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Michael Inman is a courts reporter for The Canberra Times

Men charged over Red Hill home invasion that left victim with detached retina

Scales of justice

Michael Inman The victim of a violent home invasion was beaten so badly the retina in his left eye detached, a court has heard.

AFP officer accused of stealing information on ex-girlfriend


Michael Inman A former federal counter-terrorism officer allegedly used stolen information on his ex-girlfriend and her new partner in an attempt to split the couple, a court has heard.

Accused teen flasher faces more charges


Michael Inman A teenager accused of flashing a 13-year-old girl in Canberra's north has been charged with a second act of indecency.

Priest pleads to offences against children


Michael Inman A former Canberra Catholic priest has pleaded guilty to historical acts of indecency on young boys in Sydney the 1960s.

Violent home invader gets suspended sentence

Baldini and two co-offenders viciously beat the resident and stole  medication and cigarettes.

Michael Inman Peter Baldini was high and out to prove himself to friends when he went to a Mawson home to steal drugs in 2012.

Man found guilty of masturbating in public

Michael Inman A Braddon alcoholic who masturbated on a northside park bench has been told he will be jailed if he continues to offend when intoxicated.

Girl used to photograph neighbour's explicit acts, court is told


Michael Inman A girl used as a photographer in her neighbour's explicit photo shoots was so distressed she could not write a victim impact statement, a court has heard.

Teenager may face more charges after allegedly flashing women

Jail cell

Michael Inman A teenager accused of exposing himself to a 13-year-old girl in Canberra's north on Monday could be charged with a number of further offences against women, a court has heard.

Custody case leads to kidnap and prison

Michael Inman Two men who abducted, drugged and robbed another man over a custody dispute last year have been jailed.

ACT kidnap accused denied bail for second time


Michael Inman A Canberra father allegedly kidnapped and repeatedly hit his 10-month-old son after earlier beating his mother and his partner, a court has heard.

Punk rock festival to honour murder victim, Nicholas Sofer-Schreiber

Michael Inman and Christopher Knaus The man accused of murdering Nicholas Sofer-Schreiber has again faced an ACT court, as the slain punk rocker's friends prepare for a musical festival in his honour on Saturday.

DansonFest concert to honour murder victim Nicholas Sofer-Schreiber

DansonFest: Craig McMillan, with Penelope Foudoulis and Graeme Syms are the organising a punk rock festival to celebrate the memory of murdered friend Nicolas Sofer-Shreiber.

Michael Inman and Christopher Knaus The man accused of murdering Nicholas Sofer-Schreiber has again faced an ACT court.

ACT taxi driver jailed for running down passenger over fare spat

Michael Inman A taxi driver who ran down a passenger after a spat over a fare has been sentenced to six years jail.

Letter bomber awarded $415,000 workers comp

Colin George Dunstan

Michael Inman Convicted tax office letter bomber Colin George Dunstan has been awarded more than $415,000 in workers compensation.

Man threatened to shoot woman in head during video store hold-up

Michael Inman A Palmerston man pointed a handgun at a northside video store employee and threatened to shoot her in the head if she did not give him $50 notes, a court has heard.

Thomas Robins acquitted of culpable driving

Michael Inman A Macgregor man has been acquitted of culpable driving for a crash that claimed the life of his friend.

Jail time suspended for Wanniassa offender in unprovoked assault

Michael Inman A man suffered a broken arm and jaw after an argument about noise at a southside public housing block, a court has heard.

Man jailed for 28 months for assault of jewellery theft

Michael Inman A Watson man who accused a friend of thinking he was ''so bling'' before he stole more than $14,000 in gold jewellery from him has been jailed.

Man acquitted of culpable driving in crash that killed his friend

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Michael Inman A Macgregor man has been acquitted of culpable driving for a crash that claimed the life of his friend.

Jury out on mate's drink-drive fatality

Michael Inman A jury is deliberating in the case of a Macgregor man accused of killing his friend in a car accident after a night spent drinking.