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David Ellery is a reporter for The Canberra Times.

Peace breaks out when war breaks out

David Ellery One unintended consequence of the outbreak of WWI a century ago was growing industrial harmony.

Dodgy drivers and pet peeves

Road works: Why do they seem to take so long to complete?

David Ellery We’ve managed to establish one thing this week; the only things Canberra’s drivers hate more than each other are cyclists and pedestrians - in that order.

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Stanley Melbourne Bruce had strong ties to Canberra

Prime Minister Stanley Bruce, left, at the opening of Parliament House in 1927.

David Ellery Stanley Bruce's middle name might have been Melbourne, but his spirit lives on in Canberra.

Gang Gang Retro Monday: Have ship- will travel

David Ellery Travel advertisements from a century ago, with their heavy emphasis on ships and trains, are clear proof of just how much the world has changed.

Canberra drivers blind to their blinkers

Welcome back to the land of the optional Indicator light.

David Ellery Having just returned from a brief break interstate, I had forgotten I was back in the ACT until driving to work on Wednesday morning.

Kristen Alexander's cat follows long literary tradition

Curious cats: Kristen Alexander cuddles Miss Millie.

David Ellery What is it about authors and cats?

Allegations of abuse against two other Marist Brothers 'lack evidence'

Kostka (John) Chute leaves the ACT Magistrates Court in 2008.

David Ellery Marist Brothers spokesman implores anyone with evidence to come forward.

Marist Brothers' schools director should be sacked, say sex abuse victim and lawyer

generic thumbnail, child abuse, sex abuse, pedophiles

David Ellery Senior Marist brother called legal costs incurred by compensating child sex abuse victims “obscene".

Bishop Stuart Robinson working to expose abuse by clergy

David Ellery Canberra's Anglican bishop is investigating "disgraceful and inappropriate" behaviour by clergy and church workers in the diocese.

Anglican bishop apologises for 'hurt and sorrow' caused by child sex abuse


David Ellery The Anglican Bishop of Canberra and Goulburn has issued a public apology for "any abuse and mistreatment" that may have been experienced by individuals as "a result of their engagement with our...

The paper trail that led to Australia's involvement in WWI


David Ellery The days leading up to the outbreak of World War I were not Australia's finest hour, official telegrams held in the National Archives of Australia reveal.

Lest we forget - images of our World War I fallen

Keith Payne with former ACT RSL president, and World War Two veteran, Ron Metcalfe, of Hughes, at the Australian War Memorial for the Last Post ceremony commemorating the beginning of World War One.

David Ellery Lighting up the the names of fallen World War I Diggers received a thumbs-up from the nation's oldest living Victoria Cross recipient.

WWI centenary: seamen among our first losses

Robert David Moffatt.

David Ellery Able Seaman Robert David Moffatt: shot near Rabaul on September 11, 1914, and died aboard HMAS Sydney on September 12. Buried at sea.

WWI centenary: First Australian lives lost in assault on Rabaul and disappearance of AE1

Australia’s first mass casualty event of the war came on September 14 when the submarine AE1 disappeared off the coast of New Britain with all 35 members of her crew.

David Ellery World War I began particularly badly for Australia. Within three days of the first shots being fired in anger over German New Guinea 42 sailors and soldiers had been killed and another five wounded.

WWI centenary: Australian War Memorial to put honour roll of names up in lights

William Williams, the first Australian to die in WWI.

David Ellery The first serviceman to be killed in WWI will kick off an honour roll of 62,000 names to be projected on to the tower of the Australian War Memorial from Monday.

WWI centenary: The first two Australians to die in the Great War

The anniversary of the battle of Bita Paka.

David Ellery They are the first of Australia's 62,000 WWI war dead whose names will be projected in letters one-metre high on the tower of the AWM from Monday.

Planting now for future generations to enjoy

Ian Rayner, project manager for Greening Australia, at the McLeods Creek Nature Reserve  encouraging a small sapling to grow.

David Ellery From little gumnuts mighty eucalypts will grow ...  

Marist Brothers sex abuse compensation bill expected to rise

Kostka (John) Chute.

David Ellery The Marist Brothers may have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional damages to victims of serial paedophile and former Marist College Canberra teacher Kostka (John) Chute.

Paedophile 'Dolly' Dunn dobbed in Kostka Chute to protect himself, lawyer claims

Robert ''Dolly'' Dunn.

David Ellery Australia's most infamous paedophile, Robert ''Dolly'' Dunn, dobbed in Brother Kostka (John) Chute for child abuse while both men were teaching at a Marist Brothers school in Sydney in 1972, a sex...

Bringing back the trees to Gundaroo

Tim Bowyer and Rafe Morris provide light entertainment for the people involved in the Greening Australia project at the McLeods Creek Nature Reserve.

David Ellery National Tree Day planting near Gundaroo proved highly successful on Sunday.