Julieanne Strachan

Julieanne Strachan

Anglicare needs lunch food for children

Julieanne Strachan STRUGGLING Canberra families are sending their children to school without lunches because they can't afford to buy food, prompting charity group Anglicare to make a public plea for donations of...

Law to give pets helping paw

Jeffrey Pridmore has already formed a strong bond with kelpie cross Dooley after picking him up from the dog pound last week.

Julieanne Strachan ANIMAL welfare advocates have welcomed changes in the definition of domestic violence to include harming the family pet, saying it would help protect vulnerable people and their animals.

Cold start to a warmer than average winter

Frosty morning at Symonston with low of minus 5 degrees centigrade overnight.

Julieanne Strachan CANBERRANS will be strapping the electric blankets to their beds now if they haven't already, after the capital endured three consecutive June nights of around minus 4 degrees for the first time in...

Flock to fair to plan a vintage wedding with flair

Emily Kwong models one of the many dresses that will be on show on Sunday.

Julieanne Strachan BRIDES-TO-BE will be able to check out the latest trends in dresses, jewellery and limousines today at the Canberra Wedding Fair.

Chubby club a hazard

Julieanne Strachan HEALTH experts are warning against a dangerous online trend known as ''gainer websites'' which encourage overweight people to put on massive amounts of body fat.

From a petrie dish to your plate

Digital image for laboratory-made meat story.

Julieanne Strachan THE future of food will arrive in October - but are you ready?

Nurse tops the hard yards test

Public servant Daniel Gleeson at the Attorney General's offices in Barton.

Julieanne Strachan THE RACE was on in Canberra this week to find out which profession clocked up the most hard yards during an average day.

Thieves hammering tradies

Julieanne Strachan CARPENTERS' tools have become a hot target for thieves in the ACT this year, with police fielding reports of 76 of the items being taken from building sites in the past few months, and $35,000 worth...

Police provide good news from frontline

Julieanne Strachan With Australia preparing to withdraw from Afghanistan by the end of 2014, the country is boosting its own security, with the Afghan local police force poised to almost double in size in the next few...

ANU health checks reveal weighty issues

Julieanne Strachan HOW much do we weigh and is it going to kill us?

Community CPS helps volunteers

Julieanne Strachan FINANCIAL experts taking business days off to work in soup kitchens or school canteens may be nothing new for the Community CPS Australia credit union, but it is now trying to get people who don't...

Vets explore ways to fight new diseases

Julieanne Strachan IN THE time it took Joe Brownlie to fly from London to Canberra, millions of disease spores could have taken the journey with him.

Depression may lead to obesity says expert

JULIEANNE STRACHAN Anti-depressants could be a major unidentified obesity risk, with researchers at the John Curtin School of Medical Research now focused on probing the nature of weight gain and its relationship to...

Huge energy drinks open can of worms

Julieanne Strachan DIETICIANS are ringing alarm bells over the increasing size of energy drink cans, with one offering more kilojoules than a roast dinner.

Harri and Rufus support one another on diabetes journey

Harri Browne.

Julieanne Strachan FOUR-YEAR-OLD Harri's new bear Rufus has something a bit different about him. They met in the Canberra Hospital just over a week ago, which is unsurprising, given that the bear has been through a lot...

Online deals find the love

Julieanne Strachan AUSTRALIA'S love affair with online buying may have thrown bricks and mortar businesses a curve ball, but many are now clawing back market share with a growing use of online coupons.

Banks prefer a McMansion

Julieanne Strachan CANBERRA'S appetite for McMansions may have lessened but architects are complaining that it is now the banks - not the clients - who are pushing them for extra more bricks and mortar.

Plan ahead to avoid elder abuse

Julieanne Strachan OLDER Canberrans are being urged to make firm plans for their twilight years to avoid elder abuse.

Activity helps asthmatics to breathe easy

U11s vikings rugby asthma sufferers Ben Garani, Jacob Aldridge, Tim Moran, and Aidan Titt, with Young Brumby Eddie Jones.

Julieanne Strachan ASTHMATICS are being urged not to dodge sport because of fears they will have attacks while exercising.

ACT not so green when it comes to cars

Honda CR-Z Luxury.

Julieanne Strachan YOU may be able to charge up your electric vehicle here, but very few Canberrans are cracking open their bank accounts to buy hybrid cars, car insurer AAMI has found.