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Noel Towell is a reporter for The Canberra Times.

Lend Lease cleared by ASIO building debacle report

Noel Towell Lend Lease has been cleared of ripping off small Canberra builders who worked on the city's huge ASIO building.

CPSU wage claim could hit 23,000 jobs

Joe Hockey has warned that the age of entitlement is over.

James Massola, Noel Towell A union push for a 12 per cent pay rise for federal public servants could cost the jobs of more than 23,000 bureaucrats or hit taxpayers with an extra $1.

Australian Taxation Office public servants told redundancy pay-outs not an entitlement

Noel Towell The Australian Taxation Office’s 23,000 workers have been told by their bosses that redundancy pay-outs are not an entitlement.

More cadets lose out as public service tightens belt

Graduate dumped.

Noel Towell Another group of young would-be public service recruits have had their career dreams dashed by the wave of cuts hitting government departments.

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ATO staffer Thanh Vu loses appeal against porn sacking in Fair Work Commission


Noel Towell The public service has had another legal win in its battle against pornography in the workplace.

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Canberra Airport hopeful that lean time is coming to an end

Canberra Airport CEO, Stephen Byron.

Peter Jean and Noel Towell Slashing public service travel budgets has saved taxpayers more than $210 million over three years.

Coalition clocks up $1.8 million cab bills ... so far

Government departments are spending thousands of dollars each month on taxis.

Noel Towell Government departments are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars each month ferrying public servants around in taxis.

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Graduates dumped from AusAID offered other jobs

More than half of the 38 young people dumped from AusAID's graduate program last year have been offered jobs in other areas of the public service.

Noel Towell More than half of the 38 young people dumped from AusAID's graduate program last year have been offered jobs in other parts of the public service.

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Paperwork demands sent labour hire firm packing from ACT


Noel Towell The Sydney labour hire company controlled by one of the city's crime figures made an abortive attempt to set up shop in Canberra.

Andrew Blyth, ACT business' new chief, will stir the possum with his views

Noel Towell Andrew Blyth is going to get under the skin of a few people in this town and looks like he's going to enjoy every minute of it.

Chamber's bloated schools, hospitals

Noel Towell Unions say calls by Canberra's business lobby to slash spending on public schools and hospitals are ''outrageous.''

Cuts hit Defence, welfare hardest

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Noel Towell Australia's defence and social welfare bureaucracies bore the brunt of Labor's spending cuts, new figures show.

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Crace home owners score stamp duty win over government

L-R  Luke Dorsett and his partner Roozbeh Araghi of Crace have won a court battle over stamp duty and are set to receive $20,000 back from the Government.

Stephanie Anderson and Noel Towell Having a $17,000 bill slashed to $20 is reason to celebrate in anyone's language but for one Canberra couple it's a financial boon that has come with a fair bit of stress not to mention cost.

ACT government loses stamp duty case


Noel Towell The ACT Government could be hit with demands for refunds of millions of dollars it reaped in stamp duty on house-and-land packages in Canberra's north after accepting defeat in a landmark legal case.

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Australian Tax Office set to quit regional offices

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Noel Towell The tax Office looks set to walk away from its presence in regional Australia.

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DIY tax plan 'may hit' families

The Australian Tax Office.

Noel Towell Australian families could end up paying for the ATO's plans for big businesses to supervise their own tax returns.

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Australian public service needs staff despite 'hiring freeze'

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Noel Towell Despite a "hiring freeze", Government departments have been quietly given the green light to recruit or keep some of their temporary and casual workers'.

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Canberra schoolgirl writes to Prime Minister Tony Abbott to complain about Cory Bernardi's use of commodity

IVF child, 16 year old Hannah Webb has written to Prime Minister Tony Abbott seeking reassurance that she is not a

Noel Towell Hannah Webb is not asking for much from Prime Minster Tony Abbott - just an assurance that he does not think of her as a commodity.

Changes to Land Rent scheme a boost for newcomers

James Petterson, with his wife Sarah, and 16-month-old Rachael, outside their home in Bonner.

Noel Towell Households earning up to $160,000 a year can now get a taxpayer-assisted helping hand into Canberra's housing market, courtesy of the ACT government.

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Library accused of omitting key charts from exhibition

Historian and author Peter Trickett in front of the National Library of Australia with a replica of a recently- acquired map that the National Library has excluded from the exhibition Mapping our World.

Noel Towell One local scholar said the ground-breaking Mapping Our World exhibition was actively concealing early chapters in the story of the mapping of this continent.