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Kirsten Lawson is the Chief Assembly reporter at The Canberra Times

ACT Environment Minister Simon Corbell to share territory's green vision with Nobel laureates


Kirsten Lawson and Primrose Riordan Canberra's national leadership on renewable energy has piqued the interest of Nobel laureates.

Fluffy demolition will reverberate for years

Kirsten Lawson The expected demolition of up to 1000 Mr Fluffy homes across Canberra will reverberate around the city for years, not only a massively expensive exercise but one with enormous complications and...

More than 20 Mr Fluffy houses sold since February warning

For sale.

Kirsten Lawson More than 20 Mr Fluffy houses have sold since February when homeowners were warned about the dangerous loose-fill asbestos remaining in their ceilings and wall spaces.

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Lake boat and bike hire businesses fear being thrown out to make way for West Basin project

Martin Shanahan and Jillian Edwards  with Jim Seears.

Kirsten Lawson The boat and bike hire businesses on the lake fear being thrown out to make way for ambitious West Basin redevelopment plans. 

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Just one company offers refurb for ACT public service office block

An artist's impression for one of the early designs of the ACT Government office block in London Circuit.

Kirsten Lawson Just one company has registered interest in refurbishing an existing office building for ACT Government public servants.

David Eastman to receive assistance on release on bail: Simon Corbell

ACT Attorney-General Simon Corbell.

Tom McIlroy and Kirsten Lawson ACT Attorney-General Simon Corbell would not say on Friday if freed prisoner David Eastman was receiving assistance from the government while on bail. 

Six consortiums vie for right to build Canberra's new courts

An artist's impression of the new Supreme Court building.

Kirsten Lawson Six consortiums have submitted expression of Interest to build the ACT's new court precinct.

Government considers geothermal technology to heat lake "beach"

The City to the Lake is a visionary plan, with the geothermal heating of the West Basin being

Kirsten Lawson The ACT government is considering whether it can heat the lake water in West Basin using geothermal technology for year-round swimming as part of its avant-garde development of the West Basin - the...

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Cbus super confirms interest in new public service office block

Treasurer Andrew Barr says a shortlist of applicants will be drawn up.

Kirsten Lawson Registrations of interest close on Wednesday for a new 42,000 square metre government office block in the city.

Mr Fluffy homes: government softens rules for former tenants and owners

Kirsten Lawson Hours into the Asbestos Response Taskforce's operation, it relaxed rules for potential former tenants of Mr Fluffy homes.

Tricky issues remain in Labor-Greens agreement to govern

ACT Chief Minister Katy Gallagher.

Kirsten Lawson Most of the Labor-Greens deal has been delivered, but some deals are still to come, says Chief Minister.

Greens minister Shane Rattenbury in four-day endurance race in South Africa

Shane Rattenbury is set to run 120km in four days in western South Africa.

Kirsten Lawson It's unlikely any ACT politicians have taken their exercise regimes to the extremes of Shane Rattenbury.

Former tenants and owners given access to Mr Fluffy details


Kirsten Lawson Former tenants who can produce an electricity bill or similar will be able to find out whether they lived in a Mr Fluffy house.

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NSW launches investigation of 'Mr Fluffy' asbestos

Asbestos archive photo. Kambah resident Peter Symons lights up a cigarette outside his house that was de-tiled in a storm. The problem was that the house had asbestos in the roof and the damage prompted an all-night effort by men in coverall suits to seal the roof with plastic.  His fence was also smashed, he had damage to his garage and two large trees ended up in his built in swimming pool.

Kirsten Lawson The NSW Government will free inspections to owners of all homes built before 1980 in 14 local government areas in the southwest of the state to check for the dangerous loose-fill asbestos insulation.

National significance of Uriarra solar should not be underestimated, says ACT Environment Minister Simon Corbell


Kirsten Lawson ACT Environment Minister Simon Corbell dismisses residents' concerns about bushfire risk of new power line.

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ACT government records better than expected $243m deficit

ACT Treasurer Andrew Barr said the June-quarter financial statements, yet to be audited and finalised, were tabled on Thursday as the Assembly prepared to pass the 2014-15 budget on Thursday night.

Kirsten Lawson End-of-year results show growing contribution of rates to government purse.

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ACT Chief Minister Katy Gallagher will approach women to stand for election

Ms Gallagher said there were just two women among the 17 parliamentarians, and none on the Labor side, when she first stood. Now there are seven, the highest number ever.

Kirsten Lawson Chief Minister Katy Gallagher will approach high-profile women to stand for election in an attempt to improve the number of women in the ACT Assembly and find eight extra candidates.

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Andrew Barr defends new city office block, dubbed the 'Death Star' by the Liberals

ACT Treasurer Andrew Barr.

Kirsten Lawson ACT Treasurer Andrew Barr has defended his decision to pursue a new office block to house 3400 public servants in the city, denying it will worsen office vacancy rates, which are already at their...

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Founding architect calls for halt to demolition plans for Dickson Towers

The Dickson Towers blocks on Northbourne Avenue are due for demolition.

Kirsten Lawson A founding architect of the historic buildings urges government not to demolish Dickson Towers.

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ACT Treasurer Andrew Barr confirms pay cut for IT contractors

ACT Treasurer Andrew Barr.

Kirsten Lawson IT contractors to the ACT Government are being handed a pay cut in new contracts