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Emma Macdonald is a senior reporter for The Canberra Times.

It survived the birth of Canberra but it won't survive Mr Fluffy

Emma Macdonald In 1890, on a grazing plain which spreads across what is now the Gold Creek Golf Course and the growing sprawl of Nicholls,  the beautiful homestead "Deasland" was built by Canberra pioneer...

30,000 Canberrans likely to be affected by release of Mr Fluffy addresses next week

Asbestos Response Taskforce head Andrew Kefford discusses progress in dealing with the Mr Fluffy problem outside the first house to be demolished, in Sternberg Crescent, Wanniassa.

Emma Macdonald An estimated 30,000 Canberra are expected to find out that they may have been exposed to Mr Fluffy asbestos as either former owners or renters of the 1021 homes confirmed to contain the toxic...

Mary MacKillop College PE teacher Jodie Higgins dies suddenly

Emma Macdonald Jodie Higgins, 35, who died suddenly last week, was a popular and long-standing member of the Mary MacKillop College staff.

ACT not about to means-test public education, minister Joy Burch says

ACT Education Minister Joy Burch says public education should always be free and available to all.

Emma Macdonald ACT politicians across the political divide have denounced any move to means-test public education as the government punts the issue to the states and territories

Former ANU administrator Colin Plowman dies

Former ANU registrar Colin Plowman at the university.

Emma Macdonald Australian National University is mourning the death of former registrar and assistant vice-chancellor Colin Plowman.

Strict rules to save heritage precincts from post-Fluffy McMansions

Mary Hutchison and her partner of 30 years Maureen Cummuskey.

Emma Macdonald Nineteen of Canberra's heritage homes have been caught up in the Mr Fluffy insulation crisis and will be demolished, with authorities promising strict rules to prevent McMansions springing up in...

Autism cage inquiry, how much will be revealed?

Emma Macdonald The circumstances surrounding how a 10-year-old boy with autism came to be contained within a cage in his primary school classroom may never be fully revealed to the public.

Education Minister Joy Burch expects autism cage inquiry to be completed within three weeks

ACT Education Minister Joy Burch is under pressure to expedite the inquiry into how the school came to erect the cage.

Emma Macdonald ACT Education Minister Joy Burch expects the autism cage inquiry will be completed within three weeks and defended the level of communication with the affected school.

Joy Burch abolishes independent education advice

Emma Macdonald ACT Education Minister Joy Burch has quietly abolished two independent and long-standing education advisory councils, and will delegate new advisors despite overwhelming opposition from across...

NSW Minister wants Murrumbateman school decision reviewed

NSW Minister for Women and Member for Goulburn Pru Goward: Children's educational futures are at risk by a lack of a primary school in Murrumbateman.

Emma Macdonald NSW Government Minister and Member for Goulburn Pru Goward says the lack of a school at Murrumbateman is risking the educational futures of children and the NSW Education Department needs to review...

Autism cage inquiry stalled

Opposition education spokesman Steve Doszpot said the delay was unacceptable.

Emma Macdonald Joy Burch hits back at claims that the inquiry into a student with autism being contained in a cage has been 'shambolic'.

Grease Monkey: Braddon's car yard heritage polished up for business

Grease Monkey in Lonsdale Street.

Emma Macdonald On an avenue which is being redeveloped at breakneck speed, veteran Canberra restaurateur Socrates Kochinos has pinned his heart on keeping some nostalgia on Lonsdale Street Braddon.

Canberra charity Send Hope not Flowers saving the lives of mums in Papua New Guinea

Barry Kirby: The maternal death rate has dropped by 78 per cent in part of PNG where the new program is in place.

Emma Macdonald Donations to a Canberra charity have helped turn Papua New Guinea's shocking maternal death rate around.

ANU Comcare bill hits $11 million this year

ANU slaims were awarded over a range of issues, including work-related physical injuries.

Emma Macdonald and Noel Towell The Australian National University has joined public service departments in having to foot massive new Comcare bills due to a rise in premiums by the federal workplace insurer.

Teachers commission poll showing the community is in their corner

Austrailan Education Union ACT branch secretary Glenn Fowler says it is good to see public support for teachers.

Emma Macdonald A new independent poll has shown a high degree of community support for ACT teachers – with the majority of Canberrans believing the profession is now "tougher than ever".

ACT budget 2015: Andrew Barr focused on urban renewal

ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr will hand down his latest budget on Tuesday

Emma Macdonald and Meredith Clisby Andrew Barr is styling himself as the "Mayor of Canberra" unveiling an infrastructure spend firmly focused on public housing and urban renewal in the suburbs.

ACT Budget 2015: Education funding for new schools in Gungahlin

Education funding for new schools in Gungahlin

Emma Macdonald Canberra's northern town centre will get a new primary school, and plans are underway for a new high school, too.

$17.6 million facelift for 40-year-old Belconnen High School.

Belconnen High School.

Emma Macdonald ACT Education Minister Joy Burch will announce on Monday a $17.6 million facelift for 40-year-old Belconnen High School.

Crisis psychologist likens Mr Fluffy to nuclear disaster

Dr Rob Gordon says the very nature of asbestos makes it an insidious psychological enemy.

Emma Macdonald Canberra families affected by Mr Fluffy asbestos could take several years to recover psychologically and needed the community's patience and understanding when they were suffering acute stress and...

Demolition of Mr Fluffy homes to begin

Head of the Asbestos Response Taskforce Andrew Kefford has confirmed the removal of  more than 100 asbestos contaminated homes will begin next week.

Emma Macdonald Five homes are poised for demolition from next week because of the Mr Fluffy scandal.