Ian Warden

Ian Warden

Ian Warden is a columnist for The Canberra Times

Gang-gang - Magpies to Parliament!

Ian Warden With Lake Burley Griffin on the minds of all thinking Canberrans we bring you in a moment some news of something new that silver gulls (aka sea gulls) are up to at the lake's Spinnaker Island.

Gang-gang 100 Years Ago: Those Belgians

King Albert 1 of Belgium, 1914.

Ian Warden Plucky, Germany-besieged Belgium was much in the Australian news in the early weeks of the Great War.

Account of race day fashion at the 1914 Caulfield Cup

Ian Warden 100 years ago, race day fashion was spoiled by the war and the weather.


Gang-gang: The Queen unveils the Australian American Memorial in 1954

Ian Warden Almost none of us, unless we're eagles, ever get a close look at the stylised eagle that crowns the Australian American Memorial on Russell Hill.

Lake Burley Griffin: Ornamental waters we had to have


Ian Warden After 50 years, the question remains: does Lake Burley Griffin bring Canberrans together or keep them at bay? Ian Warden ponders the depths.

Gang-gang: 100 years ago - 'Tipperary' the best-known song of the Great War

Ian Warden Its chorus has become the best-known song of the Great War, but the whole ditty turns out to be about love.

Gang-gang: Forget Lake Burley Griffin, let's rename the Australian National Botanical Gardens after Marion Mahony Griffin

Rainforest Walk: Rather than a lake, it would be more fitting for Marion Mahony Griffin to have the Australian National Botanical Gardens bear her name.

Ian Warden There's no clear proof that Walter Burley Griffin and Marion Mahony Griffin even liked the lake named after Walter.

Gang-gang: 100 years ago - A young soldier's sex appeal

Ian Warden The Queanbeyan Age published a letter from a freckle-faced young recruit saying his uniform was making him a flapper-magnet.

Gang-gang. Rapunzelmania

Ian Warden A modern version of the Rapunzel story with a charitable twist is developing in Canberra.

Dalgety failed to make a splash

Ian Warden Gang-gang: Ornamental waters took the world by storm in 1893, and we are still reaping the consequences of this ill-timed fad.

Gang-gang: 100 years ago - Globe announces World War I Shilling Fund

Patriotic carnival: A WWI Queensland fund-raising concert poster.

Ian Warden In the early stages of the Great War Australians engaged in a frenzy of patriotic fund-raising.

Gang-gang: University's new Futuro drops in

Ian Warden A flying saucer has materialised in an open courtyard at the University of Canberra's Building 5.

Gang-gang: OECD rates Canberra the best city in the world

The bird: Robin Ezra's 'Beady Eyes'.

Ian Warden Is Canberra the best place, the best city in the world?

Young singers and dancers audition for Mary Poppins parts

Ian Warden Young Canberra entertainers dream of how supercalifragilisticexpialidocious a part in Mary Poppins would be.

Gang-gang: Gallipoli snapshot captures nonchalance and fear

Intimacy: Soldiers arriving at Anzac Cove,  April 25, 1915.

Ian Warden What a remarkable picture it seems. These days we photograph everything but here is a photo taken at a dangerous time and in a fearful place.

Gang-gang 100 Years Ago: Captain Cook and the Great War

Ian Warden One hundred years ago this week, uniformed young men were parading through Sydney's streets, soon to go to the war

Letters tell of Sir Robert Menzies' Cadillac, friendship with driver Alf Stafford

Ian Warden Sir Robert Menzies shared a long-term friendship with his driver, Alf Stafford, who once drove the prime minister's Cadillac.

Gang-gang: ANZAC Treasures humanises the Gallipoli battle

Ian Warden There are books you just can't put down but then there are others you have to so as to be able to go and have a little cry.

Gang-gang 100 Years Ago: Sportsman hero of the Great War Anthony Wilding

Ian Warden It was well-known in Edwardian times that sport was character building and made a man manly.

Cornflowers posed dilemma for patriots as the national flower of the hated Hun

Ian Warden One hundred years ago this season, cornflowers became a source of consternation as they were the national flower of Germany, the hated foe, writes Ian Warden..