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Jil Hogan

Jil Hogan is an entertainment and lifestyle reporter at The Canberra Times.

Tom Gibson cleans up his act for Saturday's Clean Comedy Spectacular.

Taking the dirty stuff out of comedy

It's an equation that could spell disaster for a stand up comic - performing comedy to a sober audience, in the light of day, where swearing and any dirty topics are completely off limits.

The entree plate with deep fried chicken feet, prawn heads and trout roe.

We tried... a Blood n Bones nose to tail dinner

I have three irrational fears - the first is flying (somewhat rational), the second is being touched by fish (don't even get me started) and the third is that if I eat squid tentacles the suction caps will suction onto my oesophagus. So it goes without saying, I'm very visually affected when it comes to eating.

Sarah Morrison as Lisa in <i> Ladies in Black</i>.

Ladies in Black

The story goes that it all started with Tim Finn at Brisbane Airport.