Ian Warden

Ian Warden

Ian Warden is a columnist for The Canberra Times

Gang-gang. Eyes Wild, Nostrils Flaring

Ian Warden Too many obelisks are not enough, but, alas, our city is obelisk poor.

Gang-gang: Beige blush over purple prose

Ian Warden Responsible journalism, as represented by this respected broadsheet newspaper and so, of course, by this column, is written in sober, beige prose. 

Gang-gang 100 years ago: Soothsayer sprung

Ian Warden So-called "fortune tellers" are such thumping charlatans that 100 years ago this week the sceptical "Clio" of Melbourne's Punch took pleasure in exposing one of them.

Gang-gang. Half Pelican/Half Prime Minister

Ian Warden Readers, how well do you know your Canberra? Here is a little test.

Gang-gang. Shag On A Mall

Ian Warden If it wasn't a little cumbersome to say, in place of the evocative "like a shag on a rock" we could substitute the expression "like a Commencement Column Monument on a Federation Mall".

Gang-gang. 100 Years Ago. Rosa's outrage

Ian Warden Smash the ruling class!

Gang-gang. Gargling gargoyles

Ian Warden We pricked up our ears at the debate about the controversial, allegedly racist "gargoyles" at the Australian War Memorial. Young Canberra, rich in so many ways, is wretchedly gargoyle-poor.

Gang-gang. Street-Smart Libraries


Ian Warden There are some Canberra suburbs that live up to the poet's description "O Suburbs of Despair/Where nothing but the weather ever changes!" but somehow cutting-edge, trend-setting Curtin is not one of...

100 Years Ago: Tasmanian devilry at the pyramids

Ian Warden The Australians at Mena, just beneath the pyramids, in 1915 included some surely bewildered items of fauna.

Gang-gang: Highly esteemed steam loco

Ian Warden It is such a shame that the word "awesome" has been so devalued by promiscuous overuse (to describe even only slightly better than average hamburgers, sunsets, kisses, pairs of socks, everything).

Gang-gang. Fifty Shades Of Tangerine

The Egg Sanctum entry for the Freefall Experience competition

Ian Warden Although lots of us oldies could sing Lerner and Loewe's classic song I'm Glad I'm Not Young Any More with conviction there is one thing worth envying the young for.

Grovelling pays off with a Sibelius singalong on the program


Ian Warden Monday's influential, opinion-forming column got down on bended knees to plead with Canberra Choral Society supremo Tobias Cole to have a change of heart.

Gang-gang. 100 Years Ago. Immoral Cairo

Vintage postcard of Egypt

Ian Warden Early in 1915 Australians with loved ones among the "six bob a day tourists" of the AIS were receiving letters (often picture postcards) from the far-flung, wide-eyed men, and giving them to the...

Gang-gang: Respecting The Big Man


Ian Warden The Finnish composer Jean Sibelius (known to some of his devotees as The Big Man) is looking a little disgruntled in our picture.


Gang-gang. A deafening "Tsk"


Ian Warden If asked to nominate The Most Expressive Face Of All Time lots of us (if given a little time to think about it) would give that gong to the wondrous face of Marcel Marceau.

Gang-gang: 100 Years Ago. Unpatriotic plumes

Ian Warden One hundred years ago this week "Clio" of Melbourne's Punch preached that 1915's women should never wear feathers and should burn every feather in their wardrobes.

Gang-gang: Interview techniques gone to the dogs

Ian Warden The ABC's Sarah Ferguson could have learned a lot from watching and listening to this seasoned columnist's interviewing technique.

Gang-gang. 100 Years Ago. Entertaining Mrs Daisy

Daisy Bates chronicled a corroboree.

Ian Warden We may imagine that travelling shows (like The Lion King) are a modern phenomenon but 100 years ago this week the Sydney Morning Herald reported forms of travelling shows perhaps thousands of years...

Gang-gang: Bunnies sprung by spaniels

Ian Warden The game's up for the last rabbits at Mulligans Flat - Bolt and Tom are on the job.

Gang-gang. 100 years ago. Incensed socialites show up the white feather

Ian Warden Custom of sending white feathers exposes another brand of cowards.