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David Ellery is a reporter for The Canberra Times.

Clonakilla riesling wows Canberra wine show judges in vintage of a lifetime

David Ellery Canberra district wine shows showcase the wines of 2015 as "the vintage of a lifetime".

Distinguished gentleman motorbike riders come to Braddon

Riders cruise around the National Arboretum, Canberra.

David Ellery Tweeds, beards and classic machines put a biker chic spin on Canberra's most hipster street in the name of men's health.

A bog too far: Australians paid a high price at the Third Battle of Ypres

David Ellery This is the story of one family, my own, that was torn to shreds by a British field marshal's obsession with staging a breakthrough at Ypres on the Western Front in the second half of 1917.

Shaw wins wine export contract to South Korea under free trade deal

David Ellery Murrumbateman winemaker Graeme Shaw hopes to double his wine exports thanks to a deal negotiated under last December's South Korea Free Trade Agreement.

Gang gang: Flanders Fields scarred the Australian psyche for decades

Historian and author Dr Peter Pedersen in the ANZAC Voices gallery of the AWM.

David Ellery What really happened at the bloodiest battle in Australian history?

Gang Gang: Menin lions are Canberra's link to Australia's bloodiest battle


David Ellery Memories of the fallen and the Menin Gate Lions are Canberra's strongest links to Australia's bloodiest battle.

On This Day 98 years ago: Russia in Chaos

Vladimir Lenin played a senior role in leading the revolution.

David Ellery It happened 98 years ago: Russia in chaos.

Gang Gang - Lifeline Book Fair


David Ellery If you only get along to one book fair this year make it Lifeline's at Exhibition Park in Canberra from Friday until Sunday.

The Holdens are rolling out at Parliament

Holdens the way I remember them: I took this picture at the ACT Holden day in 2013. If memory serves a young bloke had been left the car by his grandfather and planned to preserve it rather than restore it.

David Ellery It's going to be football, meat pies and Holden cars at Old Parliament House on Sunday.

Gang Gang - On this day - The Great Strike of 1917

David Ellery Ben Chifley was a train driver when thousands of workers, concerned about the push for conscription and the decline in real wages, walked off the job in 1917. He went too and paid the price.

Gang gang: Computer history is being thrown away, says collector Jeremy Barr-Hyde

David Ellery Computer enthusiast and collector Jeremy Barr-Hyde, of Casey, believes the thinking machines that changed the world are worth saving.

Five years of World War II in 60 seconds

David Ellery Today we look at some of the major episodes of Australia's part in World War II in 60 seconds.

Gang gang: The cat's out of the bag

Kitten farmers will have to go through the hoops now that new regulations are in place for breeders.

David Ellery It is time for the puppy and kitten farmers to pack up and move on.

Gang Gang: Brudenell White grave dedication

Lieutenant Colonel Cyril Brudenell Bingham White, Chief of Staff to the commander of the Australian Imperial Force, Lieutenant General Birdwood, works at a folding table at the entrance of his dugout at Gallipoli.

David Ellery White Grave dedication

Gang Gang: A tale of tweets, dogs and leadership spills

This photo, taken in 2009 when Malcolm Turnbull was fighting to retain the leadership of the opposition, shows the family being photobombed by Mellie, their three-legged terrier.

David Ellery Malcolm Turnbull doesn't have to worry about Hadley, Bolt and Jones; the dogs will always love him.

Gang Gang: Peter Long, the other hero of the Queanbeyan fire


David Ellery A former ward of the state, Peter Long, a hero of Queanbeyan's 1915 fire tragedy, repaid his debts in full and more.

On this day - September 15, 1944

David Ellery Allied bombers ruled the sky by September 1944.

Gang Gang: Germans set to occupy Canberra's Patrick White Lawn on Sunday

It seems unlikely that Cary Grant ever owned an Isetta.

David Ellery Spring fever will spur the Teutonic motoring enthusiasts into action on Sunday.

Gang gang: Queanbeyan fire hero gave his life on the Western Front


David Ellery Queanbeyan hero's death raises as many questions as it answers.

Gang gang: Classic Canberra Mercedes a treasured heirloom

David Ellery This classic Mercedes has served three generations of the Green family and paid homage to a fourth.