Ian Warden

Ian Warden

Ian Warden is a columnist for The Canberra Times

Gang-gang. War Memorial statue honours Explosives Detection Dogs and handlers.

Ian Warden The genius of Ewen Coates' sculpture Evolution of the Senses dedicated at the Australian War Memorial on Thursday lies in the way in which it has a man and a dog looking lovingly into one another's...

Gang-gang: 100 Years Ago - Quaint Orkney islanders glad they have no trees

Cows revel in the Orkneys' scenic treelessness.

Ian Warden We are too scared to come out of the closet and admit it, in this tree-lined, tree-mad, Arboretum-adoring city, but some of us think Canberra has far too many trees.

Gang-gang. Turner's Powerful Owl adapted and adopted as the ANU's sports logo

Turner's Powerful Owl giving a forbidding welcome.

Ian Warden The already famous Powerful Owl of Turner (affectionately known as the Powl, and much-reported and much-depicted in this column) is achieving a sudden new form of fame

The giant, humanoid power pylons proposed for Iceland... and Australia needs them

Giant, humanoid power pylons proposed for Iceland.

Ian Warden The architecture and design firm Choi+Shine has submitted designs for giant, human-shaped pylons for the Icelandic High-Voltage Electrical Pylon International Design Competition.

Gang-gang 100 years ago: H. G. Wells accused of lack of empathy for war poor

Ian Warden The boutique readership of Melbourne's pacifist, feminist Woman Voter couldn't possibly have included the great British commentator and science fiction writer H.G.Wells

Gang-gang. Christchurch airport's welcoming displays for arrivals


Ian Warden Progressive New Zealand always has so much to teach us. Its current quest for a new national flag that dispenses with the moribund Union Jack is a case in point.


No Airport Arms Ads campaign - Canberrans suggest alternatives to ads


Ian Warden Use our personalities of the moment hot spots to enhance the welcome at Canberra Airport.

Gang-gang. 100 Years Ago. World War I German women were fanatical about winning the war

A war-minded German woman during World War I.

Ian Warden During the Great War it suited 'our side' to propagandise that all Germans were sub-human and crazed.

Gang-gang 100 years ago: Britain spends £1,825,000,000 a year on war

Ian Warden The terrible cost of war for those at home.

Gang-gang. New exhibition looks at 100 years of ACT bushfire fighting


Ian Warden There are bushfire images in the exhibition The Fire Did Not Beat Us so very vivid that they seem to radiate heat. To go up close and to peer into them is to fear the flames will singe your eyebrows.

Gang-gang 100 years ago: Overcoated soldiers 'melt' in Melbourne's heat

Ian Warden The heat was on the young soldiers about to leave Melbourne.

Gang-gang. Canberra's No Airport Arms Ads campaign gathering pace

Advertising posters featuring warships,  submarines, and UAVs at Canberra Airport. 

25 August 2015
Photo: Rohan Thomson
The Canberra Times

Ian Warden There's a bracing beginning to today's column as, rugged up, we brave the freezing, cheek-tinting air of Yellowknife in northern Canada and of Longyearbyen on Svalbard in Arctic Norway.

Gang-gang 100 years ago: Soldier says 'war is nothing but legalised murder'

Ian Warden "I can say right here," Queensland soldier Olly Gunderson wrote from Gallipoli to Miss J.M. Solomon of Tambo, "that I never did believe in war."

Gang-gang: Nature's shy bouncings back from 2003's infernos

Ian Warden Of course the news media, a ravenous, impatient beast with a short attention span, was quick to notice and rejoice over the very first signs of ACT bushland Nature bouncing back after...

Gang-gang 100 years ago: 'Magnificent bravery' of a sock-knitting man

Ian Warden Full credit to a man who purls and plains at a speed

Marie Celeste drifts into Floriade

Ian Warden There's not usually anything venomous about the Sunday Canberra Times (although some of the Letters to the Editor can be very spiteful), but on Sunday this Eastern Brown Snake was...

Gang-gang. 100 years ago. Dreams of Canberra light rail for select few toffs

Ian Warden One hundred years ago today Melbourne's Age reported some futuristic imaginings of Canberra's lake and even of a little light rail for Canberra (but the latter perhaps only for the toffs of federal...

Let's not snipe at snipe's spelling

Ian Warden Canberra pedants, notoriously overeducated, are in a nit-picking class of their own.

Gang-gang 100 years ago: Where is the mass of pulsing patriotic humanity?

Ian Warden One hundred years ago this week, Australian enthusiasm for the war was waning.