Megan Doherty

Megan Doherty

AIS childcare centre rated among the top in national rankings

Megan Doherty One of the nation's top-ranking childcare centres says paying staff higher wages is one of the secrets to its success.

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Angelina arrival perhaps a bridge too far?

Megan Doherty First Mia and Jesse, now Angelina?

Canberra bargain hunters head to Boxing Day sales

Boxing Day Sales at the Canberra Centre.

Megan Doherty Retailers were optimistic of good - and even unprecedented - Boxing Day sales in Canberra despite the spectre of an impending downturn forced by public service cuts.

Canberra's Christmas baby worth the time and effort

As yet unnamed daughter of Jitin and Komal Oberai.

Megan Doherty She was a week late and came after two days of labour and then a caesarean for her mother.

Canberra party animals know how to deal with a scorcher

News: Hot weather photo pool christmas party. The Zoo advertising group have their roof top pool christmas party. Sophia Kochinos (right) enjoys a refreshing pool splash during a hot Canberra day with a top temperature of 36C. 20th of December 2013. Canberra Times Photograph by Katherine Griffiths

Megan Doherty Many Canberra workplaces finished up on Friday for the Christmas holidays, sweltering in the heat - unless you were with the beautiful people at Zoo advertising's rooftop pool party.

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Fashion's a shoe-in for young Noah

Megan Doherty Little Noah Leighton Hutchinson is well on his way to coming a fashionista.

Floriade blooming but needs to boost visitors to ACT

Megan Doherty Floriade appears to be a bigger moneyspinner for the ACT than originally thought but its pull as a tourist attraction is on the wane.

Airtight barriers for removal of Kingston Bus Depot markets' asbestos roof

Megan Doherty Airtight walls will be installed for the removal of a roof that contains asbestos Kingston's bus depot markets.

Former Canberra resident's identical triplets cause a sensation

Ewa Kretowicz and Megan Doherty A rare set of identical triplets born in the US, with a father from the ACT, have become an unexpected global sensation.

Canberra family's double dose of snakes

Megan Doherty An Isaacs family found two snakes in their yard within a week, but TAMS staff say it has not been an extraordinary snake season.

Robyn Archer lauded for ton of effort as Centenary of Canberra closes

Megan Doherty Centenary of Canberra creative director Robyn Archer says the 100th birthday year for the national capital has been exhausting but exhilarating.

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Hustle and Scout is back in town

Private Capital. Ingrid Vennonen, of Haus Models, wearing a Karen Lee designed, Loop Jumper/Dress and jewelry by Jodi Cunningham, promoting Saturday's Hustle and Scout fashion market in Lonsdale Street, Braddon. December 13th. 2013 Canberra Times photograph by Graham Tidy
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Megan Doherty Canberra's new fashion market, Hustle and Scout, returns to NewActon on Saturday with 10 more stalls and lots of groovy happenings, expanding into the just-opened Hotel Hotel.

No financial gain for the ACT for Skywhale in 2014

Megan Doherty The ACT Government is unlikely to reap any financial benefit from the taxpayer-funded Skywhale's proposed appearances overseas.

Hustle and Scout returns to NewActon

Megan Doherty Canberra's new fashion market, Hustle and Scout, returns to NewActon on Saturday with 10 more stalls and lots of groovy happenings, expanding into the just-opened Hotel Hotel.

Christmas couture for the family pet

News. Pets being prepared for Christmas at Canberra Pet Stylists, Gowrie shops. Tilly, the standard poodle, gets the painted nail treatment. December 12th. 2013 Canberra Times photograph by Graham Tidys

Megan Doherty If you think Christmas has gone to the dogs with all its stress and consumerism, then these festive pooches - and one slightly grinchy cat - may put a smile back on your dial.

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Land agency says it told Campbell residents of asbestos removal

Megan Doherty The LDA maintains it did alert Campbell residents that it was about to start removing asbestos from a building site.

Canberrans share the stories of their lives for city's centenary

Centenary Stories book launch for the ancestors of pioneering families of the ACT region held at CMAG, Canberra. Elizabeth Cusack, David Cusack, Joan Waldren (Sister of David Cusack) and Dorothy Barklay (Daughter of Joan Waldren).

Megan Doherty The big stories of Canberra's history have been important in this centenary year but perhaps the ones that will resonate the loudest will be the so-called little ones, the personal tales of its...

Skywhale leaves the haters behind on a world tour

Sunday Times  Centenary of Canberra creative director Robyn Archer taking a look at former Canberra artist Patricia Piccinini's work Skywhale at the National Gallery of Australia.  11 May 2013 Canberra Times photo by Jeffrey Chan.

Megan Doherty Canberra's iconic Skywhale is set to be taken overseas for appearances in China and Europe as one of its chief supporters says it only gets bad press in the national capital.

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Born-again Canberra gets a brand

NEWS: EMBARGOED until Thursday: Brand Canberra will be launched this Thursday. L-R Pic shows Michelle Melbourne Chair of the Canberra Business Council and Terry Shaw Managing director Englobo group next to the official logo.    25th November 2013. Photo by MELISSA ADAMS of The Canberra Times.

Megan Doherty So Canberra, are you feeling a little bit CBR? Confident? Bold? Ready?

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Narrabundah College students as much on show as their work

Megan Doherty Students used their final-year artworks at Narrabundah College to let their imagination run free.