbestos scandal

ACT child-protection investigations lag behind other states

The ACT Government spends less money and delivers poorer outcomes on child protections than most other states and territories.

David Ellery The ACT government spends less money and delivers poorer outcomes on child protection than most other states and territories, report finds.

Time for hot rods to Kruse into Queanbeyan

John Thompson with his 1933 Ford tudor.

David Ellery Fans of films and television series such as American Graffiti and Happy Days will be able to inspect Australianised versions of their dream machines when almost 200 modified cars descend on the city...

Hottest spell in Canberra still nowhere near last year's record breaking highs

Canberra has had its second-hottest year since records began, with an average maximum of 21.7 degrees.

David Ellery While this month's five days with maximum temperatures above 37 degrees set a record for Canberra it still was not as hot as it was 12 months ago.

Michael Stewart, rising star of speedway, on right track

18 year old speedway driver Michael Stewart from Bywong with his dog Bell, he has been selected for the rising star program.

David Ellery Michael Stewart's father, Chris, says the 18-year-old is far safer driving at more than 160km/h on a speedway track than running the risk of being ''coward punched'' (or king hit) outside a nightclub.

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Giddy up! Iconic Canberra merry-go-round seeks ringmaster

Sarah Mikhael, 3 rides Canberra's Carousel in Civic.

David Ellery Restoration works, the search for a new permanent operator and anniversaries have thrown a spotlight on Civic's merry-go-round.

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Visitor's iPad app has all the answers on Canberra

David Ellery This year's capital region visitors' guide is the first to be made available using an iPad app from the App Store.


'Bluey's' Spitfire an original in every way

David Ellery Gang-gang has been deluged with phone calls and emails from readers keen to point out that the ''Bluey'' Truscott Spitfire holds pride of place at the Australian War Memorial.

No holiday plans for this ACT busman

David Ellery Steven Appleby can readily discuss the pros and cons of bus models after 21 years of driving on ACT routes, writes David Ellery.

Don't be cruel, says lookalike Garry Buckley, Elvis deserves respect

Elvis impersonator Garry Buckley visits the Elvis exhibition at The National Portrait Gallery, Canberra.

David Ellery Canberra Elvis impersonator Garry Buckley has no time for people who make fun of the King, send him up for commercial purposes, or focus only on the last few years of his life.

Young eyes capture life's truth

David Ellery I have always been drawn to the appealing aesthetic naivete of pictures that have been taken by children.