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Emma Macdonald is a senior reporter for The Canberra Times.

A weekend in your suburb: 36 hours in Ainslie

Emma Macdonald Ainslie gets a bit of a ribbing by the rest of Canberra. It has an air of smug self-satisfaction about it combined with a burgeoning hipster vibe which leaches across Limestone Avenue from Braddon.

Breast feeding: Australia contributes to huge global decline

Dr Julie Smith with 4-month-old baby Allanah Gordon, (left) Vincent Swadling 18-months and (right) Bryn Williams 18 months.

Emma Macdonald Australia is playing a role in what may be a global wipe-out of one of the world's largest public health assets - the capacity of women to breastfeed their infants.

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'Mr Fluffy' asbestos in Ainslie shops

Ainslie shops

Emma Macdonald Loose asbestos insulation, of the kind used by the now infamous “Mr Fluffy”, has been confirmed in the roof of the Ainslie shops.

Another heatwave: parents warned as temps rise

Emma Macdonald and Tom McIlroy With the ACT set to swelter through at least another seven days of temperatures above 30 degrees, authorities are warning Canberrans not to become complacent to the risks of extreme heat.

Worksafe investigating over asbestos in Dickson building's ceiling

Worksafe inspectors at the building on Wooley st, in Dickson, which has been closed due to asbestos in the building.

Emma Macdonald WorkSafe ACT has ordered the owners of a building in Woolley Street Dickson to either remove or seal a large commercial roof space after finding loose asbestos fibres were falling from asbestos...

Canberra still pays highest childcare costs in Australia


Emma Macdonald Canberra families continue to pay the highest costs for childcare in the nation with local families also requiring more childcare services than the other states or territories.

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Islamic school denied registration after highly critical review

Education Minister Joy Burch.

Emma Macdonald Proposed new Islamic school will not take enrolments this year after failing to plan for basic teaching, curriculum or child-safety requirements.

Canberra stylist set to tease New York catwalks

At the Cataldo's Salon, Civic. Master stylist, Sheldon Brown, works on the hair of client, Ella Quinlan. Sheldon has been chosen to travel to New York next week for fashion week to represent fashion house, Sass and Bide.

Emma Macdonald Next week Sheldon Brown will be able to tick off the pinnacle of hairstyling experiences - New York Fashion Week.

Kingston celebrates a win with Green Square makeover

Grant Kelly is one of the workers removing the long grasses from Green Square in Kingston before laying turf later this week.

Emma Macdonald After a battle spanning several years, the sight of landscapers in high-vis shirts descending on Green Square on Tuesday morning was celebrated by Kingston traders and shoppers alike.

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A class act by tertiary leader Stephen Parker

University of Canberra Vice-chancellor Stephen Parker.

Emma Macdonald On January 26, University of Canberra vice-chancellor Stephen Parker is hosting a party to celebrate 26 years of living in Australia.

After turf warfare, Green Square gets its colour back

Spokesperson, Gabrielle Radinger, among the current planting.

Emma Macdonald Landscapers will descend on Green Square, removing the much-maligned spiky natives.

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Why Will and Kate owe Shoalhaven a visit

Emma Macdonald It would be a public relations coup for any small Australian town to secure a visit from Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

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E-readers set young on road to love of books

Jade Lewis, age 12, (pictured with 8 year-old brother Darcy) of Richardson received a kindle after improving her reading on the Indigenous Reading Project, a homegrown idea which has helped 100 indigenous children learn to read across Australia.

Emma Macdonald Forrest Primary year 6 student Jade Lewis sometimes started a book, but rarely finished it.

Push to expand indigenous reading

A Canberra initiative to get indigenous children reading by giving them an E-Reader has proved successful.

Emma Macdonald A Canberra initiative to get indigenous children reading by giving them a Kindle has proved a success.

Kingston Traders win the grass battle

Spokesperson Pawl Cubbin, among the current planting.

Emma Macdonald Kingston Traders have won the battle to have grass replanted in Kingston Square without covering more than $40,000 in Government-imposed insurance and bonds.

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Heavy-handed officials ruin potential of Kingston Green Square restoration

Kingston Traders and TAMS are battling over grass in Green Square at the Kingston Shops.

Emma Macdonald The ACT government is squandering a golden opportunity to foster community ownership of green space.

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Kingston traders see red over patch of green

Spokesperson Pawl Cubbin, among the current planting.

Emma Macdonald Kingston shop owners have reached an impasse with the government on the vexed issue of returning grass to the once popular cafe strip.

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Breast cancer test not failsafe, women warned


Emma Macdonald Doctors are warning women should never be complacent about breast changes - even if they have had a clear mammogram.

Breast cancer screening: Mother knows best in advising a second opinion

Kristine Hewett received an all-clear mammogram, but decided to get an MRI to be safe. The MRI detected early stages of breast cancer.

Emma Macdonald Kristine Hewett has had many mammograms over the years, when she experienced breast tenderness and sought extra peace of mind.

Specialist nurses ready for surge of cancer from asbestos

Nurses from around Australia have just completed a 3 month online national nurses education program.

Emma Macdonald It's the cancer that is about to hit Australia in a deadly wave. Mesothelioma, a usually fatal disease caused by exposure to asbestos.