Ian Warden

Ian Warden

Ian Warden is a columnist for The Canberra Times

Gang-gang. Ellen Heath, 105, a semi-super centenarian

Ian Warden As if it wasn't reward enough on Tuesday to just be visiting and paying respects to Mrs Ellen Heath on her 105th birthday there was an unexpected bonus.

Gang-gang. 100 years ago. The war leaves women undiluted by men

Ian Warden  What on earth is "Clio" of Melbourne's Punch gibbering about in her column of 100 years ago this week?

Gang-gang: Polly want a (nutritionally sophisticated) cracker


Ian Warden Among sophisticates the gluten-free cause now has such momentum that even Canberra's more intelligent, articulate birds are awake to it.

Gang-gang. 100 Years Ago. Conscription - Death with his sickle

Ian Warden  "The [profession of soldiering] is essentially a horrible one," Melbourne's Woman Voter insisted 100 years ago this week, noticing the ever-loudening calls for conscription.

Gang-gang. Windmills of our minds


Ian Warden Readers, where do you stand on the vexed issue of the wind turbines (hereinafter in this essay called windmills) that Joe Hockey and now our prime minister so deplore?

Gang-gang. 100 Years Ago. Would peace-loving Jesus have fought the Huns?

Ian Warden Is Our✓ Redeemer,✓ a militant or a pacifist? One hundred years ago this week seething reader Angela Booth wrote to cancel her subscription to Melbourne's pacifist weekly The Woman Voter.

Gang-gang 100 years ago: An all-illuminated patriotic tram

Ian Warden One hundred years ago, the idea of forced enlistment of "loafers" and "shirkers" by conscription was gaining popularity.

Gang-gang. When Canberra was 'a place of paddocks' where it paid to be British

Ian Warden We begin today's column, which will prove to be about the ancient history of housing in Canberra, basking in the news that we have a brand new reader to add to the several dozen this column...

Physicist professor's much-needed geography lesson

Happy commuters of Bergen admire their  light rail trams.

Ian Warden Devoted readers will know that we have been running stories of how a professorial toff, the ANU's Professor Marcus Oliphant, upset Canberrans with his protests about the Tocumwal houses at O'Connor.

Gang-gang. 100 years ago. Victor Trumper hit them over the fence for five

Ian Warden Victor Trumper was such a great batsman that he was always hitting the bowling for five. Yes, five.

Gang-gang – 100 Years Ago: Yankee exploiters gear up to pounce

Ian Warden America was ready to motor into Germany.

Gang-gang: Mythical ferrymen in the mist

Ian Warden We are enjoying photogenically foggy mornings (lucky Canberra is by far Australia's foggiest city).

Gang-gang. Extinction defied by seeds' deep-frozen sleeps

Ian Warden The sheer glamour of some of the gorgeous things promised by the Australian National Botanic Gardens Master Plan (launched last Thursday and reported here on Friday) has rather nudged out of the...

Gang-gang. 100 Years Ago. Luring men into khaki with kisses

Ian Warden One hundred years ago this week, with enlistments flagging, Sydney's World's News recommended the use of sex appeal to get young men into khaki.

Gang-gang 100 Years Ago: 'Ardent love, flaming hate, flashing eyes'

Ian Warden Despite the war, Melbourne could still host a thrilling night at the opera.

Gang-gang. Young Tarzans (and Janes) catered for in Botanical Gardens vision


Ian Warden The Master Plan for the Australian National Botanic Gardens includes attractions for the young and a new conservatory.

Gang-gang 100 years Ago: Feeble physiques and feeble numbers

A call to arms in World War I.

Ian Warden In 1915, the pressure was building for conscription.

How Canberra's Tocumwal military houses raised a professor's fury

Ian Warden From his grand home on the hill, an atomic scientist railed at the ugliness of the Tocumwal military houses, writes Ian Warden.

Gang-gang: Our Powerful Owl recalls Kate Carnell's Canberra

Ian Warden The words and the sentiment of the Welcome to Canberra – Experience the Power poster that decorates today's column will ring bells in the belfries of lots of readers.