Megan Doherty

Megan Doherty

Color Run heads to Canberra

Megan Doherty Organisers of the Swisse Color Run around the central basin of Lake Burley Griffin on Sunday say within two hours of the event people won't even know it's been there.

Canberra time capsule sealed for a century

News: Artist Geoff Farquhar-Still is putting together a time capsule of Canberra and will bury the capsule on City Hill. The capsule will contain objects such as an ACT number plate, the skywhale 'toe', sculpture head of King O'Malley, Canberra centenary coin and other objects. Artist with skywhale toe. 13th of February 2014, Canberra Times Photograph by Katherine Griffiths

Megan Doherty So what would you put in a time capsule to capture Canberra in 2013?

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Comedian Greg Fleet gets serious with zombie film

Greg Fleet on the set of

Megan Doherty Greg Fleet may be starring in a Canberra film about flesh-eating zombies but he's also enjoyed dining in some of the national capital's restaurants.

Valentine's Day brings out romance in Canberra

Cathy and Ben Crowley

Megan Doherty So this is love - from extravagant, rose-tinged gestures to a simple holding of hands.

Work begins on $10m Bowen Place underpass

An artist's impression of Bowen Place.

Megan Doherty Work has finally started on a new $10 million underpass for Bowen Place in Parkes near Lake Burley Griffin to give safer passage to pedestrians and cyclists.

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Lake Burley Griffin levels drop

Lake Burley Griffin low water levels.

Megan Doherty Government House, the Australian National Botanic Gardens and Yarralumla Nursery have all been asked to reduce the amount of water they extract from Lake Burley Griffin for irrigation as the lake...

Milliner's skills top-notch as glory days revisited

Irmgard Grady of Tracey Lord Hats (right) with the winner of the best hat at the first fashions on the field in 1968 Patricia Murphy.

Megan Doherty Patricia Murphy, an elegant 73-year-old mother of eight, took out her lace-edged handkerchief and wiped her eyes.

Celebrities tour Canberra: Hugh Laurie and Lisa Marie Presley to tour in 2014

Megan Doherty and Sally Pryor Some big Hollywood names are headed to Canberra in the coming months.

Rob de Castella runs the attack against junk food

Robert de Castella looks at the amount of sugar in a bottle of coke while talking about healthy eating.

Megan Doherty Rob de Castella is continuing his war on obesity by calling for junk food to be banned from school canteens.

Picking up threads thanks to pollies

Maree Miller, past client, and now volunteer of the communities at work program, with some of the clothes donated by Labor MPs.

Megan Doherty A Canberra woman could end up wearing a suit once owned by a certain flame-haired former prime minister.

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Locals hunt for silver and gold

Megan Doherty Voting has opened for this year’s Logie awards and plenty of talent with links to Canberra is in contention.

Canberra's My Kitchen Rules contestants still out to prove they can cook

Megan Doherty Canberra couple Andrew Hinge and Emelia Vimalasiri have already moved on from their elimination from My Kitchen Rules on Tuesday night, launching a food blog and planning a public event to prove they...

ABC ahead in news race after time shift a turn-off for WIN

Kerryn Johnston and Virginia Haussegger

Megan Doherty ABC is regularly winning the head-to-head battle with WIN in the Canberra television news stakes, with speculation viewers do not want to watch 90 minutes of news.

Pensioners soon to pay fines for overdue library books

Megan Doherty Pensioners will now be subject to library fines in the ACT but a hefty $175 administration fee for items not returned or replaced after three months has been dumped.

Volunteers to help control willow numbers along Murrumbidgee

The NSW Government is providing an additional $10,400 to a project called the Upper Murrumbidgee Demonstration Reach, which controls willow trees along 45 kilometres of the Upper Murrumbidgee. Trimming the willow trees from her canoe, Anthea Brademann, facilitator of the upper Murrumbidgee demonstration reach.

Megan Doherty A team of volunteers will be taking to the water by kayak near Canberra to tackle the scourge of Australian waterways - the willow.

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Opportunity knocks for volunteers

News: St Vincent de Paul doorknock appeal. Sam Palma age 72 of Calwell has been a volunteer doorknocker for 27 years. 31st of January 2014. Canberra Times Photograph by Katherine Griffiths

Megan Doherty Spare a thought for the volunteers braving the heat and pounding the pavement for the annual Vinnies Doorknock Appeal.

Canberra libraries to fine pensioners for over-due books

Student Holding Books - Isolated

Megan Doherty Pensioners will now be subject to library fines in the ACT but a hefty $175 administration fee for items not returned or replaced after three months has been dumped.

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Have a drink on us - Canberra's green shout

At left is leading hand, Boen Furler and at right is project
supervisor, Justin Hurley Ley.

Megan Doherty Thousands of litres of water a week are keeping alive Canberra's birthday gift to Queanbeyan as trees planted bake in the summer sun.

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My Kitchen Rules: Canberra's Emilia and Andrew on their shrimp in a barrel

My Kitchen Rules.

Megan Doherty Andrew Hinge jokes he has taken to wearing dark sunglasses around Canberra.

Queanbeyan's Benedict House - a landmark with Labor links - up for grabs

Megan Doherty One of Queanbeyan's landmark buildings - Benedict House - will go on the market this weekend.