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Markus Mannheim edits The Public Sector Informant and writes regularly about government administration and policy.

Canberrans miss out on benefits of power competition


Markus Mannheim Competition between power companies is not helping Canberrans, many of whom believe they must buy from ActewAGL.

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Canberra Centre's huge ads 'unlawful' but no one checked

Advertisements for beer and Canberra Centre stores on the outside of the building.

Markus Mannheim Canberra Centre's huge ads are 'unlawful', but no one ever checked.

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'Scores-on-doors' hygiene ratings will ease eating-out fears: poll

Mortar and pestle

Markus Mannheim One in five Canberrans have avoided eating out because they feared the meal would be unsafe, a survey has found.

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Mr Fluffy asbestos home owners fear backlash if properties are named

News. Fluffy Owners and Residents' Action group meeting at Namadgi School, Kambah. Chief Minister, Katy Gallagher, and  Andrew Kefford, Co-ordinator General of the Asbestos Response Task Forcespeak at the meeting. July 6th. 2014 The Canberra Times photograph by Graham Tidy.

Markus Mannheim Most Canberra home owners whose properties may contain deadly asbestos fibres want the ACT government to prevent the public from knowing which houses pose a risk, the Chief Minister says.

Threat to sell 100-plus Canberra properties for land tax debts

For sale.

Markus Mannheim The ACT government could repossess more than 100 investment properties whose landlords have fallen into tax debt.

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ACT Budget 2014: Public service spared cuts, but overhaul looms

ACT Chief Minister, Katy Gallagher, watches on as ACT Treasurer, Andrew Barr, speaks at the ACT Budget press conference.

Markus Mannheim The ACT government has used its budget as a bulwark against federal spending cuts, and has pledged to maintain its staffing levels over the coming year.

Finance Department secretary David Tune resigns

Finance Department secretary David Tune with his minister, Mathias Cormann.

Markus Mannheim The head of the federal Finance Department has shocked staff, telling them he will step down within a month.

Pianist Alexander Boyd shows his family's artistic touch at sellout National Gallery concert

Alexander Boyd, the grandson of artist Arthur Boyd, and Deborah Hart, curator of the Arthur Boyd exhibiton, at the National Gallery of Australia.

Markus Mannheim Concert pianist Alexander Boyd played to a sellout Canberra audience - in the venue which is preparing an exhibition of his grandfather's works.

Naming and shaming is working, says ACT tax chief Kim Salisbury

Tax debate ignites (Thumbnail)

Markus Mannheim The ACT's tax chief says his controversial decision to ''name and shame'' the properties of tax-dodging landlords is working.

Canberra's tax chief names and shames 56 properties owned by tax-dodging landlords

PIC by JIM RICE..27.03.09..Generic.

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Markus Mannheim The ACT's tax chief says his controversial decision to "name and shame" the properties of tax-dodging landlords is working.

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Mint's plan to become one of ACT's biggest solar farms

News.- 1st January 2014. First coin at the Royal Australian mint. Some of the hundreds of people ready to enter the mint on the first morning of 2014.  Canberra Times photo by Karleen Minney .

Markus Mannheim The Royal Australia Mint may soon double as one of Canberra's largest solar-power arrays.

Thousands flock to Canberra Airport open day

Tony Goad and son Thomas, 6 look at the F35  at the Canberra Airport open day
The Canberra Times
06 April 2014
Photo Jay Cronan

Markus Mannheim Canberra Airport opened its doors to the public on Sunday, and they came in hordes.

Canberra tax dodgers identified as government warns it will repossess properties

Researchers are warning the Canberra apartment industry not to expect strong gains in the future.

Markus Mannheim The ACT's tax chief has named 34 properties across Canberra that have fallen into tax arrears, and warns he will repossess the sites if the debts are not cleared.

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Canberra Handmade markets shift craft up a gear

Ivan Hackel at his stale Treads & Pedals stale at the Canberra Handmade Markets at the National Convention Centre, he upcycles old bike parts into new homewares and accesories.

Markus Mannheim Canberra can seem a desolate place on long weekends, but not if you know where to look.

CSIRO staff fear they will be squashed into tiny, noisy workspaces

Markus Mannheim Canberra scientists fear they will soon be squashed into tiny, noisy workspaces that make it too hard for them to do their research.

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More broken glass at ASIO's troubled new headquarters

What appears to be a missing glass panel on the ASIO building.

Markus Mannheim The desolate new headquarters of spy agency ASIO has lost another expensive glass panel.

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ACT magistrates' pay up 12% while others see only modest salary jump

pay generic

Markus Mannheim Santa gave sparingly to some Canberra judges and ACT statutory office holders, whose latest pay rises reflected the austere times.

Blind, pregnant, injured women told their jobs may go

Markus Mannheim Government agency tells three women - one blind, one pregnant and one who was injured at work - they are likely to lose their jobs.

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Boat people: Warning on rising cost of refugees - up to $500,000 each

asylum seekers

Markus Mannheim Each asylum seeker who tries to reach Australia on a boat could cost taxpayers almost half a million dollars, the latest budget data suggests.

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Brindabella Airlines fixes half its fleet

Prime Minister Tony Abbott visiting Brindabella Airlines earlier this year.

Markus Mannheim Canberra's Brindabella Airlines airline has removed almost half its fleet from service to ensure the planes are working properly.