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Emma Macdonald is a senior reporter for The Canberra Times.

The Australian National University is up two places on international rankings


Emma Macdonald The Australian National University has improved its position internationally.

Diary of a dying Fluffy homeowner

Kathy Pryce was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour.

Emma Macdonald Diary of a Mr Fluffy Victim: Kathy Pryce.

Bernie Banton launch of asbestos awareness bus in Canberra


Emma Macdonald Canberra's toxic asbestos legacy made it the perfect location to launch a new asbestos awareness van which will tour the country over the coming months.

Plea to help Queanbeyan Mr Fluffy victims

Mike and Maryanne Bresnik outside their Mr Fluffy home in Queanbeyan.

Emma Macdonald Maryanne and Mike Bresnik are one of a small group of Queanbeyan families whose lives have been turned upside down by Canberra's now infamous Mr Fluffy insulation scheme.

Katy Gallagher admits flaw in ACT government's approach to Mr Fluffy asbestos notification

Katy Gallagher in 2005:

Emma Macdonald ACT Chief Minister Katy Gallagher was warned personally and on multiple occasions since 2005 that Mr Fluffy home owners were at risk of coming into contact with the deadly insulation.

Commonwealth clean-up of Mr Fluffy a failure before it was even half finished

GUTTED: Workers remove asbestos from a home during a remediation project in O’Connor in 1987.

Emma Macdonald Even before the job was half finished, local administrators of the $100 million Commonwealth clean-up of Mr Fluffy asbestos knew they had failed to remove all deadly amosite from homes.

Mr Fluffy crisis: homeowners want action not blame

Fluffy Owners and Residents' Action Group founder Brianna Heseltine.

Emma Macdonald The founder of the Fluffy Owners and Residents' Action Group said recriminations over who knew what about Mr Fluffy asbestos must not distract politicians from finding a solution to the health and...

Katy Gallagher defends asbestos record

Chief Minister Katy Gallagher.

Emma Macdonald ACT Chief Minister Katy Gallagher has defended her handling of asbestos  over the past decade, saying no jurisdiction had done more to highlight and promote safety than the ACT.

Tradies and homeowners happy with tagging of contaminated Mr Fluffy homes

No-one knows how many Queanbeyan homes might contain Mr Fluffy asbestos.

Emma Macdonald Canberra’s tradespeople will ultimately pay the highest price for exposure to Mr Fluffy asbestos, the CFMEU says.

Mr Fluffy homes to be tagged to protect tradies

No-one knows how many Queanbeyan homes might contain Mr Fluffy asbestos.

Emma Macdonald Mr Fluffy homes will be required by law to have high visibility tags in their meter boxes.

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ANU ranking slides on respected global research league table

Emma Macdonald The Australian National University has continued its slide down international performance rankings, falling 8 places on the most rigorous research league table.

Sue Packer to head ACT government's asbestos reference group

Dr Sue Packer will be the chair of the ACT government’s asbestos reference group.

Emma Macdonald Former Canberran of the Year Dr Sue Packer will chair the ACT government’s asbestos reference group.

ANU launches new research centre, with some depressing ANUpoll results

ANU Vice Chancellor Ian Young says the new research centre

Emma Macdonald Australians are increasingly pessimistic about the country’s future, a new ANUpoll shows.

Mr Fluffy crisis: ACT Chief Minister Katy Gallagher to announce reference group

No-one knows how many Queanbeyan homes might contain Mr Fluffy asbestos.

Emma Macdonald ACT Chief Minister Katy Gallagher is expected to announce a 10-member Mr Fluffy Community Expert Reference Group on Tuesday.

Mesothelioma claims the life of Canberra electrician

Mr Jorritsma and his wife of 43 years, Stephanie, despaired about the future health of their three sons, all of whom have chosen professions that expose them to asbestos.

Emma Macdonald John Jorritsma died of mesothelioma on Wednesday after spending a career as an electrician drilling through asbestos sheeting and crawling under Mr Fluffy homes.

Family endures Canberra winter in Mr Fluffy home with no lights, heating

Annabel Yagos, of Fisher, with her two children six-month-old Charlotte  and Jacob, 2.

Emma Macdonald It is not ideal to bath very young children in an unheated bathroom to the dim glow of a camp light during a Canberra winter. But Annabel and Jonathan Yagos have no choice.

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Road planned over asbestos dump

Asbestos ready to be buried in Canberra in the 1990s.

Emma Macdonald A massive asbestos waste dump in Gungahlin that contains the original Mr Fluffy asbestos removed from more than 1000 Canberra homes in the 1980s is being tested before the ACT government builds a...

Assessors failed to detect blue asbestos in family's home

Crammed into a small serviced apartment: The Ziolkowski family.

Emma Macdonald Call it Mr Fluffy paranoia or a mother's intuition, but Lisa Ziolkowski sought four different asbestos assessments before receiving confirmation that it was present in every room in her home, bar the...

Commissioner moves to allay lockdown fears of Mr Fluffy homeowners in ACT


Emma Macdonald ACT Work Safety commissioner Mark McCabe said no further Mr Fluffy houses would be placed in lockdown because families may be too scared by the threat of being forced out of their home while asbestos...

Mr Fluffy descendants express sympathy for affected families


Emma Macdonald The descendants of the man who started Canberra’s original Asbestosfluf insulation business, which subsequently became Mr Fluffy, have expressed their deep sympathy for the more than 1000...