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David Ellery is a reporter for The Canberra Times.

Gang Gang: On the road again

David Ellery Former Canberran Erwin Feekin can give the Leyland brothers, and quite a few others, a serious run for their money in the `I've been everywhere man' stakes.

Gang Gang May 25 - Book of Hours

Virgin and Child on a crescent moon and The seven joys of
the Virgin in the Rothschild Prayer Book.

David Ellery How do I love The Rothschild Prayer Book? Let me count the ways.

Rothschild prayer book deserves a new name


David Ellery Shouldn't we be calling this the Stokes prayer book?

On this Day - Gang Gang - Friday May 22 -

The White Ibis Australian Home Companion 100 years ago." />

David Ellery Bird identification was a hot topic in the The Australian Home Companion in 1860.

Gang Gang: Walk Safely To School Day commendable

David Ellery No, this conga line of strapping young Canberra Grammar students is not an early intake for the police academy's class of 2025.

Old Canberra Times property advertisements show houses for less than $30,000

Gang Gang: Canberra was the place to be in the 1970s. Fashion capital and cheap housing.


David Ellery One of the reasons many people love to live in the past is that it was cheaper then. Take Canberra property prices in 1975 as an example.

On this day - Gang Gang

(FILES) - Picture taken on August 18, 2013 shows the entrance gate of the former concentration camp in Dachau, southern Germany with the inscription 'Work sets you free' (Arbeit macht frei). This gate has been stolen according to German media reports on November 2, 2014. AFP PHOTO / GUENTER SCHIFFMANN

David Ellery On this day looks at events being reported in The Army News on May 20, 1945.

Gang Gang: Cows leave NZ high commission

David Ellery The corrugated iron cows that have been grazing outside the NZ High Commission since the mid 1980s have departed for greener pastures at the high commissioner's residence.

Who was Henry Ernest Boote?

David Ellery Who was Henry Ernest Boote?

Children are safer thanks to sex abuse Royal Commission says Canberra victim

News: 10th June 2014. Damian De Marco, coming out of Magistrates Court. The Canberra Times. Photo by: Jamila Toderas

David Ellery Australian children are less likely to be sexually abused in schools, church groups and elsewhere than before the establishment of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Allegations of...

Today in history: Nuts and bolts of buggy tribulations

David Ellery Today in history looks at what was making news in the Queanbeyan Age 110 years ago.

Gang Gang: The bird of war lands at the National Gallery


David Ellery While this column traditionally focuses on peace loving Australian aves (or avises), today we take time to welcome the feathered wings of war to the page.

Gang Gang: First Australian to double the sound barrier remembered

Retired air vice-marshall Jim Flemming, of Campbell, flew mustangs, right, and meteors in Korea, and later flew Sabres, left.

David Ellery Jim Flemming lived a life that could have been torn from the pages of a boy's own adventure book.

Gang Gang: 73 Years Ago

Former prime minister John Curtin.

David Ellery We review the events of 73 years ago on this day.

A Canberra love story death could not end

A love that would not die: Ron and Nancy Metcalfe at their wedding in February 1946.

David Ellery Who would have thought Canberra could produce a war time love story for the ages? This is the remarkable tale of Ron and Nancy Metcalfe who not even death could tear away from each other.

Volunteers snubbed by National Service Medal, former military policeman says

NEWS: Former Military Policeman, Lieutenant Colonel Kas Paul of Gordon with his Military Police field shoulder brassard and his Military Police beret. 6th May 2015. Photo by Melissa Adams of The Canberra Times.

David Ellery A former military policeman from Gordon is campaigning to have regular soldiers who served alongside national servicemen between 1951 and 1971 awarded a medal to acknowledge the voluntary nature of...

Gang Gang - Binalong to remember how Gilbert died

John Gilbert: A 19th century sketch of the man considered our most daring bushranger.

David Ellery One of the first Australian poems I remember learning at my father's knee was "How Gilbert Died".

Anzac 100: Greatest generation silently disappears as World War I is celebrated

Author Peter Rees, who was speaking at the War Memorial's Victory In Europe symposium.

David Ellery Australia's preoccupation with the centenary of World War I means the rapid thinning of the ranks of the WWII generation is being ignored, speakers at Friday's Victory-in-Europe symposium at...

Majura WWI honour board presented to Canberra Gallery

A war service medallion for Arnold Arthur McIntosh dated 1920.

David Ellery WWI artefacts including medallions handed to soldiers leaving Australia have been gifted to the the Canberra Museum and Art Gallery in Civic.

ADFA theatre honours Australia's first Indigenous officer, Reg Saunders

Dorothy Mary Saunders (nee Banfield) and Reg Saunders. c1944
Photograph: Glenda Humes collection

David Ellery Reg Saunders' resourcefulness in war was legendary, but his greatest achievement was his family.