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David Ellery is a reporter for The Canberra Times.


The building that never gave up

David Ellery If there was a competition for Canberra's longest running development project it would be difficult to beat the John Gorton Building.


WWII crash mystery solved

A Gannet that crashed at Gosford in 1937. It suffered less damage than the plane that made the forced landing in Canberra five years later.

David Ellery The mystery of Canberra's second World War II air crash has been solved.

David Ellery

Same faces at firm that rose from ashes

15th September 2011, News, Christopher Knaus Story,   CANBERRA TIMES photo by KARLEEN MINNEY- Mitchell explosion and fire- aerial photos

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Taxpayers burnt by Mitchell fire costs

16 September 2011 NEWS Canberra Times photograph by GRAHAM TIDY Story by Chris Knaus. A huge fire at a factory 
in the Mitchell Industrial Estate, Canberra. A view of the fire from Horsepark Drive.

David Ellery Canberra taxpayers are picking up the $1.72 million tab for extinguishing the 2011 Mitchell fire and monitoring the decontamination effort.

One family's sacrifice never to be forgotten

Fred Hutchins.

David Ellery Paul Liversidge has vowed to spend the rest of his life making sure the world learns of his family's remarkable contribution to the defence of Australia during World War II.


A new chapter, but no verse

Gang-gang dinkus. Illustration by David Pope.

David Ellery You must have noticed by now that the Centenary of Canberra celebrations have been suffering from a terrible lack of poetry.

Tale of a pasture-prized car

David Ellery Kate Moss' glorious transformation left me with an agonising dilemma.


You call that a budget cut?


David Ellery Tough times called for tough medicine and Scullin was willing to deliver it.


Plane mystery on Mt Ainslie

Gang-gang dinkus. Illustration by David Pope.

David Ellery The year is 1943 or thereabouts; a young boy named Bill Guard is hanging with his mates in Ainslie when they observe a plane in trouble ...

Watcher of the skies urges action

David Ellery Meteor strikes can be life-changing: ask a dinosaur. DAVID ELLERY writes


Building up to be an engineer

David Ellery The brains behind Canberra's built environment were celebrated with an orgiastic display of engineering enthusiasm on the summit of Mount Stromlo.

David Ellery

Time to torpedo Emden 'link'

David Ellery The Canberra Times has been anointed with an unwarranted dose of venerability by a German film producer celebrating the exploits of the World War I raider SMS Emden, Gang-Gang has been told.


From close crop to porn prop

barber's chari seat

David Ellery Canberra's Museum and Gallery is hoping an ACT sex addict may be able to shed some light on the provenance of a recently acquired item in its collection.

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Colonel and Bella's big day out

Gang-gang dinkus. Illustration by David Pope.

David Ellery A lot of Canberrans have taken Harry S. Truman's alleged line ''If you want a friend in Washington then get yourself a dog'' to heart and applied it to Australia's capital.

Fighter pilot reunited with tough little Kittyhawk


David Ellery Kittyhawk pilot Tom Russell was in Canberra to renew his acquaintance with one of Australia's last remaining Kittyhawks.


Old Canberra: another country

Gang-gang dinkus. Illustration by David Pope.

David Ellery The past, as L.P. Hartley so cleverly observed in his novel The Go-Between, is another country. They do things differently there.


Music festival reaches full voice

David Ellery Who is this delightful child perched atop the head of a Walter Burley Griffin in the late 1920s?


Now, this is what I call a budget

David Ellery While the cut-backs in Tuesday's budget are fairly benign, the Fadden budget of 1951 had real teeth.

Tragedy hits home 70 years on

Emily Knight.

David Ellery Emily Knight moves the story of the sinking of the Australian Hospital Ship Centaur forward a generation.

David Ellery

I'll show you a horror budget

Gang-gang dinkus. Illustration by David Pope.

David Ellery In addition to lending his name to one of our city's nicer suburbs, Sir Arthur William Fadden also deserves the credit for imprinting the ''horror budget'' concept so deeply into the national psyche...