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Noel Towell is a reporter for The Canberra Times.

Aircraft noise makes council lose compass

Darryl Johnston.

Noel Towell End 15-year battle over future of Tralee housing development sparks confused response from Tuggeranong council.

Liberals to swing PS axe, says Labor MP

Noel Towell Coalition has ''hit-list'' of senior public servants marked for the sack, according to Canberra Labor MP Andrew Leigh.

Bitter airport feud ends with peace treaty

16 DECEMBER 2009, news, Canberra Times Photo by MELISSA ADAMS, story John Thistleton.
Chief executive of the Village Building company, Bob Winnel looks over south Tralee.  SPECIAL 0

Noel Towell One of Australia's longest and most bitter business feuds ended in a peace treaty signed in Canberra on Wednesday.

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'Intelligence is never too dear': Abbott on the $700m price tag

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott attended the opening of the ASIO headquarters in Canberra on Tuesday 23 July 2013. Photo: Andrew Meares

Noel Towell ‘‘Intelligence is never too dear,’’ quoted Opposition Leader Tony Abbott as he spoke at the opening of spy agency ASIO’s new $700million headquarters on Tuesday.

Public Service sickies on senator's hit list

Senator Brett Mason

Noel Towell Australian taxpayers could save $340 million annually if federal public servants took just two fewer sickies each year, a Coalition senator says.

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PS workers 'should be obliged to report fraud'

Brian Hood.

Noel Towell Government sector workers should be legally obliged to report any knowledge of workplace fraud or corruption, says Brian Hood.

ABS Year Book may be soon going online

Australian Bureau of Statistics 2008 Year Book Australia.

Noel Towell The Australian Bureau of Statistics looks set to consign more than 100 years of tradition to the dustbin of history and stop printing the nation's statistical bible, Year Book Australia.

Unions lose redundancy case against Tax Office

Michael Lawler.

Noel Towell Public Service Reporter Public service unions have lost an appeal against an industrial tribunal decision they say threatens the job security of 25,000 Australian Taxation Office workers nationwide.

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Department defends right to discipline employees

Noel Towell The Federal Government's biggest department has taken legal action to protect its right discipline employees without incurring workers' compensation claims.

Rudd's carbon axe falls on ACT

Noel Towell Public Service Reporter Canberra will bear the brunt of 800 job cuts to the senior ranks of the public service as the federal government moves to pay for scrapping its carbon tax.

Woman loses bid for compensation over witnessing accident


Noel Towell A former Canberra public servant who claims she was left psychologically damaged by witnessing a fatal industrial accident in the city 30 years ago, has lost another bid for compensation.

Debt woes set Ainslie clubs stiff challenge


Noel Towell The Ainslie Group of licensed clubs has parted company with its chief executive and been forced to refinance up to $5 million in debt as it struggles to pay for a costly revamp to one of its venues.

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New technology for cataract surgery in Canberra

News. Laser surgery for the treatment of cataracts with new equipment
at the Capital Day Surgical Centre in Barton. July 12th. 2013 Canberra
Times photograph by Graham Tidy.


Noel Towell It's the big and expensive machine from America that promises to take the human factor out of cataract surgery in Canberra.

Private hospital goes into administration


Noel Towell Healthcare workers at a private hospital in Canberra’s south face an uncertain future after its owners called in administrators this week.

No payout for bureaucrat depressed after keeping job

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Noel Towell A Canberra public servant was left with a psychological illness - after his bosses said he could keep his job.

Auditor slams Canberra's car parking

ACT Auditor General, Maxine Cooper.

Lisa Cox and Noel Towell The ACT government is failing in almost every aspect of its management of the territory's car parks, a new report has found.

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Young draining out of the basin

Left-right Jhie Gough, 29 and his mate Jarrod Deaton both moved from Leeton to Canberra.

Noel Towell Young people are walking away from the Murray-Darling Basin at nearly twice the rate of other rural and regional areas of Australia and Jarrod Deaton is not surprised.

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Gillard says China ASIO breach reports 'inaccurate'

The ASIO building.

Noel Towell The alleged hacking of plans of Canberra's new ASIO building came despite the most stringent security.

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Agencies grappling with social sites code

Noel Towell Government agencies are facing a painful learning curve as they grapple with their workers' behaviour on social media.

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Ply owed $42m to tradies, court told

The Nishi Building.

Noel Towell Canberra builder Ply had debts of more than $42 million, much of it to hundreds of small builders and tradesmen in Canberra, when it collapsed in March, the Federal Court has heard.