Jacob Saulwick

Jacob Saulwick

Jacob Saulwick is Transport Reporter for The Sydney Morning Herald.

RailCorp executive Joe Camilleri's loans: 'no business ramifications', ICAC told

Jacob Saulwick The executive of infrastructure company UGL, who helped win a $1.4 billion train maintenance contract with RailCorp, said there were no business ramifications behind more than $400,000 in loans he...

RailCorp: Only four of 54 employees reported loans to Joseph Camilleri

Rob Mason

Jacob Saulwick Only four RailCorp employees and executives out of 54 who lent money to highly paid executive Joseph Camilleri reported that he was asking for thousands of dollars in personal loans.

Head of RailCorp gave $10,000 of own cash to Joseph Camilleri, ICAC told

Jacob Saulwick The head of RailCorp Rob Mason walked to the bank with his senior executive Joseph Camilleri to withdraw and hand Mr Camilleri $10,000 cash, a corruption inquiry heard on Monday.

Ex-RailCorp manager Joseph Camilleri sought $1.6m for daughter's problems


Jacob Saulwick A senior RailCorp manager solicited more than $1.6 million from other public servants and contractors, including an employee of one of the biggest contractors in the country, to give to his daughter...

Cootes Transport allowed longer shifts, greater weight despite tanker deaths

Jacob Saulwick Cootes Transport - the trucking company whose vehicles have been repeatedly hauled off the road because of major safety defects - continues to be allowed to roster drivers onto longer shifts and load...

B is for bus, but designers prefer pictograms for NSW transport signs

Jacob Saulwick ''Do we really want to see Sydney covered in alphabet soup?''

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Cootes trucks face deregistration as more faults uncovered

Mona Vale crash

Jacob Saulwick The country's largest fuel trucking company could face the deregistration of parts its tanker fleet, as authorities continue to uncover major mechanical faults in its vehicles.

Giants to run on Hume

Jacob Saulwick FAMILIES driving on the Hume Highway between Sydney and Melbourne will start to share the road with B-triple trucks, under the O'Farrell government's trial of the 35-metre long giants.