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Michael Inman is a courts reporter for The Canberra Times

Inmate found critically injured in Canberra prison cell

Michael Inman and Megan Gorrey A Canberra jail inmate is in a critical condition after he was found injured inside a cell on Tuesday night.

Fine and suspension for driver in collision with cyclist


Michael Inman A Lyneham man who struck a cyclist with his van was himself hospitalised after a similar incident in his youth, a court has heard.

ANU Bar fined for unusable fire exit

generic exit

Michael Inman ANU Bar has been fined $3000 and publicly reprimanded for having an unusable emergency exit twice last year.

Diplomat's children put on watchlist so he cannot snatch them and flee overseas

Michael Inman The children of a former Canberra-based diplomat will be placed on airport watchlists to stop him snatching them and fleeing the country.

Tough sentence urged for jail plot to silence witnesses

Scales of Justice

Michael Inman A Canberra judge has signaled he would impose a tough jail sentence on a child sex offender who hatched a jailhouse plot to silence two witnesses in a bid to dodge prosecution.

More jail time for inmate who bashed fellow detainee unconscious

Scales of justice

Michael Inman A Canberra jail inmate was bashed so badly his nose was pushed back into his skull so it only protruded a few millimetres, a court has heard.

Jury may decide on mental impairment in Costa murder trial

Michael Inman Murder decides whether accused killer is sent to jail or somewhere else.

'I wouldn't have married her if I'd known she had deformed nipples': ex-husband

Michael Inman Deformed nipples “doomed” a marriage and ended a husband’s affection for his wife in 1975, a court has heard.

Liquidator appointed for Aboriginal Justice Centre

Attorney-General Simon Corbell: Aboriginal Justice Centre lacked proper financial management and reporting.

Michael Inman The Aboriginal Justice Centre has been placed in liquidation, putting Indigenous justice services in the capital on hold.

Accused killer not demented, just drunk: prosecution

Michael Inman Barristers make final submissions in Luigi Costa's trial for the alleged murder of Terrence Freebody on Mugga Way in 2012.

Domestic violence sufferers urged to develop safety plans

Michael Inman Precautions such as code words, keeping petrol in the car, and teaching children emergency phone numbers are all strategies women experiencing domestic violence should consider to increase their...

ACT leads the way on legal response to domestic violence, says Director of Public Prosecutions

Director of Public Prosecutions Jon White.

Michael Inman The territory's legal response is top-notch, but the whole community must be involved if the behaviour is to be rooted out.

Accused killer Luigi Costa's brain compromised at time of killing: expert

The Mugga Way home where Terrence Freebody was allegedly murdered.

Michael Inman The brain of accused killer Luigi Costa had been seriously compromised by dementia and alcohol when he allegedly murdered his elderly neighbour, an experts says.

Owner could not remember last time he took neglected dog to the vet


Michael Inman A Canberra dog was so badly neglected that a vet had to remove all of its teeth, a court hears.

Brain scans of accused killer showed no dementia, trial hears

The Mugga Way home where Terrence Freebody was allegedly murdered.

Michael Inman Brain scans of accused killer Luigi Costa showed no abnormalities normally associated with dementia, a court has heard.

Accused Gordon wife killer pleads not guilty to murder

The house in Gordon where a mother of three was found with critical head injuries and stab wounds in March.

Michael Inman A Gordon man has pleaded not guilty to murdering his wife last month.

Spike in phone seizures at Canberra jail


Michael Inman Authorities have seized 48 illicit mobile phones from inmates at Canberra jail over the past 20 months.

Staff veto of jail needle exchange program unacceptable, say drug-user advocates

A tiny cap of heroin.

Michael Inman Drug-user advocates say it is unacceptable that prison staff could veto plans for a needle and syringe exchange program at Canberra jail.

Domestic violence law reforms a 'knee-jerk reaction', Canberra defence lawyers say

Megan Gorrey and Michael Inman Bolstered domestic violence laws have been welcomed by victims of crime advocates while acknowledging there was more work to be done.

Accused killer's business affairs in disarray: son

The Mugga Way home where Terrence Freebody was allegedly murdered.

Michael Inman Accused killer Luigi Costa went from a controlling and methodical man to disorganised and careless, according to his son.