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Emma Macdonald is a senior reporter for The Canberra Times.

Women are the biggest budget losers


Emma Macdonald The National Foundation for Australian Women has declared the 2014 federal Budget a disaster for women from all walks of life.

Empire Building Group site shut down in Wright

Worksafe's Mark McCabe.

Emma Macdonald A building site in Wright operated by Empire Building Group has been shut down over a raft of safety concerns.

Mr Fluffy asbestos found on children's clothes and toys in Canberra home

Another Canberra home has been placed in a lockdown by ACT WorkSafe.

Emma Macdonald A Canberra family with young children has been exposed to deadly Mr Fluffy asbestos that had fallen behind their wardrobes.

Mr Fluffy asbestos found in bags under house


Emma Macdonald Three bags of old Mr Fluffy asbestos have been stored under a home in Macgregor – presumably left behind.

'Mr Fluffy' asbestos families form action group to lobby ACT government

Spokesperson for the 'Mr Fluffy' owners and residents action group, Brianna Heseltine, with her baby Marcus.

Emma Macdonald Brianna Heseltine has stepped forward to become the public face of Canberra households affected by Mr Fluffy asbestos.

Canberra's universities brace for the good - and the bad - in budget

Tuesday’s education budget will be welcomed by the Australian National University, but not so the University of Canberra.

Emma Macdonald Tuesday’s education budget will be welcomed by the ANU, but condemned by UC.

Student wellbeing most vital, says expert

NAPLAN tests take heavy toll (Thumbnail)

Emma Macdonald Maths performance in NAPLAN is important but should not come at the cost of student wellbeing.

Asbestos roof ruins business, says mechanic

Worksafe's Mark McCabe.

Emma Macdonald An asbestos sheet roof which has caused the temporary closure of two businesses on Woolley Street in Dickson for over three months is being replaced this week.

Drowning in backyard pools still a risk for children in winter

Emma Macdonald Just because the temperature has plummeted does not mean children are not at risk of drowning in backyard pools.

Mr Fluffy asbestos infiltrates like sand through the hourglass

ACT work safety minister Simon Corbell.

Emma Macdonald Mr Fluffy asbestos infiltrates houses like “sand migrating through an hour glass”, study shows.

The reality of childbirth in PNG

A new mother with her child in Papua New Guinea.

Emma Macdonald and Karleen Minney Women in Australia almost never die during childbirth, and even our largest maternity hospitals might have such a loss only every couple of years.

Editors Edwina McCann, Kellie Hush, Helen McCabe concede influential fashion title to Duchess Kate Middleton

Harpers bazaar Ed Kellie Hush with Vogue Ed Edwina McCann at Parliament House to see the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Emma Macdonald Often described as fashion royalty, the editors of the country's most influential fashion magazines had to concede the title on Thursday when they came face-to-face with the Duchess of Cambridge.

Royals bask in capital of goodwill

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge watches two children help her with a tree planting.

Megan Doherty, Emma Macdonald and Jil Hogan It was declared by Prime Minister Tony Abbott as one of the best ever royal tours and Canberra played its part in a day full of goodwill and high spirits as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge charmed...

Fashion designers rally for cause on anniversary of sweatshop disaster

Emma Macdonald It may seem on Thursday that a number of people rushed out their doors with their clothes on inside out.

Asbestos found at Uni Pub work site in Civic

A bag marked as containing asbestos was found behind this London Circuit building.

Emma Macdonald WorkSafe ACT has given a Canberra company 24 hours to properly dispose of a bag of asbestos which has been lying on work site in Civic since last week.

Brave recovery for the girl who fell to earth


Emma Macdonald Canberra's Emma Carey, 21, has a date tattooed on her forearm - June 9, 2013. This was the day she fell from the sky and crashed to earth in a freak sky-diving accident.

Code defines ACT teachers' conduct

ACT teachers will have their first common code of practice.

Emma Macdonald ACT teachers will receive their first common Code of Practice - bringing them into line with other professions.

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Homes with Mr Fluffy asbestos insulation should be demolished, says safety chief

An asbestos removal in progress.

Emma Macdonald The head of Australia's federal Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency, Peter Tighe, said he would not allow his family to live in a home affected by Mr Fluffy asbestos insulation and that Canberra's...

Asbestos victim John Jorritsma fears for his sons' wellbeing

John and Stephanie Jorritsma sit in the living room of their house.

Emma Macdonald Six years ago, John Jorritsma watched his brother die of mesothelioma, never thinking for a moment he would follow in his footsteps.

Consult your children before posting their photos online

Emma Macdonald Before you post that cute shot of your child wearing a multicoloured wig and funny glasses on Facebook, ask how the youngster feels about it.