Ian Warden

Ian Warden

Ian Warden is a columnist for The Canberra Times


Questacon demonstrates 3D printing of body parts

Ian Warden It's amazing to think that today's youngsters will inherit a world in which 3D photocopying of bodyparts will be commonplace.

Gang-gang: 100 years ago - Labor and War

Ian Warden One hundred years ago this week The Australian Worker offered "A note of hope in these distressful times".

Gang-gang: Ludwig Leichhardt's digital map

Ian Warden The "Australian Dictionary of Biography" has produced a digital map of Ludwig Leichhardt's expedition from Moreton Bay to Port Essington in 1844.

Gang-Gang: 100 Years Ago Canberra was looking marble-ish

Ian Warden Guinness World Records recognises Ashgabat, the capital of energy-rich Turkmenistan, as 'White-Marble City'.

Gang-gang: Canberra's champion drone

Ian Warden Canberra UAV (drone) team wins $50,000 for saving lost tourist in the Outback.


New research highlights strangeness of the Australian Water Dragon

Ian Warden Perhaps it's because the world of human behaviour is so shocking that this column turns so often to topics of blameless wildlife.

100 years ago our sturdy boys headed for war

Ian Warden Miraculously improved Australian male physique represented in soldiers off to war 100 years ago.


The wit and mischief of Robert Baines' larger-than-life jewellery

Ian Warden What on earth is the pale damsel in our picture wearing? Read on, and all will be half-explained.

Gang-gang: 100 years ago - Barbarous Germany condemned for bombing Rheims Cathedral

Ian Warden One hundred years ago this week all Australian papers were publishing, with embellishments, stories of how the Huns, in their infidel barbarity, had been shelling the ancient cathedral at Rheims in...

Gang-gang: Canberra's Black Mountain Wildflower Ramble celebrates spring blossoms

Wildflower: Dillwynia sericea is one of the blooms ramblers should rejoice over.

Ian Warden We are suffering the 27th Floriade but there is another older, far more discerning Canberra floral celebration.

Gang-gang: Ravens and vertigo

Ian Warden Why do our ravens nest in trees and why do they never, unlike so many of their northern hemisphere corvid cousins, nest on the faces of cliffs?

Gang-gang 100 Years Ago: Robert the Bruce

Ian Warden  One hundred years ago this week readers of the Braidwood Dispatch were thrilling to the feats of Scottish heroes Wallace and Bruce.

Gang-gang: How fancy furniture makes the waiting game fun

Ian Warden Life is full of waiting around, so doesn't it make sense to have decent furniture to sit on?

Gang-gang: 100 years ago - Patriotic crowds applaud Madame Melba at the Sydney Town Hall

Ian Warden Great War patriotic fever was especially feverish at a Melba Patriotic Concert in the Sydney Town Hall 100 years ago this week.

Gang-gang: Blessed are the folklorists

Ian Warden Ina Popplewell and her songs live on in folklore.

Saving the tadpoles of the Northern Corroboree Frog

Ian Warden What are these happy souls carrying in those plastic bags? You'll never guess. Begins with a T. Give up?

Gang-gang: 86 years ago

Ian Warden Scottish independence fervour is not new.

Gang-gang. 100 years ago. Killing with kindness

Concerns were raised about the many acts of kindness to khaki-clad boys before they left to fight in World War I.

Ian Warden One hundred years ago this week, columnist "Clio" of Melbourne's "Punch" was worried about how dangerous Melbourne was for young soldiers.

Gang-gang: Bamboo crucifix

Poignant occasion: Bishop Andrew Nakamura of Kobe with a bamboo cross in St John's Anglican Church, Reid.

Ian Warden An old bamboo crucifix has drawn a Japanese bishop to Canberra.

Review of Australian Longhorn Beetles by Drs Adam Slipinski and Hermes Escalona

Ian Warden ACT is rich in longhorn beetles and now there's an award-winning book dedicated to the species.