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Markus Mannheim edits The Public Sector Informant and writes regularly about government administration and policy.

Andrew Barr defends police investigation into Joy Burch affair

Kirsten Lawson, Tom McIlroy and Markus Mannheim Chief Minister Andrew Barr had defended a police investigation into Joy Burch's ministerial office.

ASIO's new Campbell 5 neighbours' links to Chinese government

ASIO building

Primrose Riordan and Markus Mannheim A Chinese billionaire is linked to the purchase of a $64 million piece of land next door to ASIO's new Canberra HQ.

Australian Defence Force Academy opens engineering degrees to civilians

Australian Defence Force Academy officer cadets at a graduation parade.

Markus Mannheim Plan aims to alleviate a shortage of skills in Canberra's construction industry.

Wednesday morning peak worst for Canberra cyclists

Kirsten Lawson, Tom McIlroy and Markus Mannheim New online database of bike crashes in Canberra shows when and where they most occur.

Naming and shaming Canberra land-tax dodgers nets almost $2 million

Naming and shaming land tax dodgers has helped the ACT government recover almost $2 million in debt.

Michael Inman, Markus Mannheim Naming and shaming land-tax dodgers has helped the ACT government recover almost $2 million in debt.

The suburbs within reach of Canberra home buyers on an average income

BetaShares Capital chief economist David Bassanese said that jawboning property prices could help create some flexibility for the RBA/

Markus Mannheim It's harder than it's ever been to afford a house in Canberra. But these simple maps show where the average wage slave can afford a house or unit in the city.

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Many Canberra householders paying rates bills 60 per cent higher than four years ago

The two Perennial funds bought by the UK group manage a combined $10.9 billion in funds for their clients.

Kirsten Lawson, Markus Mannheim Many Canberra homeowners are facing rates bills that have jumped 60 per cent or more in just four years.

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ACT budget 2015: Gloom fading as cashed-up, retrenched public servants help save economy

Andrew Barr delivered his fourth ACT budget, and his first as Chief Minister

Markus Mannheim Treasurer Andrew Barr summed up the city's economic prospects as "better than last year".

Senior Canberra doctors set to take strike action over pay deal

Canberra hospital staff who are likely to strike from Monday, (L-R) Peter Velloza (retrieval specialist), Will Matthiesson (anesthetist), Mark Oliver (intensivist), Jamie Cristie (emergency specialist), Bronwyn Avard (Intensive care director), Dilip Nithyanandam (anesthetist), Marta Kot (intensive care specialist), Heman Tse (anesthetist), Stuart Stapleton (Calvary emergency director), and Lanie Stephens (anesthetist) outside Canberra Hospital in Woden.

Markus Mannheim Senior doctors at Canberra's public hospitals are set to protest against a proposed pay deal by refusing to bill private patients, talk to managers or teach junior staff.

Canberrans back tougher laws against marketing junk food to children

Markus Mannheim Most ACT residents want confectionery-free checkouts in supermarkets.

Canberrans favour tougher measures against obesity: survey

About a quarter of ACT children and more than 60 per cent of ACT adults are overweight or obese.

Kirsten Lawson, Markus Mannheim Overweight and obese Canberrans seem to be in big-time denial.

ACT spent millions buying back Mr Fluffy asbestos homes before it signed loan

Markus Mannheim The government purchased 19 properties despite its fears the proposed loan deal would collapse.

More than 980 pages of documents needed to explain Lodge delay

The Prime Minister's Canberra residence, The Lodge. February
4th. 2015

Tom McIlroy, Markus Mannheim The Finance Department says it created 980 pages of documents explaining why refurbishment works at The Lodge were delayed by a year.

ACT economy now the second-worst performing in Australia: CommSec


Markus Mannheim Uncertainty about jobs has shaken investors' confidence in Canberra.

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Elective surgery queues shorten but Canberrans still wait longer than most

Queues of people waiting for surgery are expected to lengthen as the population becomes older and more reliant on hospital care.

Markus Mannheim The typical ACT patient waits about seven weeks for an elective operation.

Forensic search of Dunlop home after Gabriella Woutersz admits to murdering mother

Dunlop murder

Markus Mannheim Investigators continued a forensic search of the scene of an alleged murder at the weekend, after the victim's daughter confessed to the killing in court.

Public school enrolments grow but Canberra parents still prefer private high schools

School's in: Parents are still taking time to choose schools  for their children.

Markus Mannheim Government primary schools and colleges expand, but high school enrolments continue to fall.

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Saudi Arabia diplomats rack up the most unpaid traffic fines

The Saudi Arabian flag flying outside the kingdom's embassy in Canberra.

Primrose Riordan, Markus Mannheim Middle Eastern nations and Russia amass most of the unpaid fines among the diplomatic community.

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Drunk, rude, speeding diplomats maintain privacy

International flags fly in Canberra at sunset.

Markus Mannheim Police were so concerned by some foreign diplomats' conduct they asked DFAT to formally counsel the relevant ambassadors.

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Canberra's public hospitals are Australia's most expensive

Patient in hospital bed.

Markus Mannheim An emergency patient admitted to an ACT ward costs more than twice as much to treat as patients in some states.

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