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Kirsten Lawson is the Chief Assembly reporter at The Canberra Times

Wittenoom Crescent residents share a deadly legacy with namesake mining town

Kirsten Lawson and Tom McIlroy The residents of Wittenoom Crescent in Stirling shrug their shoulders and smile at the irony of sharing the street name with the Western Australian mining town so contaminated by asbestos it is...

Lifeline urges Fluffy owners, friends and colleagues to learn how to spot people in trouble

Lifeline Canberra head Carrie-Ann Leeson expects mental health problems to escalate as the Fluffy crisis widens.

Kirsten Lawson A leading ACT counselling service has serious fears mental-health problems in Canberra may worsen as the Mr Fluffy crisis widens.

Fluffy asbestos buyback sees Kim Grant lose a home, a business and so much more

Kim Grant with her three children, Molly Ashleigh, 11, Liam Ashleigh, 13, and Rory Ashleigh, 15, at their new home.

Kirsten Lawson Kim Grant has moved her family into a new house but has been left angry and devastated by years of Fluffy mistakes.

Seven of 1022 home owners refuse to take part in ACT's Mr Fluffy buyback

News. 1st July 2015. from left, Mr Fluffy activist Brianna Heseltine, and Mr Fluffy home owner Felicity Prideaux.

The Canberra Times

Photo Jamila Toderas

Kirsten Lawson Seven owners of Mr Fluffy homes have refused to take part in the government's buyback, and with the deadline passed are now on their own.

Rhys Muldoon's shocking Mr Fluffy discovery about his childhood home in Canberra

Rhys Muldoon, who discovered this week that he grew up in a Canberra home contaminated with Mr Fluffy asbestos.

Kirsten Lawson Actor Rhys Muldoon had no idea the blue-grey fluff he and his sister used to play in was asbestos or that it was dangerous until this week, Kirsten Lawson reports.

What happened to the 64 original Fluffy homes not part of the buyback?

Kirsten Lawson As NSW struggles to even locate its Mr Fluffy asbestos properties, the ACT has one big advantage.

Risk for Fluffy house residents low but concern for tradespeople: health authorities

ACT chief Health officer, Dr Paul Kelly: Risks of low exposure to Mr Fluffy asbestos for short periods very low.

Kirsten Lawson Health authorities reassure visitors to Fluffy houses that there's 'not a lot to worry about'.

Canberra's Mr Fluffy houses: list of asbestos-affected homes

The list of Mr Fluffy houses will be released on Wednesday.

Kirsten Lawson, Meredith Clisby Mr Fluffy asbestos reaches into Canberra's most prestigious streets, devastating some areas of the city.

Mr Fluffy cluster: The streets worst hit by Mr Fluffy contamination

News. 18th June 2015. Julius Street at Pearce has 10 Mr Fluffy homes.

The Canberra Times

Photo Jamila Toderas

Kirsten Lawson Dirk Jansen's business installed asbestos insulation door to door, bringing a big hit to some streets and suburbs.

Auditor finds serious deficiencies in ACTAB sale

The sale of ACTTAB to Tabcorp, has raised serious concerns about how the sale was conducted.

Kirsten Lawson Auditor-general questions the exclusion of three bidders from the ACTAB sale.

Fluffy asbestos subdivisions in Canberra will limit dual homes to 105sqm, architect reveals

Fluffy demolitions.

Kirsten Lawson Very little call for a 105 square metre house in modern Australia, says architect

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Falling tree limbs always going to be an issue on Northbourne Avenue: Capital Metro Minister Simon Corbell

Brittle gum trees on Captain Cook Crescent in Griffith. The species will also be planted on Northbourne Avenue.

Kirsten Lawson Use of any eucalyptus species on Northbourne Avenue revamp has been defended by ACT Capital Metro Minister. Kirsten Lawson reports.

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1500 public housing tenants to move across Canberra by 2019

Some of the ageing fixtures in Canberra's public housing.

Kirsten Lawson and Tom McIlroy The ACT government has outlined the order for moving public housing tenants from ageing flats, including Northbourne Avenue..

Panel looks Australia wide for help with inquiry into withdrawal spaces and difficult behaviour

ACT Education Minister Joy Burch: Ordered an inquiry into how Canberra's schools handle children with complex needs and challenging behaviour.

Kirsten Lawson Panel will ask children with autism 'how school could be better for them'

ACT officials refute Telopea Park's claim to most cramped high school title

Territory and Municipal Services minister Shane Rattenbury.

Kirsten Lawson Government figures show that Telopea Park is not the worst off when it comes to space for students.

Education Minister Joy Burch hits back under tough questions on handling of schools

Kirsten Lawson Education Minister Joy Burch hit back in the face of tough questioning over the removal of land from Telopea Park school, the boy-in-a-cage episode and a declaration of no confidence in her by the...

Gungahlin tram risks longer travel times, more delays, government analysis finds

An artist's impressions of the proposed Capital Metro light rail.

Kirsten Lawson While the ACT Government sells its tram as a way to reduce congestion on Northbourne Avenue, its own analysis finds more cars, increased travel times and longer delays on the drive...

361 new public housing sites for Chisholm, Monash, Coombs, Moncrieff, Amaroo

Northbourne Avenue flats will be replaced with new public housing units.

Kirsten Lawson Government plans for public housing developments across the city have already sparked confusion and opposition.

West Basin development human-scale, not for people 4 metres tall, promises Andrew Barr

ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr on the site of a planned new lakefront park, the first stage of the West Basin redevelopment.

Kirsten Lawson Canberra's problem 'a party in too many rooms.'

Joy Burch inquiry into Menslink affair clears her of breaching ministerial code

Joy Burch has been cleared of breaching the ministerial code of conduct over her son's visits to Canberra schools.

Kirsten Lawson "It is not my role to determine what policy the minister should have adopted or even where she should have adopted a any policy at all," says Ken Crispin