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Michael Inman is a courts reporter for The Canberra Times

Canberra prisoner Thor Kristiansen seeks bail for rehabilitation

Michael Inman Canberra inmate Thor Kristiansen has pleaded not guilty to charges of drug trafficking and money laundering in prison.

Canberra's town centres prevent economy from diversifying: report


Michael Inman Canberra's town centres – once heralded as a triumph of town planning – are actually inhibiting the city’s government reliant economy from diversifying, a report says.

Man high on ice when he joyrode through Canberra on a 30-tonne road scraper

The road scraper used in the joyride.

Michael Inman The Higgins man had recently turned his life around, the court heard. He was was given a suspended 15-month jail sentence, and banned from driving for six months.

Gillian Triggs to deliver speech in Canberra on Magna Carta's legacy

Human Rights Commissioner Gillian Triggs will address the ACT Supreme Court next week on the Magna Carta's contemporary legacy in Australian law.

Michael Inman An outspoken critic of the Federal Government's approach to asylum seekers will speak in Canberra about the rights of the citizen against a tyrant.

Brandis 'legally unreasonable' for failure to help overturn wrongful people smuggling conviction, court told


Michael Inman Attorney-General George Brandis has been labelled "legally unreasonable" after failing to help overturn the conviction of an Indonesian boy wrongly locked up for two years in an adult jail.

Serial armed Canberra robber sentenced to almost 12 years imprisonment

Michael Inman and Christopher Knaus A stack of stolen cash drawers helped bring Benjamin Allwell's spree of armed robberies to an end.

Former cop sues for psychiatric injury caused by horror car crash

Car split in two ... Four people died in the Canberra Avenue crash.

Michael Inman A NSW police constable who performed first aid on the victims of a horror high-speed crash on Canberra Avenue suffered post-traumatic stress disorder and depression and now wants almost $960,000 in...

Franklin man pleads guilty to drug importation through post office boxes

Michael Inman A Franklin man has pleaded guilty to importing more than half-a-kilogram of illicit drugs to Canberra post office boxes under false names.

Father kept loaded shotgun and drugs in home he occupied with two-year-old child

Michael Inman A Gordon man who kept a loaded shotgun, crossbow, and drugs unsecured in the home he shared with his two-year-old son has been jailed.

Pre-emptive strike to fight invitation not self-defence: judge

CCTV footage shows Cameron Lever and another man in an argument.

Michael Inman A Canberra judge has found that a pre-emptive attack in response to a challenge to fight outside is not self-defence.

Rebels bikie boasted that bashing had taught victim a lesson


Michael Inman A Rebels bikie bashed a man at Gungahlin to save face in the eyes of other gang members, court told.

Man blamed 'sex addiction' for rape of woman

Michael Inman Man told police he raped woman because he had a sex addiction and no self-control over his urges.

Serial armed robber ordered to pay back ill gotten gains

Michael Inman A prolific armed robber will be forced to pay back the thousands he looted from Canberra businesses during a one year rampage.

ACT government announces strengthened interim domestic violence orders

Attorney-General Simon Corbell: The government will make it easier for victims to extend domestic violence orders.

Michael Inman Victims of domestic violence will be able to extend interim protection orders without facing their violent partners in court, the ACT Government has announced.

Man invented abduction story to hide vehicle arson, court hears


Michael Inman A Hawker man claimed he had been abducted in a bid to avoid suspicion after torching a car, a court has heard.

Canberra jail inmates pose for pictures in cell, post to social media

Harley Stott and Anthony Catanzariti pose for the camera inside a cell at Canberra jail. The pictures were posted to social media while both men were behind bars.

Michael Inman Canberra Liberals make a fresh call for a security review at the jail after pictures of two inmates posing inside a cell were posted to social media.

ACT considers pre-sentence report for Indigenous offenders


Michael Inman Following the success of Canada's Gladue reports, ACT considers a similar system for sentencing Indigenous offenders.

Mother's Day Classic: annual walk helps fund essential research to fight breast cancer

Hayley Kennedy, Becc Eliadis, Diane Kelly encourage runners at the Mothers Day Classic Fun Run by dancing to MC Hammer's U Can't Touch This.

Michael Inman A hardy 5649 participants braved the Canberra elements to walk against cancer at the Mother's Day Classic on Sunday.

Plot to smuggle the drug Ice from Canberra to NT foiled by police bugs

Sentenced: Police found a clip-seal plastic bag containing methylamphetamine Nathan Himbert's underwear

Michael Inman One-year weekend detention for Canberra man who sewed drugs into his underwear as part of smuggling plot.

Canberra woman alleges she suffered spinal injury after a 'rough ride' in police custody

Canberra woman, Kirsty Toomey, alleges she suffered spinal injury that required surgery to fix after a

Michael Inman A Canberra woman alleges she suffered a spinal injury after a "rough ride" while in police custody on the weekend.