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Emma Macdonald is a senior reporter for The Canberra Times.

Canberra association welcomes new federal deal

Bill Shorten

Emma Macdonald ACT independent schools have welcomed a federal deal that could give them millions of extra dollars as part of the Gonski reforms.

Burch calls review on new school approvals

Labor candidate for Brindabella Joy Burch.

Emma Macdonald The ACT government has increased its accountability when it assesses new non-government schools.

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Professionals unite to push for scrapping of deduction cap

Kim Carr.

Emma Macdonald Peak professional bodies will meet to ramp up pressure to ditch its planned changes to tax deductions for self-education.

Graphic fee rises don't paint a pretty picture

Bill Dudley at home in Melba with works by his daughter Juliette Dudley and Ian Dudley.

Emma Macdonald The Canberra Institute of Technology has increased its fees for an advanced diploma in graphic design more than tenfold over the past five years.

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ANU staff may strike over cuts

ANU logo

Emma Macdonald Staff at the Australian National University are considering industrial action in response to plans to shed 230 administrative jobs, raise parking fees and increase student loads.

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230 lose jobs in ANU revamp

Australian National University staff emerge from a meeting where staffing reforms including early retirements were discussed in Canberra on Tuesday 2 July 2013.

Emma Macdonald The Australian National University will cut 230 general staff.

Staff anger at ANU jobs cuts

Australian National University staff emerge from a meeting where staffing reforms including early retirements were discussed.

Emma Macdonald Staff have denounced the loss of 230 administrative jobs and increased students numbers at the ANU.

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New asbestos removal audit

This property in Bradfield Street is due to be demolished because of the asbestos it contains.

Emma Macdonald The government is reviewing records of asbestos removal across homes in the ACT from the mid-1980.

Asbestos-ridden home to be encased in bubble

Downer resident, 22 year old Emily Scott, lives across the road from this property in Bradfield Street which is due to be demolished because of the asbestos it contains.

Emma Macdonald and Tom McIlroy Something quite remarkable is about to take place on an otherwise unremarkable street.

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Funding issues raised over magistrate plan

120713 News Canberra Times photograph by Graham Tidy Generic photograph of the ACT Magistrates Court. 


Emma Macdonald The ACT's proposed industrial magistrate will not reduce the long delays in hearing workplace health and safety matters and could face potential conflicts of interest, according to the ACT Law...

CIT seeks closer collaboration with UC

2nd Septemeber 2011, News, Stephanie Anderson Story,   CANBERRA TIMES photo by KARLEEN MINNEY-   University of Canberra Vice-Chancellor Professor Stephen Parker and Canberra Institute of Technology Chief Executive Adrian Marron host a forum on the future of the CIT and the UC

Emma Macdonald The Canberra Institute of Technology is seeking closer collaboration with the University of Canberra in the future, saying change "needed to happen" at the CIT and a vital part of its future "is the...

On-the-spot fines bolster workplace safety net


Emma Macdonald New on-the-spot fines for workplace safety breaches will come into force from next Monday, greatly broadening the number of offences which will earn fines of $3600 and putting the onus of safety more...

Fine increases to foster safety

Send them home safe

Emma Macdonald How much is a life worth? When it comes to workplace accidents in the ACT, disturbingly little.

Arm crushed in accident he predicted

Jeff Olsson was victim of a work place accident 8 years ago.

Emma Macdonald When he was 21, Jeff Olsson's life changed in an instant during an otherwise ordinary day at work at the Rocla concrete pipe manufacturer in Fyshwick.

Pomeranz to help decide UC book of 2014


Emma Macdonald While first-year university students quickly become immersed in required reading, it's not often than an award-winning novel finds its way into the pile of academic texts.

Delay in construction safety measures

The ACT Government has deferred until next year measures designed to beef up safety on worksites.

Emma Macdonald The ACT government has deferred until next year measures designed to beef up safety across the ACT construction industry with the builder's union accusing ''bean-counters and bureaucrats'' for the...

Modern teens not so different after all


Emma Macdonald The idea that teenagers are lost to their families once they log on to computers and social media is challenged by research showing that the old-fashioned concepts of family time, homework and...

A teenager's life in a digital world


Emma Macdonald Teenagers are not completely dominated by technology - despite stereotypes that they are glued to their smartphones.

Carer who takes work home

Queens Birthday honours recipient, Trish Mowbray, at her home in Macquarie with her husband Glenn and adopted children, Emmalee, 24 and her 5 month old son, Noah, Paul, 21 (in red), Peter, 26 (with hat) and Luke, 28.

Emma Macdonald Not many people have the compassion and commitment to adopt a child with special needs - much less four.

Students search the tea leaves for savings

ANU logo

Emma Macdonald Australian National University staff and students are willing to pay more for parking, cut complimentary coffee and tea.