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Kirsten Lawson is the Chief Assembly reporter at The Canberra Times

NSW has called on local governments to update their asbestos policies in light of the Mr Fluffy crisis in Canberra

No-one knows how many Queanbeyan homes might contain Mr Fluffy asbestos.

Kirsten Lawson Workcover NSW has written to local councils asking them to update their asbestos records in light of the Canberra Mr Fluffy cirsis to include information on loose-fill asbetsos insulation.

ACT will listen to wishes of Mr Fluffy homeowners who don't want their homes demolished


Kirsten Lawson The ACT government will take the views of Mr Fluffy homeowners into account before deciding whether to demolish their homes, Chief Minister Katy Gallagher said.

ACT Liberal Giulia Jones calls for inquiry into pregnancy discrimination in the workplace

Liberals MLA Giulia Jones.

Kirsten Lawson Discrimination against pregnant women is real, belittling and a blight on society, Liberal backbencher Giulia Jones told the ACT Assembly on Wednesday, calling for an investigation into the...

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New ACT Assembly a win for the big parties and stability in politics


Kirsten Lawson One of the happy things about the ACT Assembly has always been its oddball tendency.

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Inquiry calls for more clarity on light-rail spending

Canberra light rail.

Kirsten Lawson An Assembly committee has called for more clarity on light-rail spending, pointing out that money is being spent on rail projects by various government agencies.

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Mr Fluffy homes will most likely be demolished, says Chief Minister

Marlene Kasurinen outside the Legislative Assembly on Tuesday.

Kirsten Lawson Chief Minister Katy Gallagher has given her clearest indication yet that the 1000-plus Mr Fluffy homes in Canberra will be demolished.

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Slap down for Humphries' group at Liberals' branch elections

Gary Humphries is the public face for Liberal Party moderates.

Kirsten Lawson Leader Jeremy Hanson rejects characterisation as a battle between left and right

ACT Assembly to vote on increase to 25 members

Shane Rattenbury.

Kirsten Lawson The ACT Assembly is expected to vote on Tuesday to swell its numbers to 25, with eight new seats at the next election.

Health effects of Mr Fluffy asbestos exposure to be studied

Kirsten Lawson and Christopher Knaus Chief health officer confirms authorities are looking to study the health impact of living in a Mr Fluffy house

Eric Abetz dampens hope of an early decision on Mr Fluffy homes

Dmark Giersch with his protective gear on crawls into a cupboard of a house in Campbell to vacuum away dust and asbestos that may have leaked into the house from the roof through cracks at the top of built in robes. From the original removal program.

Kirsten Lawson Federal Employment Minister Eric Abetz has dampened hope of an early decision on what to do with the 1000-plus asbestos-contaminated homes, as it became clear on Thursday that Mr Fluffy was known to...

Urgent investigation into claim of loose-fill asbestos at Northbourne House

Former Defence employee Glenn Smith told ABC Radio he had found loose-fill asbestos in his office at Northbourne House in 1990.

Kirsten Lawson Authorities have launched an urgent investigation into claims of loose-fill amosite asbestos at the Northbourne House office building.

Tabcorp buys ACTTAB in $105.5 million deal

The ACTTAB building in Challis Street, Dickson.

Kirsten Lawson The ACT government has sold ACTTAB for $105.5 million in a major boost to the ailing territory budget.

ACT government confident it has now alerted most Mr Fluffy home owners

Generic asbestos.

Kirsten Lawson The ACT government is confident it has now alerted most if not all owners of Mr Fluffy asbestos homes, after the delivery of a registered post letter over the past fortnight.

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Crucial meeting may determine future of ACTTAB employees

Racing generic.

Kirsten Lawson The 130 Acttab employees have been summonsed to a meeting on Wednesday morning where they hope to finally hear more about the future of the betting agency being sold by the ACT Government.

Red Hill happy to see public housing go but worried about high-rise apartments


Kirsten Lawson Anger over plans to include only about 10 per cent public housing in the redevelopment blocks across the city.

Kangaroo cull draws to an end on Thursday, activists plan 'memorial' on Friday

The ACT Government kangaroo cull will come to an end on Thursday night.

Kirsten Lawson Government promises to release kangaroo cull figures on Friday.

Public housing blocks and spate of land to be rezoned

The troubled Stuart Flats in Griffith.

Kirsten Lawson The government has signalled opening up major public housing blocks for redevelopment.

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Report questions economic case for light rail

Kirsten Lawson New analysis of the Gungahlin tram line questions the claimed legitimate 'benefits' of the project.

Mr Fluffy employee had 'no idea' asbestos insulation was dangerous

Former Mr Fluffy employee David Laughlan in Canberra in the late 1960s.

Kirsten Lawson David Laughlan was Dirk Jansen’s first employee when the man now known as “Mr Fluffy” had the idea of spraying asbestos into people’s roof spaces as insulation.

ACT government reviews rights of tenants and landlords


Kirsten Lawson The ACT government is reviewing the rights of landlords to throw tenants out, as part of a sweeping review of rules covering rentals.