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Lisa Cox is a national political reporter covering breaking news. Most recently Lisa covered the ACT Legislative Assembly for The Canberra Times, and the environment from The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age's Canberra bureau.

Joy Burch slams Christopher Pyne's curriculum review

Lisa Cox, Fleta Page and Judith Ireland The ACT government has attacked a federal government review of the national school curriculum as an attempt to wield political influence in Australian classrooms.

Old Bus Depot facelift begins

The Bus Depot Markets building.

Lisa Cox Canberra's Old Bus Depot Markets have moved as the ACT government prepares for its $2 million facelift.

Jail smuggling: More contraband as prisoner numbers increase

Lisa Cox Crowding at Canberra's jail is partly to blame for an increase in banned items being smuggled into the prison.

Numbers up: Cyclists embrace new loop for trips to Civic

A cyclist on Northbourne Ave, Braddon.

Lisa Cox More Canberrans are using new cycling infrastructure in Civic, according to government figures.

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ACT residents with Christmas displays may have to switch on insurance as well as their lights

Phil Jensen of Kambah in his Christmas Lights display with his grandaughters Chelsea and Maddison.

Lisa Cox Canberrans who create large Christmas-light displays will have to demonstrate they have public-liability insurance under new rules to be imposed by the ACT government.

Katy Gallagher defends delay in Mitchell fire report

Factory fire at the Canberra suburb of Mitchell.

Lisa Cox Chief Minister Katy Gallagher has defended the 18-month delay in releasing a scathing report on the government's response to the Mitchell chemical fire.

2011 Mitchell fire: Government failed to properly test, report finds

A chemical fire burns in industrial suburb of Mitchell

Lisa Cox, Peter Jean A report has found the ACT government failed to properly test for toxic substances after the 2011 Mitchell chemical fire.

Calvary John James Hospital adds services in costly upgrade

Lisa Cox Calvary John James Hospital will undergo a redevelopment that will add 100 beds and new services.

Canberra flood maps chart likely locations of devastation

Flood map.

Lisa Cox and Peter Jean For the first time, Canberrans can easily view the sections of the ACT that would flood if the Molonglo River burst its banks.

Lax computer security may open ACT directorates to fraud: report


Lisa Cox ACT government directorates could be exposed to fraud because of lax computer security measures, report finds.

ACT Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workers targeted by racism and bullying

Lisa Cox Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in the ACT public service say they suffer racist taunts and bullying in their workplaces.

The honeymoon is over ...

The ACT's Same sex marriage laws overturned at the high court. Glenda and Jennifer Lloyd (married on Saturday) outisde the court after the decision.
Filed: Thursday, 12 December 2013 2:37:07 pm 
Photo by Rohan Thomson, The Canberra Times


Lisa Cox, Michael Inman and Peter Jean The ACT government and marriage equality advocates have clashed over further attempts to legalise same-sex marriage.

Same-sex marriage bill overturned: reaction to the High Court judgment

Australian High court hands down ruling on same sex marriages. Ivan Hinton, spokesperson.

Lisa Cox, Michael Inman and Ross Peake Reaction to the High Court's decision on same-sex marriage laws.

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Same-sex marriage laws overturned by High Court


Michael Inman, Lisa Cox, Ross Peake The High Court has overturned Australia’s first same-sex marriage law.

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High Court verdict a turning point in same-sex marriage debate

Same-sex newlyweds will be able to keep their wedding certificates, even if the High Court finds their legal union invalid.

Lisa Cox and Stephanie Anderson The debate over same-sex marriage in Australia will reach a critical juncture on Thursday when the High Court hands down its findings in the Commonwealth's case against the ACT government.

Tribunal recommends members of Australian Capital Territory parliament get a pay rise

Simon Corbell introduces the Marriage Equality Bill in the ACT Legislative of Assembly.
Filed: Thursday, 19 September 2013 11:22:22 AM 
Photo by Rohan Thomson, The Canberra Times


Peter Jean and Lisa Cox Members of the ACT Legislative Assembly are expected to receive substantial pay rises after a Remuneration Tribunal issues paper found the $125,000 base salary for MLAs is not enough.

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Childcare pay rise reversal a 'slap in the face' for workers

Judy Small, Baringa Child care centre director talks about child care workers missing out on the pay increase.

Lisa Cox Childcare workers in at least 10 ACT centres will miss out on pay rises after the federal government's decision.

Same-sex couples grab their chance to tie the knot

Narell Majic and her partner Ash Watson.

Lisa Cox Ash Watson and Narell Majic want to be married, even if it's for just one day

Delays for opening of Canberra's cancer centre

Lisa Cox The opening of Canberra's $45 million cancer centre has been set back by six months due to a burst hot water pipe.

Same-sex marriage bill: Christians vow to fight on if High Court allows equality in ACT

Same-sex marriage.

Peter Jean and Lisa Cox A High Court ruling in favour of the ACT's same-sex marriage scheme may not bring political debate over the law to an end.

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