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Emma Macdonald is a senior reporter for The Canberra Times.

The future of single-sex education in Canberra

Emma Macdonald Canberra's private school landscape was redrawn on Tuesday with the announcement that Canberra Grammar will no longer be a bastion of all-boy education.

Canberra Girls Grammar School responds to Canberra Grammar co-ed announcement

Canberra Grammar Principal Dr Justin Garrick (pictured with year 2 students) announced the school would be going co-educational.

Emma Macdonald Canberra Girls Grammar School has reaffirmed its commitment to single-sex education for girls amid the news that Canberra Grammar is going co-ed.

Canberra Grammar School to become co-educational

Canberra Grammar will be going co-ed. Principal Dr Justin Garrick, pictured with year-two-students, made the announcement on Tuesday.

Emma Macdonald Canberra Grammar is casting off 87 years of history as an exclusive boys' school to become co-educational.

Fluffy home less painful now it is demolished

Emma Macdonald The site where Wendy and Ron White’s family home stood for the 23 years they resided on Doyle Terrace in Chapman is vast and empty.

School of Music teacher quits after 11 years citing alleged remorseless bullying

 Anne Ewing is resigning from  the ANU School of Music, citing bullying and remorseless toxic treatment.

Emma Macdonald A former student turned teacher at the ANU's School of Music has spoken publicly about what she describes as a toxic culture and remorseless bullying of staff.

Mr Fluffy home owner given only weeks to live

Chris Georgiou is now concerned for his children, including son Andrew, who grew up in the house where they would have been exposed to the asbestos.

Emma Macdonald Chris Georgiou has little breath and no voice left. He is dying. His sickness comes from living in a Mr Fluffy house.

Ainslie cookbook showcases suburb's foodie credentials

Emma Macdonald In a suburb which prides itself on its foodie culture, the cookbook produced by Ainslie Primary School as a fundraiser was never going to settle for a few well-worn brownie recipes handed down by...

Global stilling wins PM's top science prize for ANU's Professor Farquhar

Professor Graham Farquhar of the ANU's Research School of Biology.

Emma Macdonald An ANU scientist has won the Prime Minister's Prize for Science for his discovery that wind rates are falling - and we are experiencing "global stilling".

Jacky Sutton's mysterious death - reports do not ring true for friends and colleagues

ANU PhD candidate Jacky Sutton in a photo from her LinkedIn profile.

Emma Macdonald Jacky Sutton was a seasoned international aid worker who was careful of her personal security and would never have encountered money troubles while travelling, according to a close friend.

Breast cancer survivors go fly fishing for health

Kerryn Milligan (left) shows Bernadette Bradley how to flyfish on the shore of Lake Burley Griffin.

Emma Macdonald The gentle act of fly fishing provides the right sort of physical and emotional therapy for breast cancer survivors.

ANU School of Music exodus continues amid plans to change degree offerings

The August departure of ANU  School of Music’s head Peter Tregear  was unexpected.

Emma Macdonald A staff exodus at the beleaguered Australian National University School of Music continues as management now considers downgrading the core music and some of the more classical components of the...

Cambodian orphans to benefit from fundraising might

Birds of a feather: Lucy Perry joins Sunrise Cambodia.

Emma Macdonald Two women known for their trademark hairstyles as well as their dedication to do good in the world have joined forces to house and educate some of the most at-risk children of Cambodia.

Westside container village left a wallflower at Floriade

Westside Acton Park on a Thursday morning.

Emma Macdonald The promised throngs of new customers to Canberra's beleaguered Westside container village have largely failed to materialise despite high hopes from the ACT Government that Floriade would see the...

Universities deserve better, say vice-chancellors

Professor Ian Young, vice-chancellor of the ANU.

Emma Macdonald Canberra's vice-chancellors expressed relief and resignation at the government shelving controversial plans to deregulate fees.

University of Canberra moves into the top league in world rankings

Emma Macdonald The University of Canberra is ranked in the 501-600 band in the 2015-2016 Times Higher Education ranking of 800 institutions, winning a place for the first time.

Mentors support maths and science teachers

Emma Macdonald A national science and maths teaching conference is matching mentors to teachers in order to give them the confidence to tackle tough subjects.

Farrer Primary School special needs student fencing under question

The fencing around Farrer Primary special needs unit.

Emma Macdonald Principal says perimeter fence would allow "increased inclusiveness and integration for our students with special needs".

War correspondents' memorial in a perfect place

Shirley Shackleton and Peter Greste lay wreaths for war correspondents and their families at the dedication of the War Correspondents Memorial.

Emma Macdonald The wife of news cameraman and murdered member of the Balibo Five Greg Shackleton said that the dedication of a new memorial to commemorate the sacrifices made by Australian war correspondents...

ACT palliative carers bring comfort to the home

Jim James, 81, at home in Gordon after leaving the hospice earlier in the day.

Emma Macdonald When 81-year-old Jim James thinks of palliative care, he doesn't think of the quiet corridors of Clare Holland House, or a dimly-lit hospital ward in the Canberra Hospital.

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Cage inquiry raises more questions than it answers

Emma Macdonald A quote to build the $5195 autism cage in a Canberra school, was received by the school in February this year - calling into question the official timeframe and level of information provided to the...