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Michael Inman is a courts reporter for The Canberra Times

Man who fixed own kitchen defrauded insurance company


Michael Inman A former Canberra man has been found guilty of fraud after he fixed his own kitchen and billed an insurance company for the cost.

Woman left brain damaged after crash wins $4.2 million payout


Michael Inman AA Canberra woman has won more than $4.22 million in damages after she suffered a severe brain injury in a car accident.

Former public servant pleads guilty to storming office with chainsaw

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Michael Inman A former public servant has pleaded guilty to storming a southside government office with a chainsaw as payback for perceived ill treatment by management.

Matthew Massey arrested on drug charges

Michael Inman The Ngunnawal man has been charged with three counts of supplying methylamphetamine in December 2012.

Plea change ends trial for sexual intercourse

Michael Inman A Canberra man has changed his plea and admitted to sexual offences against a woman.

Case against Nicholas Sofer-Schreiber murder-accused will take months

Chris Navin.

Michael Inman The case against accused killer Christopher David Navin will not be ready until mid-year, a court has heard.

Man on insurance fraud charge for DIY kitchen repairs

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Michael Inman A man accused of fraud after fixing his own kitchen and then billing an insurance company says he was entitled to make a commercial profit from the work.

Bikie to fight bashing allegations in court

Michael Inman A Canberra bikie will fight allegations he bashed and threatened to shoot a man over a motorcycle repair bill.

Man guilty of public indecency

Michael Inman A Braddon man has been found guilty of masturbating on a northside park bench in broad daylight last year.

Canberra doctor guilty of kissing patient

Michael Inman A jury has found a Canberra doctor guilty of groping and kissing a patient during an Anzac Day consultation last year.

Canberra catholic priest to be tried over molestation allegations


Michael Inman A Canberra catholic priest has been committed to stand trial over allegations he molested a young parishioner in the 1990s.

Canberra doctor Ammar Dhaimat accused of kissing patient

Dr Ammar Dhaimat.

Michael Inman A Canberra doctor accused of kissing and groping a patient says the woman had asked about banned ''diet pills'' and steroids during the Anzac Day consultation.

Canberra doctor on trial for acts of indecency on patient

On trial ... Dr Ammar Dhaimat.

Michael Inman Patient thought the first kiss - "for luck" - had been a cultural misunderstanding, but then came two more.

The mum, the dad, the judge and a doula


Michael Inman Judge rules Canberra father must pay half of reasonable birth expenses, but says that doesn't extend to a doula.

Criminal offenders to be banned from legally changing their names

Shane Rattenbury.

Peter Jean, Michael Inman Convicted prisoners and parolees will be barred from legally changing their names without special permission.

Real estate agent took client's money for own home loan

Michael Inman A Canberra real estate agent who used a client’s money to pay his home loan and then lied to cover the con has been stripped of his licence and been banned for five years.

Victim robbed of $14k in jewellery after being labelled "so bling"

Michael Inman A Watson man has made a mid-trial confession to the theft of more than $14,000 in gold jewellery after a night out drinking.

Indonesian people smuggler Rakiba Rakiba to be deported

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Michael Inman Court Reporter An Indonesian people smuggler will be deported to his homeland after he was released from Canberra jail on Tuesday afternoon.

Upskirter accused Sung Kun Kim faces more charges

Victoria Police. Pictured - Victoria Police logo. 130814RG37 Picture: ROB GUNSTONE

Michael Inman A Queanbeyan man accused of photographing up a woman's dress at the National Multicultural Festival is expected to be charged with a further 10 offences, a court has heard.

Man to stand trial on child sex charges

Michael Inman A Canberra man accused of molesting an 11-year-old girl and warning her to keep the abuse secret has been committed to stand trial.