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David Ellery is a reporter for The Canberra Times.

Anzac records go international on Britain's Imperial War Museum website

David Ellery Australia's World War I records have been exposed to an international audience thanks to a new link on Britain's Imperial War Museum website.

Queen's Birthday Honours: Agent Orange campaigner Graham Walker honoured

News. Order of Australia recipient, Graham Walker at his Curtin home.

David Ellery Graham Walker has been made a member of the Order of Australia for his efforts to make the Australian War Memorial correct a statement, in Volume III of its official history of the Vietnam War, that...

Canberra housing becoming less affordable as number of investors with more than five homes rises sharply


Meredith Clisby, Primrose Riordan and David Ellery Canberra may have so far avoided the housing bubble that Sydney and Melbourne face, but the number of investors with more than five properties has risen sharply, and Canberra's most affordable...

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Soldier On a practical response to PTSD victim distrust of ADF, Veterans Affairs

Former head of the army lieutenant general Professor Peter Leahy says some veterans are reluctant to seek help through the ADF and the DVA.

David Ellery The runaway growth of organisations such as Soldier On, Mates for Mates and Walking Wounded doesn't mean Defence and the Department of Veterans Affairs are not doing their best to help ex-servicemen...

Same sex marriage not the end of the world says Archbishop Christopher Prowse

Catholic Archbishop Christopher Prowse says that

David Ellery The world won't end if or when Australia adopts same-sex marriage but it will change, and people need to be careful what they wish for, Catholic Archbishop Christopher Prowse believes.

Gang Gang: On This Day May 28

A lighthouse is battered by waves during stormy weather in Newhaven on the southern coast of England.

David Ellery Plane travel beats a migrant ship any day of the week.

Gang Gang: Vietnam: Where did that 50 years go?

It's hard to believe that it's half a century since the first  Australian combat troops set off to fight the Vietnam War.

David Ellery Vietnam: Where did that 50 years go?

Gang Gang - Feeding the birds and the soul

Gang-gangs and king parrots feeding at an apartment block in Barton.

David Ellery Meet the birds of Barton.

Gang Gang - was Jane Pascoe the oldest English emigrant to NSW

David Ellery Was Jane Pascoe the oldest person to migrate to NSW between 1860 and 1888?

Gang Gang - On this day - Wednesday, May 27

David Ellery Human flesh eating bilbys reported in the Queanbeyan Age 110 years ago.

Gang-gang: Captain Cook memorial fountain back in action


David Ellery While Canberra's Captain Cook Memorial fountain is a wonderful thing everybody is glad to see back in action, the time may have come for the National Capital Authority to pump up the volume.

Gang Gang: Bomber Command's sacrifice to be remembered

David Ellery Some of Australia's bravest are dropping in for a visit.

Gang Gang - Governor General - lone pine project highlighting veterans' needs


David Ellery Sir Peter Cosgrove says his Lone Pine hospice sapling is doomed to die.

Gang Gang - On This Day May 25 -

The Queanbeyan Age in 1905 was advertising the cure for whatever ailed you.

David Ellery 110 Years Ago in Queanbeyan poverty was a crime and hard labour was considered an act of mercy.

Gang Gang: On the road again


David Ellery Former Canberran Erwin Feekin can give the Leyland brothers, and quite a few others, a serious run for their money in the `I've been everywhere man' stakes.

Gang Gang May 25 - Book of Hours

Virgin and Child on a crescent moon and The seven joys of
the Virgin in the Rothschild Prayer Book.

David Ellery How do I love The Rothschild Prayer Book? Let me count the ways.

Rothschild prayer book deserves a new name


David Ellery Shouldn't we be calling this the Stokes prayer book?

On this Day - Gang Gang - Friday May 22 -

The White Ibis Australian Home Companion 100 years ago." />

David Ellery Bird identification was a hot topic in the The Australian Home Companion in 1860.

Gang Gang: Walk Safely To School Day commendable

David Ellery No, this conga line of strapping young Canberra Grammar students is not an early intake for the police academy's class of 2025.

Old Canberra Times property advertisements show houses for less than $30,000

Gang Gang: Canberra was the place to be in the 1970s. Fashion capital and cheap housing.


David Ellery One of the reasons many people love to live in the past is that it was cheaper then. Take Canberra property prices in 1975 as an example.