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Kirsten Lawson is the Chief Assembly reporter at The Canberra Times

Melbourne and Gold Coast tram operator sets up in Canberra to bid for light rail project

Kirsten Lawson and Tom McIlroy Keolis Downer has put together a consortium in a bid to build, own and operate the $800 million, 12-kilometre tram line from Gungahlin.

Taskforce taking hands-off approach to contents of Mr Fluffy asbestos-contaminated homes

Kirsten Lawson There's no way to guarantee contents are safe, says Asbestos Taskforce head Andrew Kefford, but decisions are in the hands of owners

Tears from Chief Minister and Fluffy homeowners in Assembly debate

Katy Gallagher says one homeowner told her how hard it was to admit she had a Fluffy home and see people react with emotions from horror to sympathy.

Kirsten Lawson Chief Minister Katy Gallagher has been moved to tears at the distress faced by families whose homes are contaminated by asbestos.

Mr Fluffy home owners will be forced to seal dwellings if they stay

Clean-up: Workers demolish a Mr Fluffy home in Farrer.

Kirsten Lawson People who want to stay in their Mr Fluffy homes beyond the first half of next year are likely to be forced to seal the homes to the point where they will not be able to use basic items including...

Government will allow unit titles to boost value of Fluffy land

Chief Minister Katy Gallagher

Kirsten Lawson Most Fluffy blocks look to be subdivided or sold as unit titles

No decision yet on what to do with Mr Fluffy owners' possessions

Andrew Kefford: His Mr Fluffy report

Kirsten Lawson There is no way to make homes contaminated with loose-fill asbestos safe to live in, the ACT Asbestos Taskforce has concluded in an uncompromising report, released on Tuesday.

Mr Fluffy houses will be demolished, says Chief Minister Katy Gallagher

ACT Chief Minister Katy Gallagher and Senator Eric Abetz.

Kirsten Lawson ACT Chief Minister Katy Gallagher wants every one of the 1021 Mr Fluffy homes in Canberra demolished within five years.

Breakthrough imminent in Mr Fluffy crisis, government talks today

Asbestos removal.

Kirsten Lawson The Commonwealth and ACT governments are finally set to resolve the Mr Fluffy asbestos crisis.

UC researcher backs light rail to boost land values, health and productivity

Kirsten Lawson David Flannery believes light rail provides a wonderful opportunity to reinvigorate Canberra.

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Who will be left to represent the central electorate?

ACT Chief Minister Katy Gallagher could end up representing a different set of voters.

Kirsten Lawson As the Electoral Commission prepares to draw new boundaries, the central electorate looks to lose some of its elected members to outer suburbs.

Thieves target copper pipes at empty Dickson Towers flats

Kirsten Lawson A security camera has been installed at the empty Dickson Towers public housing on Northbourne Avenue after break-ins from intruders targeting copper pipes.

ACT government disbands Exhibition Park corporation

FILE PHOTO: The site of a 12.8 million tourist accommodation development near Exhibition Park

Kirsten Lawson ACT Government is to bring management of Exhibition Park back under direct control. Kirsten Lawson reports.

Call for rethink on end-of-life care as health costs climb

Kirsten Lawson Medicare Local has suggested several changes to ACT healthcare amid unsustainable increases in spending.

Chief Minister Katy Gallagher sends reassuring message to Mr Fluffy families who want to stay on their land

Kirsten Lawson ACT Chief Minister Katy Gallagher is pledging to do everything possible to accommodate those who wish stay on their land after their Mr Fluffy homes have been demolished.

ACT Government defends $114,000 Northbourne Avenue street light replacement

The government will replace lights on Northbourne Avenue, despite plans to remove them in 18 months to make way for the tram line.

Kirsten Lawson Government will spend $114,000 replacing lights on median strip, despite plans to build the tram line there.

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ACT Electoral Commission set to start the biggest redistribution of electorates in 20 years

Lines redrawn: The ACT Electoral Commission is expected to release its proposed new boundaries for the territory in February or March.

Kirsten Lawson Splitting the ACT into five electorates for the 2016 election is a daunting task faced by the ACT Electoral Commission.

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Tuggeranong majority rails against tram

Debate continues over the value of light rail.

Kirsten Lawson and Tom McIlroy Nearly 70 per cent of Tuggeranong residents say the capital doesn't need light rail.

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Clean-up bill for Mr Fluffy asbestos could hit $1 billion, says ACT Chief Minister Katy Gallagher

An advertisement by Dirk Jansen, aka Mr Fluffy, placed in The Canberra Times in 1968.

Kirsten Lawson The clean-up bill for Mr Fluffy homes could reach $1 billion, ACT Chief Minister Katy Gallagher confirmed on Monday, a figure that would rank the asbestos clean-up of 1000 homes easily the biggest...

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Canberra's light rail an election vote changer

light rail.

Kirsten Lawson and Tom McIlroy The ACT Government's signature light rail project is looming as a vote changing issue at the territory's 2016 election. 

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Family desperate for public housing after 18 months on priority list

NEWS: Mark Brookhouse of Macarthur and his son Connor,12

Kirsten Lawson Mark Brookhouse faces losing custody of his wheelchair-bound son