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Emma Macdonald is a senior reporter for The Canberra Times.

Unsafe sleeping practices blamed for 14 baby deaths in ACT

Emma Macdonald Canberra parents are being urged to stop putting their babies in bed to sleep with them following 14 deaths to unsafe sleeping practices in babies under a year old over the past decade.

Uni study a breeze for college graduates

ANU Bachelor of Commerce student Adam West studying at home in Calwell for the first week of his exams.

Emma Macdonald Adam West found the leap from high school to college a big one, but the move from college to university was a breeze.

Painting the big picture in cancer care

Yanping Zhang has spent 16 years collecting data on breast cancer.

Emma Macdonald Yanping Zhang is not a doctor. But her contribution to breast cancer research in the ACT has potentially helped save lives.

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ANU staff, management agree on pay deal

Vice Chancellor of the ANU Professor Ian Young.

Emma Macdonald ANU staff offered a 12 per cent pay rise over the next four years – a vast improvement on the previous offer, according to the union.

Inspiring a love of learning the greatest gift for parent

Emma Macdonald Peter Finegan is not surprised that Australia is failing to reduce indigenous or socio-economic disadvantage at school.

Education failing poorest students: report

Australia's latest report card on education shows the nation has a long way to go to close the gap in performance between children and young people from disadvantaged indigenous backgrounds.

Emma Macdonald Australia's latest report card on educational achievement is ''depressing reading''.

Women urged to be alert, no matter what their age

Michelle Williams of Fadden recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

Emma Macdonald As Canberrans wore pink ribbons and ate pink cupcakes to signify National Breast Cancer Awareness Day, Michelle Williams stayed in her home and fought a private and very ugly battle with the disease.

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One quick call means a load off the chest

News: Breast Screen ACT mammogram technician Melissa Maher, 24 of Queanbeyan. 25th of October 2013, Canberra Times Photograph by Katherine Griffiths

Emma Macdonald One of the most commonly cited reasons women detest and defer regular mammograms is that it is painful.

Many fear test more than the disease

Mammogram breast screening

Emma Macdonald Fear of finding a cancer is what prevents many Canberra women from having a mammogram.

ACT screening at five-year high but breast cancer rate still most serious in the country

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Emma Macdonald ACT still lags behind in breast cancer screening rates and continues to have the highest rate of breast cancer.

Teaching light years from stuffy rooms and three Rs

Gowrie Primary School students and teacher Lyn Cleaver holds a photo of her great grandfather was one of the first local teachers in the area as part of World Teachers Day.

Emma Macdonald Lyn Cleaver's teaching career has been vastly different to that of her grandfather-in-law Fred Cleaver - and for that she is grateful.

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The face of breast cancer in Canberra

Cancer Survivor Marilyn Brookes talks about her battle with cancer.
The Canberra Times
21 October 2013
Photo Jay Cronan

Emma Macdonald Marilyn Brookes is, in many ways, the face of breast cancer in the ACT.

Time out from sandpit for supermodel hopeful

Jessica Schembri has fought off competition to represent Canberra in the Australian World Supermodel National Final in Sydney this week.

Emma Macdonald Most days, 19-year-old Jessica Schembri is in jeans and a T-shirt while she dodges paint, play dough and the odd vegemite sandwich as a childcare worker.

Scaffolder stripped of licence after building site collapse

Emma Macdonald A scaffolder has lost his licence for a year in a first for ACT Work Safety inspectors who are cracking down on fall risks.

ANU students lukewarm on 'gold standard' policy

Vice Chancellor of the ANU Professor Ian Young.

Emma Macdonald The Australian National University Council has adopted what it calls a "gold standard" social responsibility investment policy with the first compliance report to be filed next July.

Work, life, repeat ... capital women walk fine line

News: The average Canberra woman. Jemima Walsh with her children (left) Astrid, grade 3 and Imogen, grade 5. 2nd of October 2013, Canberra Times Photograph by Katherine Griffiths

Emma Macdonald Canberra women are doing it tough - subject to some of the most extreme work pressures and work/life juggles of any Australian women.

Ms Canberra is no Ms Average

A young attractive businesswoman is deep in thought

Emma Macdonald Just who is the average Canberra woman? And is she so different to her sisters across Australia? As it turns out, she is.

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WorkSafe on-the-spot fines having biggest impact


Emma Macdonald The ACT Work Safety inspectorate more than doubled its prohibition, infringement and improvement notices across the construction industry this year and increased site visits and blitzes by almost 15...

Should English and maths be mandatory? Go figure

Year 12 student Gemma Bonnici, who hasn't studied maths at college.

Emma Macdonald Gemma Bonnici is convinced she need never study maths again.

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English may be forced on students

Teacher pointing to raised hands in a classroom.

Emma Macdonald ACT college students may be forced to study English in order to receive their Year 12 Certificate with the Board of Senior Secondary Studies to consider mandatory subjects for the college years.

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