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Emma Macdonald is a senior reporter for The Canberra Times.

Transport chaos is tipped for students and public servants over the Anzac Day holiday weekend

Emma Macdonald With government workers having Monday off and a shortage of bus services for school students, this year's Anzac Day holiday is causing some concern.

Parents to get say on plain-English school report cards

school reports

Emma Macdonald The ACT government wants to know what parents like to read on their children's school report cards.

Another Mr Fluffy home confirmed in the Hume Shire

Asbestos removal.

Emma Macdonald Another Mr Fluffy home has been discovered in the Hume Shire – halfway between Wagga and Albury.

Elderly Mr Fluffy victims want reprieve from five-year limit on staying in their homes

Emma Macdonald About 30 frail and elderly Mr Fluffy residents are pleading for government flexibility around a five-year time-limit on them remaining in their homes.

Couple spends 62 years in a home, now Mr Fluffy forces them out

Emma Macdonald The beautiful family home that Sylvia and Alan Kelly have spent 62 years in is slated for demolition by 2020 because of Mr Fluffy asbestos.

ACT schools falling behind on league tables

ACT schools are falling behind on basic literacy and numeracy.

Emma Macdonald The ACT continues to underperform across high school numeracy, spelling and writing.

Multiple Birth Awareness Week puts focus on family life's double delights

News- 6th May 2015. Twins project. Canberra Times photo by Karleen Minney. Athena Cains of Curtin is surrounded by twins, her husband David (blue shirt) and his twin brother Paul (striped shirt), and sons Will and Sam (glasses)

Emma Macdonald Athena Cains married a twin and gave birth to twins. So she understands their closeness and innate connection.

Canberra Girls' Grammar top of the table in My School literacy and numeracy results

Canberra Girl's Grammar

Emma Macdonald Canberra Girls' Grammar has dominated league tables of ACT school performance based on its 2014 literacy and numeracy results across the primary and high school years.

A league of league table opponents attack comparison of My School results

Australian Education Union ACT secretary Glenn Fowler wants the newspaper to stop publishing school rankings.

Emma Macdonald Australian Education Union ACT Secretary Glenn Fowler usually reads The Canberra Times. But at this time of year he refuses to – preferring instead to line the bottom of a bird cage with its...

Farrer Primary jumps a combined 253 places on ACT school league tables

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Emma Macdonald Farrer Primary has risen a combined 253 places across league tables of ACT literacy and numeracy results for Year 3.

Pink-haired shock tactics put fate of women in Australia and Africa in focus

Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia in Australia chief executive Lucy Perry is happy to stand out for a cause.

Emma Macdonald Hamlin Fistula chief executive Lucy Perry has a theory that ordinary women can do extraordinary things.

NAPLAN scores: The ACT schools that add value

Wanniassa School Year 4 students Rani Measham and Charleigh Byrne, right, go about their class work.

Emma Macdonald Wanniassa School, Holy Trinity Primary and Canberra Grammar are among 20 schools which have taken their students above and beyond the average when it comes to literacy and numeracy.

My School 2015 goes live with 20 Canberra schools applauded

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Emma Macdonald The My School website has been updated overnight to allow parents to look up details of schools across the nation - most notably their performance in literacy and numeracy as well as financial...

Ball rolling on University of Canberra growth

Emma Macdonald Chief Minister Andrew Barr and University of Canberra Vice-Chancellor Stephen Parker will on Wednesday sign a Statement of Strategic Intent, committing the government to legislative changes that vary...

Australian babies born today could pay $500,000 for university degrees

Emma Macdonald Living at home is the most effective way to keep university costs down, but not everybody can do that.

Canberra Grammar gets federal funding to beef up security

Emma Macdonald Canberra Grammar School is believed to have been included in an $18 million Commonwealth-funded national security upgrade for schools who face "attack, harassment, or violence caused by racial or...

Gareth Evans stays on at ANU to find new vice-chancellor

Chancellor Gareth Evans with outgoing Vice-Chancellor Ian Young.

Emma Macdonald Former Foreign Minister Gareth Evans has agreed to another three-year term as Chancellor of the Australian National University to provide stability and oversee the recruitment of a new...

Samantha Armytage's book Shine glows with inspiration

Positive: Samantha Armytage is content within herself.

Emma Macdonald She's perhaps the nicest girl on Australian TV - relatable, low-maintenance and kind to herself and others.

A dash of hipster cred gets terrarium trend growing

Emma Macdonald They have given the humble bouquet a healthy dash of hipster street cred. Now the energetic florist duo of Moxom and Whitney have focused their fashionable eyes on the terrarium, causing something of...

Fluffy families fight for better deal on stamp duty

Emma Macdonald Felicity Prideaux has lost a home to Mr Fluffy. But she is determined not to lose her beloved dogs.