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John Thistleton

John Thistleton is a reporter for The Canberra Times.

Vern McMullen's recollections from Commonwealth Brickworks, Yarralumla

John Thistleton Brickworks put the heat on Vern McMullen.

Scientists warn that superb parrots still vulnerable

John Thistleton Commonwealth Government reassesses eligibility of superb parrot on threatened species list.

Reposit Power's GridCredit technology a game changer for energy market

Power to the people: Reposit Power's Luke Osborne says GridCredit allows consumers to store their solar energy and sell it back to the grid.

John Thistleton Solar panel owners will more than double their savings with new technology being launched today.

ANU research finds kangaroos threaten endangered lizards

ANU researcher Brett Howland with a striped legless lizard.

John Thistleton Large numbers of kangaroos threaten endangered lizards, by destroying grassland.

Unity Mining auditor warns on gold's risky outlook

John Thistleton Unity Mining is still looking for finance for its Majors Creek gold mine in a risky industry.

Australian National Botanic Gardens thinks big with bridge-to-bushland plan

Breaking out: Australian National Botanic Gardens general manager Peter Byronis is contemplating a large nature play area, eco-tourism and adventure activities.

John Thistleton The Australian Botanic Gardens is spreading its wings.

HIA national housing scorecard marks down ACT residential building

Downturn: Home building continues to decline in Canberra.

John Thistleton The ACT is the only jurisdiction to go backwards in residential building activity, according the Housing Industry Association's half-yearly league tables.

Our military purse strings were just as tight 100 years ago, records show

John Thistleton A hundred years ago, soldiers were having to scrimp and save and apply to external sources for the necessary funding to join the war effort abroad.


Gang-Gang - Yellow box the honey spot for beekeepers

John Thistleton In summer yellow box trees bring money, honey, birds, bees and beetles to Canberra.

Canberra's farms disappearing with urban development

John Hudson, father of Wells Station owner Peter Hudson, feeds a mob of hungry Angus cows.  The family run 30 beasts on the 92-acre block that in the last 3 years has become completely encircled by the suburb of Harrison.

John Thistleton Pressure from developers is driving people away from their rural lifestyles throughout Canberra.

What's wrong with Canberra's coat of arms

Canberra's coat of arms.

John Thistleton Dr David Headon considers how well Canberra's coat of arms works in this day and age.

Gang Gang – Canberra Centre to delay spruce up

An artist's impression of Canberra Mall's new awning in Petrie Plaza.

John Thistleton Canberra Centre holds off over Christmas for $1.6 million spruce up.

Gang Gang – On this day 100 years ago in a field hospital in France

Australian infantrymen on the Western Front clamber over the top of a trench in France on a bayonet charge towards the German lines.

John Thistleton Recollections of Dr Hamilton Russell, one of Victoria's eminent surgeons and a volunteer in an Australian field hospital, stationed in France.

Gang Gang – new coat of arms for territory proposed

John Thistleton Brindabella Mountains seen as more relevant symbol for ACT coat of arms than an English castle.

Gang Gang: Roses win over a nation for generations

John Thistleton Dr John Gray says roses are the most planted shrub all over the world because of their attractive flowers and that they are not difficult to grow if you know how to prune and fertilise them.

Gang Gang: Powerful owl visits


John Thistleton A sharp-eyed birdwatcher has come across an example of Australia's largest owl in Canberra.

Farrar Gesini Dunn lawyers adopt new paperless work model

John Thistleton Darth Varder and the Guru shed paper files and lawyers' stuffy image.

Gang gang

Blundells Cottage to close and reopen to reality


John Thistleton If  alive today Alice Oldfield would probably be in the shadow of ASIO's almighty headquarters in Constitution Avenue.

Gang Gang – Today in history: Springing a rabbit-proof trap

John Thistleton A novel way of trapping rabbits, favoured because of its humane method of extermination, was described in 1914.