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Michael Inman is a courts reporter for The Canberra Times

Man acquitted of raping, assaulting wife after an argument about dinner


Michael Inman Canberra man acquitted of raping and assaulting his wife after an argument about dinner.

Convicted contract killer allegedly breached his parole and went on the run

Michael Inman Police have caught a convicted contract killer who allegedly breached parole and actively avoided arrest.

'I have lost my kids, I will stab you': Man pleads guilty to northside machete attack


Michael Inman Canberra man pleads guilty to injuring two people during a random machete attack earlier this month.

Christopher David Navin admits he fatally stabbed Nicholas Sofer-Schreiber

Christopher Navin has admitted he fatally stabbed his former housemate, but pleaded not guilty to murder.

Michael Inman Christopher David Navin's defence barrister tells court his client first attacked his former housemate with a small paring knife.

Jail for man who kicked in public toilet door to assault woman

Adam Beniamini.

Michael Inman Magistrate questions the remorse of a man who attacked a woman in the toilet of a southside club.

ACT Policing's pursuit of old traffic fines slammed as 'unreasonable'

Licence suspension notices are believed to have gone out to more than 1500 ACT motorists over unpaid fines.

Megan Gorrey and Michael Inman Authorities were advised not to suspend the licences of Canberra drivers who did not pay old traffic fines.

Meche nightclub one-punch attack victim comatose for six weeks

Justice John Burns, in sentencing on Tuesday, said the injuries had been in the upper range for the type of offence.

Michael Inman A man was left comatose for about six weeks with a severe traumatic brain injury after a one-punch attack at a Civic nightclub.

Attack on Nicholas Sofer-Schreiber lasted 'tens-of-minutes'

Nicholas Sofer-Schreiber, left, and his accused murderer Christopher Navin.

Michael Inman Autopsy shows Nicholas Sofer-Schreiber was alive for some time after he was lethally stabbed in the back and neck.

Victim bled to death from stab wounds, court hears

Nicholas Sofer-Schreiber, left, and murder-accused Christopher Navin.

Michael Inman Victim Nicholas Sofer-Schreiber suffered stab wounds so severe they were visible on the opposite side of his body, a court has heard.

Accused killer asked for updates on 'police activities' from friend, court told

Nicholas Sofer-Schreiber, left, and murder-accused Christopher Navin.

Michael Inman Christopher David Navin apologised to a friend after police raided his Sydney home while investigating the stabbing death of Nicholas Sofer-Schreiber.

Man jailed for forcing his step-daughter to pose in soft porn photoshoots

Michael Inman Canberra man who forced his step-daughter to pose in an explicit photoshoot has been jailed.

'I'm going nuts,' murder accused told friend

Michael Inman Christopher David Navin begged a friend to keep him company in the weeks after he allegedly murdered Nicholas Sofer-Schreiber, saying he had been "going nuts".

Accused killer Christopher Navin walked out on job because of 'voices', court hears

Nicholas Sofer-Schreiber, left, and murder-accused Christopher Navin.

Michael Inman An accused murderer walked out on his chef apprenticeship because he was hearing voices and could not concentrate, a court has heard.

Accused killer Christopher David Navin attended funeral of his alleged victim Nicholas Sofer-Schreiber

Nicholas Sofer-Schreiber, left, and murder-accused Christopher Navin.

Michael Inman Christopher David Navin exhibited strange behaviour in the weeks after the alleged murder.

Christopher David Navin goes on trial for murder of Nicholas Sofer-Schreiber

Nicholas Sofer-Schreiber was well known in the Canberra punk music community.

Michael Inman Court hears accused killer stabbed his former housemate 73 times before cutting his throat.

Man jailed for stabbing his two brothers in drunken attacks he has no memory of

Federal Circuit, Federal and Family Court fee increases are set to raise about $87 million over four years.

Michael Inman A Canberra man who stabbed his two younger brothers, puncturing one's lung, has been sentenced to almost three years jail.

Suspended sentence for shoe store manager who stole more than $70,000

Michael Inman The manager of a Civic shoe store who stole more than $71,000 will serve no time behinds bars.

Hit and run driver smashed up his car in a bid to avoid detection, court told


Michael Inman A man destroyed his car after running over a cyclist in a bid to avoid prosecution, an ACT court has been told.

Bid by police association to poach Border Force staff opposed by members

Australian Border Force officers are represented by the Community and Public Sector Union but the Australian Federal Police Association would like to poach them.

Michael Inman and Megan Gorrey Border Force staff aren't police, but the police union still wants them.

Four men accused of ACT Public Trustee's office theft appear in court

Four men face serious allegations regarding ACT Public Trustee's office transactions.

Michael Inman Four men accused of stealing $1.65 million at the ACT Public Trustee's office have appeared in court for the first time.