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John Thistleton is a reporter for The Canberra Times.

Today in History

John Thistleton Dramatic sinking of ocean liner Lusitania.

How Braidwood boy became Australia's youngest piano tuner


John Thistleton Alex Royds became Australia's youngest piano tuner, and convinced mentors you can put an old head on young shoulders.  

Diabetes dog Molly passes crucial test before going to Ainslie Primary School

Identical twins, Hannah and Olivia Weber aged 7 have type 1 diabetes will attend Ainslie Primary School with their dog Molly.

John Thistleton Identical twins Hannah and Olivia Weber will now have a new companion in the classroom.

Can Charles Sturt solve another riddle of the rivers at West Belconnen?


John Thistleton Explorer Charles Sturt solved one riddle of the river and may solve another.

Pablo Pigcasso the rescued pig moves to new digs

John Thistleton Remember Pablo Pigcasso, the young pig rescued from the streets of Sydney's west a year ago?

Whopper mushroom sparks debate over death cap poison alert

John Thistleton Going after mushroom can land you in hot water.

Today in history: Kingston traders complain of declining business

John Thistleton Deteriorating trade blamed on revaluation of properties and subsequent rises.

Chan Dissanayake's watercolour wipes away Goulburn's gloomy main streetscape

John Thistleton How a storm kills colours to enliven an historic main street.

How a colony of backyard Griffith cats lure magpie feeders into their service


John Thistleton On dusk Charlie and Betty Margulles Griffith home fills with magpies - until the cats arrive.

Antonio D'Ambrosio finds four-kilogram mushroom in Deakin

Antonio D'Ambrosio has tasty plans for his super-sized mushroom.

John Thistleton Antonio D'Ambrosio's massive mushroom will keep him in pizzas for some time.

West Belconnen housing subdivision will reopen Ginninderra Falls

Ginninderra Falls.

John Thistleton A new housing development will reopen to the public the spectacular Ginninderra Gorge near West Belconnen.

Engadine bike rider, 61, dies after fall near Goulburn

Stock. Pictured - Police tape. 140209RG35 Picture: ROB GUNSTONE

John Thistleton A 61-year-old cyclist fell over a guard rail and died near Goulburn on Saturday.

Geoff Hewatt recalls what went wrong on Majura parkway

Civil contractor Geoff Hewatt went broke on Majura Parkway last year.

Canberra Times photo by Matt Bedford.

John Thistleton ''I was just a grubbie subbie under the fingernail of life,'' says Geoff Hewatt.

Geoff Hewatt back in business after Majura Parkway financial collapse

John Thistleton Civil contractor Geoff Hewatt is set to regain his two companies that collapsed last year owing tens of millions of dollars on the Majura parkway.

Organic permaculture farmers at Caroola, Bungendore, dig in again foxes, fire and frost

Permaculture farmer, Penny Kothe, at her farm Caroola, which she is opening to the public on Sunday for international permaculture day.

John Thistleton  Organic farmers combating their soil's decline must deal with foxes first.

Open Gardens Australia last display in Canberra

Jackie Warburton in her cactus garden at her home in Oxley.

John Thistleton As one garden scheme dies out, others begin to sprout.

Lake George zebra sculptor carves out lychee cider venture

John Thistleton Artist Alan Aston is spreading his cider from Murrumbateman all across Australia.

Nepal earthquake: Canberra grandmother and grandson found safe

Hamish McKee and his grandmother Riitta Korpinen are reported safe in Nepal following the April 25 earthquake.

John Thistleton A Canberra grandmother and grandson visited the Monkey Temple in Kathmandu Valley just before it was reduced to rubble in the earthquake.

Tears as Our Boys Train from Canberra Railway Museum proves too real

A nurse chats to a soldier during Canberra Railway Museum's Our Boyd Train recreation.

John Thistleton Six days before the centenary of Anzacs at Gallipoli, 150 people about a steam train are brought to tears.

Bendora Arboretum in Brindabella Mountains turns up a rare South African cedar

John Turnbull of FACTT (Friends of ACT Trees) with a Clanwilliam cedar (or Clanwilliam cypress) in  Namadgi National Park.

John Thistleton Rare cedar given a second chance at historic arboretum.