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David Ellery is a reporter for The Canberra Times.

Mr Fluffy payments will top $700 million

An advertisement for Mr Fluffy.

David Ellery Direct compensation payouts to Mr Fluffy homeowners are expected to top $700 million according to Asbestos Response Taskforce figures.

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Gerondal ruling prompts ACT government review of land regulation

A neglected and unfinished home in Yambina Crescent, Warramanga, in 2013.

David Ellery The ACT government is considering tougher town planning regulations for Canberra after its latest attempt to resolve a 40-year-old home extension saga that has cost ACT taxpayers more than $100,000...

Tuggeranong couple leading Canberra's electric car charge

The Holden Volt can travel 68km on a charge and only uses petrol if it runs out of electricity – which is rare.

David Ellery Unlike many Canberrans, Margaret and Michael Thompson never lie awake at night worrying about petrol prices.

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Failure to launch mars Yerrabi Pond development say residents

David Ellery Protracted delays in the development of prime waterfront blocks along the Yerrabi Pond foreshore have stopped one of Gungahlin’s most attractive precincts from realising its potential...

Gang gang: Menzies, master of wit

David Ellery It is impossible to write an article on Menzies without revisiting his famous wit.

Canberrans pay more for goods but less for homes as unemployment rises and wage increases fall

David Ellery An emerging value gap between house prices in Canberra and the other capital cities could kickstart a fresh building boom in the ACT within the next 12 to 18 months CommSec chief economist, Craig...

Abandoned building sites 'no man's land', neighbours told

A Sublime Construction and Development sign in Crace.

David Ellery The ACT government says it can do little or nothing to enforce the clean-up of a building site abandoned by workers almost a year ago and now described by neighbours as “an accident waiting to...

Toddler frightened and crying when saved from drain

Gordon stormwater drain.

David Ellery The toddler swept hundreds of metres  down a storm water drain in Gordon on Saturday was frightened and crying when he was plucked from the water, witnesses involved in his rescue have said.

Garry Buckley takes Canberra's spirit of Elvis to Parkes festival

 Canberra’s best known Elvis tribute artist, Garry Buckley.

David Ellery Canberra Elvis impersonator Garry Buckley who took out the award for best Elvis lookalike at Parkes in 2007, and he is returning this weekend.

Asian Cup: The little Littles are front and centre for Sunday

Luke and Paige Little are ready for their Asian Cup role.

David Ellery Wanniassa’s Rennay Little had a tense 60 minutes after receiving an email saying her nine-year-old daughter, Paige, had been chosen to escort a player onto the ground for this Sunday’s...

Canberra car sales fall 3.3 per cent year-on-year in 2014

The Toyota Corolla remains Australia's top selling car

David Ellery New car sales in Canberra fell by 3.3 per cent in 2014 in what proved to be a difficult year for the car industry nationwide.NSW, with market growth of 1.

Summernats team revs up for Red Centre car festival in Northern Territory deal

David Ellery A new car festival will be staged in Alice Springs in September.

Pouring money and love into a car: The $500,000 ute comes out at Summernats

David Ellery Mick Lear reckons he has spent $500,000 on his pristine 1953 Ford Mainline ute.

Summernats City Cruise comes to Canberra

The Summernats City Cruise passes the crowd on Northbourne Ave.

David Ellery If Friday's Summernats City Cruise through Civic was a movie, a good title would be "Gone in 300 seconds".

Summernats World Record Burnout attempt successful

David Ellery A total of 107 Summernats entrants turned out to help make history by taking part in a world record burnout in Canberra on Thursday afternoon.

Summernats world record burnout entrants show off unique vehicles

Paul Mulcahy with his Austin Lancer took part in the Summernats world record burnout.

David Ellery Eccentric car owners showed just how broad a church the street machine community can be when they turned up for Thursday's successful Summernats world record burnout attempt.

Summernats world record burnout attempt: monster Mini provides shock and awe

Summernats 2015 burnout world record attempt.

David Ellery A total of 107 Summernats entrants turned out to help make history by taking part in a successful world record burnout attempt.

Early Summernats remembered; days of Summer, sin and sun burn

News. 31st December 2014. First day of the Summernats, with the Polidano family who have drove up from Victoria to be apart of Summernats 2014. Kylie and Clive Polidano, with their children in their 59 Cadillac, Will 10 (left), and Emily 8. And friend (behind) Mark Cannon of Nowra.

The Canberra Times

Photo Jamila Toderas

David Ellery Meet Mark Cannon and Clive Polidano, the evolving face of Summernats. Once they were a pair of likely lads who rocked up each year to have a few grogs, show off their cars and take in the eye candy.

Summernats preview - hot cars, millions of dollars and well-behaved crowds

Co-owner of Summernats Car Festival Andy Lopez.

David Ellery 1800 hot cars, 100,000 people over four days, an injection of more than $20 million into the ACT economy and well-behaved crowds are just some of the predictions Summernats co-owner, Andy Lopez, is...