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Michael Inman is a courts reporter for The Canberra Times

Former butler to British High Commissioner jailed for child porn

Michael Inman The former butler to the British High Commissioner has been locked up for five months accessing and sharing child pornography.

Thief steals expensive camera equipment from disabled pensioner

A Canberra pensioner has been shattered by the theft of her camera gear.

Michael Inman The quiet solitude of a morning photographing bird life had become a therapeutic balm for a Canberra disability pensioner.

Doctor loses appeal in property spat with former partners

Dr Andrew Foote was forced to vacate the premises.

Michael Inman A prominent Canberra doctor has lost an appeal to a decision that saw him evicted from his Barton surgery by his former partners.

Royal commission a platform for hearsay, rumours and smear campaigns: CFMEU

CFMEU organiser and former rugby league star John Lomax outside the ACT Magistrates Court.

Henry Belot and Michael Inman The CFMEU has criticised a royal commission as lacking in evidence and acting as a forum for smear campaigns.

Shane Rattenbury and Greens members face defamation action over failed attempt to expel Geoff Lazarus

Environmental lobbyist Geoff Lazarus.

Michael Inman and Tom McIlroy Minister Shane Rattenbury and four Greens members are facing defamation action over a failed attempt to expel environmental lobbyist Geoff Lazarus from the party in 2014. 

Canberra APS worker jailed for leaking 'top secret' documents


Michael Inman A Defence bureaucrat has been jailed for uploading secret information online.

Man allegedly threatened partner with knife after cannabis plants damaged


Michael Inman Mawson man allegedly held a knife to his partner's throat in front of their three-year-old daughter.

Rebels Bikie jailed for Belconnen mall t-shirt bashing

Michael Inman Rebels member assaulted and stripped a rival gang member of his FINKS T-shirt.

Inmate claims alleged threat to kill partner a cathartic purge of his emotions, court hears


Michael Inman A Canberra inmate allegedly wrote a letter threatening to kill his ex-partner as a cathartic purge of his emotions, a court has heard.

Indigenous Business Australia now seeks to recover $1.415 million stolen by employee

Michael Inman The government body already knew an employee has stolen funds. But the amount has gone up again.

Man arrested after allegedly ramming police in stolen car in Canberra's inner north

A man who allegedly rammed two police cars during a police chase was meant to enter rehab on Monday.

Michael Inman and Katie Burgess Man who allegedly rammed two police cars during a police chase was meant to enter rehab on Monday.

Canberra teen imported tens-of-thousands of dollars in drugs he bought online


Michael Inman A Canberra teen built a drug business worth tens-of-thousands of dollars by importing illicit substances and selling them to high school students and peers.

New shadow minister Katy Gallagher is straight into her work with a call on mental health

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten with ACT senator Katy Gallagher, who has taken charge of mental health and housing policy for the federal Labor Party.

Michael Inman A month after Canberra senator Katy Gallagher was promoted to the opposition frontbench, she has been officially begun her mental health and housing portfolios in the shadow cabinet.

Reclaim Australia to rally in Canberra

Shermon Burgess, aka

Michael Inman An controversial anti-Islam group has announced plans to hold a rally at Parliament House next month.

Canberra heartache and hangovers after brave Wallabies bite the dust

Devastated Wallabies fans watch the game at the The Dock in Kingston.

Michael Inman Canberra's rugby fans awoke to headache and hangovers on Sunday morning after the Wallabies 34-17 loss to the All Blacks overnight.

'Personal greed' motive for $37,000 public service fraud: judge


Michael Inman A Canberra public servant was motivated by "personal greed" when she stole $37,000 of taxpayers' money, a judge says.

Rebels bikie enforcer planned 'Canberra love' for Finks before bashing, court hears


Michael Inman A Rebels bikie enforcer planned "a bit of Canberra love" when he bashed a rival gang member and robbed him of his colours outside a Belconnen shopping mall.

Pilot over limit before flight appealing conviction

Michael Inman and Christopher Knaus Virgin pilot who blew .059 at start of shift challenges test accuracy, fights conviction in court.

Canberra mother 'forum shopped' for a quick divorce in the United States

A Colorado district judge found the Canberra woman lacked credibility.

Michael Inman A Canberra mother who "forum shopped" for a divorce in the United States was ordered to return to Australia with her children earlier this year.

CFMEU uses safety issues to apply 'inappropriate industrial pressure': commission

Michael Inman Construction union officials use safety issues to apply "inappropriate industrial pressure" to players in the ACT construction sector, the royal commission claims.