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Emma Macdonald is a senior reporter for The Canberra Times.

Fluffy owners seek urgent meeting with Andrew Barr

Emma Macdonald Mr Fluffy families have demanded an urgent town hall meeting with the incoming Chief Minister Andrew Barr.

Mr Fluffy Ainslie cottage owner trying to cling to land

Ainslie homeowner Fiona Matz with her two sons Tim, 9, and Alex, 7.

Emma Macdonald Fiona Matz bought a small and sunny weatherboard cottage last year as a fresh start to a relationship breakup and a haven in which to bring up her two young sons.

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Construction worker injured in accident at Canberra House


Henry Belot and Emma Macdonald A man has been hospitalised after a ceiling collapsed on him at Canberra House.

Commonwealth Bank gives $2.5 million to Fluffy customers

Mr Fluffy home owners Joanne and Peter Berry are pleased with Commonwealth Bank offering its customers $10,000.

Emma Macdonald The Commonwealth Bank will provide nearly 250 customers affected by the Mr Fluffy crisis a $10,000 special assistance payment.

University of Canberra vice-chancellor happy deregulation bill is dead

Emma Macdonald University of Canberra Vice-Chancellor Stephen Parker has been inundated with messages of support from academics around the country for his hard line against the Federal Government’s higher...

Canberra the most 'university town' in the country, say UC and ANU

Professor Stephen Parker says universities are the way forward economically for the ACT.

Emma Macdonald Canberra is the most “university town” in all of Australia, with the University of Canberra and the Australian National University producing the statistics to confirm it.

Mr Fluffy impact statement enshrined in Hansard

$50 million would be spent on audits and removing asbestos that poses an immediate risk to students and teachers.

Emma Macdonald Tears flowed in Federal Parliament on Thursday as owners of Mr Fluffy homes throughout the ACT witnessed their stories of personal tragedy being committed to Australia's political and historic record.

Christmas gift guide for Canberra: Women

Uberkate cuff wide $565 www.uberkate.com.au

Emma Macdonald Editorial staff at The Canberra Times share their ideas for buying presents for Relax magazine readers.

University of Canberra's new Master of High Performance Sport announced

Emma Macdonald The University of Canberra has 17 enrolments for a new Master of High Performance Sport which was announced on Wednesday.

Christmas gift guide for Canberra: Colourful toys

Frozen Musical Magic Dolls $69.99 Toys R Us Majura Park

Emma Macdonald Editorial staff at The Canberra Times share their ideas for buying presents for Relax magazine readers.

Suicide increasing among ACT children


Emma Macdonald An analysis of the deaths of ACT children shows suicide is on the rise.

New start for owners of Mr Fluffy asbestos home in Kambah

Chris Sims and Charmaine Sims with their son Zac Sims 3 and daughter Alma 20 months are moving on from Mr Fluffy after buying a new home in Kambah.

Emma Macdonald A Kambah couple are moving on from their Mr Fluffy home.

Chief Minister Katy Gallagher puts banks on notice over Mr Fluffy asbestos loans

Demolition: Mr Fluffy homes to go.

Emma Macdonald A call for leniency around charges and repayments may help Mr Fluffy owners over the next few months.

International conference says NSW must follow ACT Government's Mr Fluffy asbestos demolition

Workers demolish a home in Farrer which was found to contain Mr Fluffy loose-fibre asbestos insulation.

Emma Macdonald International Conference on Asbestos Awareness commends ACT Government's decision to abolish all Mr Fluffy homes – calling on NSW to follow suit.

Inaugural gender equity fellowship rewards motherhood in science research

Julia Ellyard  holds  her 2-year-old twin boys Leo Turner (left), and Max Turner (right), with her eldest  Alex Turner, 5.

Emma Macdonald Dr Julia Ellyard, who juggles a young family with a high-level career in medical research, will find her life eased after she was granted a new fellowship.

Asbestos risk in Australia similar to in crisis-hit Britain


Emma Macdonald One in 170 of all British men born in the 1940s will die of mesothelioma, a cancer associated with exposure to asbestos, latest projections show.

British asbestos expert says Fluffy is an international worst nightmare

Asbestos condemned: International asbestos campaigner Laurie Kazan-Allen.

Emma Macdonald After two decades researching, publishing and lobbying on the need for asbestos eradication, British historian and asbestos campaigner Laurie Kazan-Allen talks about Mr Fluffy.

$1 million gift of Love to ANU from fibre optics pioneer Emeritus Professor John Love

Emeritus professor John Love with students, Jiahao Dong, Ethan Barden, Oliver Thearle , and Sara Hosseini at the ANU.

Emma Macdonald 'I've got a lot out of the ANU and now the ANU has got a lot out of me,' says giver of $1m gift of Love.

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Private Capital - Hustle&Scout and The Forage present a Movember delight

Barbero Professional Barbers and Stylists owner Karan Khanna is donating a day to Movember by tending to the moustaches and hair of those attending the Hustle and Scout Twilight Market.

Emma Macdonald Hustle and Scout out a cool Mo.

University essay-writing scandal hits ACT

Mastermind: Yingying Dou is the director of the MyMaster website, which offers an essay-writing service for university students.

Emma Macdonald Canberra university students have been implicated in the MyMaster Chinese online essay writing scandal with a website offering to write essays for a fee operating in the ACT market.

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