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John Thistleton is a reporter for The Canberra Times.

Woolies, Coles not welcome in Bungendore

Pete Harrison.

John Thistleton Palerang Council is working with a developer on plans for a supermarket in Bungendore, but the mayor won't let the big companies in.

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Standoff at cancer centre worksite

Canberra Region Cancer Centre at Woden under construction.

John Thistleton Subcontractors on a new $44.6 million cancer centre at the Canberra Hospital are owed hundreds of thousands of dollars and say the project is in chaos.

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Smart intruders find ways to escape city trappings

January  13   2011.    NEWS. The Canberra Times.     Photos by KATE LEITH  for saturday s paper.
Indian Myna bird caught by Bill Handke of Kambah, president of the Canberra Indian Myna Bird Action Group. SPECIAL 001

John Thistleton They're nearly as cunning as crows but thanks to trapping in Canberra, only the really smart ones have survived.

John Thistleton

Wind farm rallies blow into town

A wind turbine.

John Thistleton Opposing sides of an increasingly bitter wind farm debate will rally in Canberra on Tuesday, with supporters gathering in the city and opponents at Parliament House.

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Police say man leads high speed car chase

John Thistleton A 25-year-old man who tried running from police after leaving a car involved in long pursuit through Canberra’s north, at speeds up to 125 km/h, has been caught and charged with numerous traffic...

Chooks and champions strut stuff

Birds at the Royal Canberra National Poultry Show. 
The champion brown Leghorn Rooster
9 June 2013.
Photo: Rohan Thomson. The Canberra Times.


John Thistleton Trust leading chefs to take the edge off a national chook show.

Saving history reaps reward

Dr. Michael Pearson in front of the Amitabha Buddha, Kamakura, Japan.

John Thistleton Michael Pearson has put back on the map long-forgotten places of significance in Australia and abroad.

Meat and greet still has its place as shops drop

John Thistleton Butchers are fading from Canberra's suburban shopping centres, except a few who stick to Garran like sausage mince.

Crace scores supersized Supabarn in new retail hub

Supabarn Warehouse Manager David Guigni in the warehouse ready to stock the new Supabarn opening in Crace

John Thistleton David Guigni will have an even bigger load of groceries to put away in November.

Grocers relaunch Woolies lease fight


John Thistleton Two Gungahlin supermarkets have launched a fresh attempt to make Woolworths at Bonner comply with its lease.

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Annual kangaroo cull draws fire

Kangaroos graze in Goorooyaroo Nature Reserve in Gungahlin.

John Thistleton and Stephanie Anderson Two professional shooters will begin to cull 1455 eastern grey kangaroos from ACT nature reserves on Friday night, the lowest number for an annual cull since 2010.

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Belconnen footpath closed over fears of collapse

Eastern Valley Way, Belconnen.

John Thistleton ACT WorkSafe has closed a lane and footpath on Eastern Valley Way over fears of collapse.

Certifier suspended for cutting residential corners

John Thistleton A building certifier whose business earned $100,000 a month has admitted cutting corners on declaring a Deakin residential development exempt from planning scrutiny.

Building regulators 'not doing enough'

The view from Mt Ainslie of the Canberra CBD and Black Mountain Tower.

John Thistleton Community councils in Canberra's older inner suburbs say they are more active building regulators than planning authorities.

Taser fired to help subdue young man

A new Taser model, the X2, which will replace the older models from Friday.

John Thistleton A police sergeant fired a Taser to subdue a young man who had allegedly assaulted another officer, after earlier threatening an ambulance officer at a private home at Palmerston on Saturday night.

Canberra man critical following Tuggeranong Parkway crash

John Thistleton An 18 year-old Canberra man has been critically injured in a two-car crash on Tuggeranong Parkway.

If life served up a bull, Lenny Walker took it by the horns

NEWS:  Lenny Walker,73 at The

John Thistleton Early winter mornings rounding up dairy cows by torchlight have driven generations of country boys off the land.

Mining giant sees the light, via Canberra

Marketing manager and CEO of Seeing Machines, Ken Kroeger.

John Thistleton Seeing Machines, the Canberra invention that can read a face, has signed an agreement to make big trucks safer.

Rich rewards as Snuffles gets her truffles


John Thistleton When the first fierce frost triggers the truffle season Sherry McArdle-English packs a trowel, mincemeat treats and tweetie bird toy.

Ford's exit strategy surprises ACT dealer


John Thistleton Canberra Ford dealer says he is bewildered by company's three-year wait before it stops making cars in Australia.

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