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Phillip Thomson is a Public Service Reporter at The Canberra Times.

Musician gives flying performance at festival

Phillip Thomson IT was a busy weekend for Troy Brady. He was singing in Canberra on Saturday night before flying home to Cairns, hopefully before a forecast cyclone hit parts of north Queensland.

Enlighten: The Bulls win over Canberra

The Bulls are out for the Enlighten festival.

Phillip Thomson The Bulls are an a cappella group whose history is as entertaining as their act.

Lost and pound: Krieger the weimaraner and owner reunited

Phillip Thomson Lack of security cameras at an ACT government animal shelter has been highlighted after a confusing case involving a lost dog.

Canberra Hospital compensation payouts still on the rise

Phillip Thomson Canberra Hospital has been forced into another major compensation after a five-year-old girl was badly disfigured.

Tempting treats in the bush capital

Phillip Thomson Canberra needs to sell itself to the world and, not surprisingly, needs a public servant to get the job done.

More patients sue Canberra surgeon Richard Hocking

Phillip Thomson Five patients are now suing Canberra orthopaedic surgeon Richard Hocking in the ACT Supreme Court.

Enlighten Festival sets record for opening night

The National Gallery of Australia.

Phillip Thomson Enlighten festival organisers say Friday was the biggest opening night of the event since it started four years ago.

Young Fraser sings on grandfather's old stomping ground, tweet-less

Phillip Thomson At age 23 she is out-tweeted by her grandfather, former PM Malcolm Fraser, but that does not worry the woman who last night entertained a Canberra crowd with her voice.

IM chats cost public servants

Phillip Thomson Public servants beware of using the instant online messaging system at work when chatting to colleagues.

Two new patients sue embattled surgeon Richard Hocking

Orthopaedic surgeon Richard Hocking is being sued by two new patients over allegedly botching their hip replacement surgery.

Phillip Thomson Besieged Canberra orthopaedic surgeon Richard Hocking is being sued by two new patients for allegedly installing prosthetic hips incorrectly.

Boat people warning over Afghan aid cuts

Phillip Thomson AFGHANISTAN'S ambassador to Australia says cutting aid to his country may result in more asylum seekers trying to come to Australia by boat.

Chamber calls for cuts to health, education costs

Andrew Blyth, CEO of
the ACT and Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Phillip Thomson A leading business group is lobbying the ACT government to reduce costs in schools and hospitals to rein in Canberra's ''gold-plated'' services.

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Music improves young minds

Dr. Anita Collins, Assistant Professor of Music and Arts Education, at the University of Canberra.

Phillip Thomson When a pregnant Anita Collins worked through her 80,000-word thesis she often told people she was having two babies.

Doctor 'harassed' after he complained about flawed report

A Canberra Hospital anesthetist claims he has been harassed since lodging a complaint alleging medical records were used in a flawed study.

Phillip Thomson A long-serving anaesthetist at Canberra Hospital claims he has been harassed since lodging a complaint.

ACT laws put passive solar homes in the shade

Construction in the suburb of Wright in the Molonglo Valley.

Phillip Thomson Designs for blocks of land are being drawn up in new Canberra suburbs with little exposure to winter sunlight.

Summernats helps car fans farewell loved ones

(left) Second in the Miss Summernats competition Monique Dignan- Smith, first Danah Wheatley and third Stacey Louise.

Phillip Thomson As people milled around cars at Canberra's long-standing gathering for motor buffs, it was a time for a few to remember the loved ones they had lost.

Speeders run free as police issue cautions in school zones

Phillip Thomson Police let off hundreds of drivers caught speeding through Canberra's school zones last year, new figures show.

Parkes Way ahead in ACT intersection bingles

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Phillip Thomson It is confirmed. The two large roundabouts within a kilometre of each other along Parkes Way near the city are confusing bingle belts.

Zimbabwe embassy hits back at ambassador Jacqueline Zwambila

NEWS: please note: IMAGES ARE EMBARGOED UNTIL SATURDAY 28TH DECEMBER 2013 12.01AM.   Zimbabwe Ambassador Jacqueline Zwambila. 24th December 2013. Photo by MELISSA ADAMS of The Canberra Times.

Phillip Thomson The Zimbabwe embassy in Canberra has hit back at defecting ambassador Jacqueline Zwambila by saying she should have resigned straight after Robert Mugabe’s July 31 election win.

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Martin Brady is all fired up for New Year's Eve in Canberra

Phillip Thomson Martin Brady lives a life with the stars. If the pyrotechnics expert is not firing them into the air, he is working for them.