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Jenna Clarke is Lifestyle reporter with Fairfax Media.

Canberra is most well-read city, says survey

Books and Reading
Photo Michele MOssop
Wed 2nd March 2011
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Jenna Clarke Canberrans are Australia's biggest bookworms, according to research by one of the country's largest online bookstores.

Not so dumb: Ad catches on in big way at Cannes

Dumb ways to die...  The original Dumb Ways to Die clip has amassed over 28 million views on YouTube since it was posted on November 14.

Jenna Clarke An animated public service announcement about dumb ways to die has made it to the history books by being named the best television advertisement in the world.

Pitbull and Psy - the unlikely rock stars for refugee rights

104.7FM presenter Mariam ‘Maz’ Hakim

Jenna Clarke For all the Sattler/Jones/Sandilands scandals stemming from the wireless, Canberra’s 104.7FM presenter Mariam ‘Maz’ Hakim is restoring hope in the medium, literally.

Men destroyed the joint now only a united force can rebuild the Army

Jenna Clarke Staring at Lieutenant General David Morrison’s curled lip and listening to his tone of thunder, I held my breath for three minutes and seven seconds.

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Girls (and Hoges) just want to have fun in Canberra

Cyndi Lauper and Paul Hogan ... coming to Canberra

Jenna Clarke Two pop cultural icons of the ‘80s and ‘90s have added a visit to Canberra to their national tour schedules.

Solarium operators warn on total ban

Anastasia Soulios from Maxitan Salon in Prahan is happy to see the solarium business go. Its lots of paper for the clients and the business. Govenment has just brought in legislation banning solariums.
Simon O'Dwyer
The Age newspaper
15th November 2012

Jenna Clarke Commercial solarium operators believe the blanket ban on sunbeds will lead to a rise in dangerous backyard operators in the ACT.

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New black is blue fashion statement

NEWS: Help from the underground: The annual St Vincent de Paul Fashion parade in the Zoo Advertising car park, Kingston. Models L-R Simone Luker and Samantha Farron. 12th June 2013.Photo by MELISSA ADAMS of The Canberra Times..

Jenna Clarke On a day when blue was the most talked about colour in the country, the cobalt closing segment at the Help from the Underground fashion event on Wednesday night was a fashion statement not a...

Fashion pack hits the charity catwalk


Jenna Clarke Op shopping for people interested in fashion is what election day is to political aficionados.

VIPurler fails to join close-knit group

World Wide Knit in Public host Renae Beardmore, front right, with some of the many knitters who showed up for the event.

Jenna Clarke Not even her favourite pastime could coerce Prime Minster Julia Gillard to come out of hiding on Sunday.

People make better Bananas, says academic

Jenna Clarke Animation killed Bananas in Pyjamas, according to a leading cultural academic.

Greetings from 'artistic' and 'scenic' #Canberra

Photo from Josh Dugan's Instagram account, which he captioned:

Jenna Clarke Little did he know at the time but when Josh Dugan posted the photo that ended his time at the Canberra Raiders he was acting like a typical Canberran Instagram user.

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'Fashion can have a conscience too'

DIGICAM 00000 BOWIE WONG;020503;SH News; Pictures by Steve Lunam.

Pictures show Bowie Wong designes at fashion parade rehursal at BMW in Sydney last night.  Ashlea Talbot wears a Kangaroo hide vest fur and leather hipsters.

Jenna Clarke The use of fur for fashion has been a controversial topic for many years, however one Canberra designer would like to see the pelts from the ACT's proposed kangaroo cull put to creative and...

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Skywhale's new soothing slogan


Jenna Clarke Canberra didn’t care for her so Skywhale is now making friends in the fashion world.

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Chilly dogs need to rug up this winter too

Jenna Clarke Melbourne may boast about the Brownlow while Sydney plays host to the Dally M but when it comes to ''wag'' fashion, Canberra is leading the pack thanks to an abundance of puppies kitted out in their...

The great generation gap bridged by Gatsby


Jenna Clarke With rap music, 3D and more booze than a liquor superstore Baz Luhrmann may have been trying to revive Gen Y’s interest in The Great Gatsby but instead he captured the imagination of Canberra’s...

Boylesque takes (it) off in Canberra

Performers from Canberra's first men's burlesque show (back L-R) 'Chocolutter', 'CoCo Lox', 'Beau Peep', 'Mr Fancy Pants', 'Midnite Rayne', and (front) 'Jacqueline Hyde'.
26 May 2013.
Photo: Rohan Thomson. The Canberra Times.


Jenna Clarke “Boylesque” is not to be confused for a drag show, it’s more like Don Draper taking his clothes off, according to Canberra’s leading burlesque teacher.

World domination for Canberra beauties

News. Facing off in the boxing ring are Brook Leslight, Canberra's
Miss World finalist, left and Natasha Roberts, Canberra's Miss
Universe finalist. May 14th. 2013 Photograph by Graham Tidy, The
Canberra Times.


Jenna Clarke This year global domination could be Canberra's as two local women are priming and preening to compete for crowning glory in two of the biggest beauty pageants – Miss Universe and Miss World.

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Tats the way the ladies picture it

Kaya Hinge of Canberra at the Miss Ink Beauty Pageant Grand Final at the Basement in Belconnen.
24 May 2013
The Canberra Times
Photo Jay Cronan

Jenna Clarke While Miss Universe hopefuls endorse world peace, Miss Ink finalists spend about 25 hours in a tattoo parlour, hundreds of dollars on moisturising nappy rash cream and cover their bodies in more than...

Life imitates art in Clockwork Orange incident

Actors rehearsing for the stage show <i>A Clockwork Orange</i> running at Canberra Theatre for four nights.

Jenna Clarke One of the producers of the highly anticipated stage show A Clockwork Orange was attacked in Canberra on Tuesday afternoon.

Birthday dance concept concrete nod to House music

News: Three Canberra local ballerina's of the Australian Ballet Company will be performing in their home town this week for the opening of Symmetries at the Canberra Theatre. left: Dimity Azoury, 24 of Queanbeyan, Jasmin Durham, 20 of Gordon and Lana Jones, 30 of Kambah.  21th of May 2013. Canberra Times Photograph by Katherine Griffiths

Jenna Clarke Garry Stewart wants to make one thing clear. His dance production, Monument, only focuses on the grandiose architecture of Parliament House and has nothing to do with the personalities that dwell...