Julieanne Strachan

Julieanne Strachan

Julieanne Strachan is a reporter for The Sunday Canberra Times.

Glass captures sea, land and sky

A detail from the work by Evin Gordon, Sands, in the exhibition 'Occidental' at the Canberra Glassworks.

Julieanne Strachan AUSTRALIA'S stark beauty, ranging from the rough surfaces of coral shells to the vibrancy of the night sky, has been translated into glass art for a Canberra exhibition.

Nature's art, with a sting in the tail


Julieanne Strachan IT MIGHT look like the most uncomfortable seat on Earth, but this chair has the rare privilege of having its design inspired by the opulently colored sea anemone, which is a close relative of coral...

World's tallest cakestand at high tea

Fiona Kirk of Gordon has organised a huge high tea with a vintage theme, for Canberra to raise money for habitat humanity.

Julieanne Strachan HIGH tea is expected to reach new heights today, when Canberra resident Fiona Kirk unveils what she hopes will be the world’s tallest cake stand.

Labor trumps rivals with arts pledge

070720 - The Chronicle - Pic Elesa Lee - Gorman House Arts Centre SPECIAL 1

Julieanne Strachan A generous arts funding program unveiled by ACT Labor yesterday easily trumped the offerings from the Liberals and the Greens, on a day when all parties showed off their pre-election pledges for...

Gallery stands and delivers Neds to Ireland

Ireland's ambassador to Australia, Noel White and NGA Curator Dr Deborah Hart send Sidney Nolan Ned Kelly series to Ireland as part of an international loan to the Irish Museum of Modern Art.

Julieanne Strachan Looking on as the first painting in the iconic Ned Kelly series was taken off the wall at the National Gallery yesterday to be sent to Ireland on loan felt a little bit like watching a favoured child...

Play's theme sure to hit home

Cathy Hagarty as the Fishmonger and Chrissie Shaw as the Butcher sing a song as they run through a scene from Rolling Home during a media call at the Courtyard Studio.

Julieanne Strachan Whether you are a troll living under a bridge or a gypsy who wants to set down roots, the importance of having a home to go to is explored in a new musical puppet show from Canberra's own Greg...

Top film prize for Times reviewer

Simon Weaving

Julieanne Strachan Canberra Times' movie reviewer and regular contributor, Simon Weaving, pictured, has taken out a top prize at this year's Canberra Short Film Festival, landing the coveted award for best film in the...

Vienna Boys Choir in town for a flower song

Julieanne Strachan THE world renowned Vienna Boys Choir will perform a concert at Llewellyn Hall today in a once-only Canberra performance during their current tour of Australia.

Canberra filmmakers shine at festival opening

A scene from the Canberra Short Film Festival film Finding Eric, directed by Robert Coppa and Scott Maybury.

Julieanne Strachan CANBERRA filmmakers delivered in spades on the first night of the Canberra Film Festival on Friday.

Fine fellows go to work for their art

Julieanne Strachan When Jirra Lulla Harvey grew up in the Koori art scene in Melbourne, it was made clear to her that she would need to use her business head as well as her creativity to make a difference in the...

Keeping it brief and to the cinematic point

Local film makers and Canberra Short Film Festival finalists, (back) Megan Watson, Kris Kerehona, (front) Marisa Martin and Dallas Bland.

Julieanne Strachan A story about a homicidal teddy bear with extreme jealousy issues will be among the creative offerings to lead the Canberra Short Film Festival when it opens tomorrow.

Julieanne Strachan

Tatt's entertainment

Julieanne Strachan HE MAY be about to take a tilt at politics, but that isn't stopping Angry Anderson from bringing Rose Tattoo to Canberra as the headline act for Summernats 2013.

Collectors beating a path to your door

Iain Macleod had open heart surgery, and has been helped by the Heart Foundation. On Sunday he is door knocking to raise money for the foundation.

Julieanne Strachan OVER 3000 volunteers will be knocking on doors around Canberra today to raise money for the Heart Foundation, Florey resident Iain Macleod, who had open heart surgery in 2003, will be among them.

Julieanne Strachan

Young mums go for it

Julieanne Strachan AS A 16-YEAR-OLD with a new baby to take care of, Claudia Lopez felt overwhelmed but she knew one thing for certain: she wanted to get a good education so she could provide for her daughter.

Market warming up

auction Watch By Julieanne Strachan A SUNNY first day of spring greeted buyers at auctions around the capital yesterday.

By Julieanne Strachan

Bad drivers, not trees at fault: Mayor

By Julieanne Strachan Palerang Mayor Walter Raynolds has staunchly defended the avenues of poplar trees on Kings Highway, saying it was poor driving at fault, not the presence of trees that was causing fatalities.

Julieanne Strachan

Quick road fix too hard: report

Fatal car accident on the Kings Highway.

Julieanne Strachan NSW bureaucrats concerned about the heritage value of trees and possible community opposition to their removal recommended taking the go-slow option on improving safety on a killer stretch of the...

Strong family support

Andrew and James Barr in November 2009 at Andrew and Anthony?s civil partnership.  
AB + JB.jpg

Julieanne Strachan Openly-gay ACT Treasurer Andrew Barr has revealed he would like to be a father.

Julieanne Strachan

Bunnykin helps to lift Pegasus total

Julieanne Strachan PINT-SIZED Scarlett Small has helped Rotary Canberra City on its way to donating about $6000 to Pegasus Riding for the Disabled in Canberra.

Julieann Strachan

Running for other's lives

Julieanne Strachan IN JUST two weeks, thousands of runners will lace their shoes and hit the starting line for The Canberra Times Fun Run.