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Ron Cerabona is an arts reporter for The Canberra Times.

Puppetry offers entry to land of fables

Ron Cerabona The world premiere season of Canberra playwright Duncan Ley's Home at the End opened on Wednesday at the Courtyard Studio, Canberra Theatre Centre.

Stomp to get Canberra toe tapping

Paul Bend and Jeremy Price.

Ron Cerabona It was third time lucky for Adam Buckley. The British tap dancer auditioned three times over four years to get into the musical, dance and comedy act STOMP.

48 hours: What's on in Canberra this week

Ron Cerabona Looking for entertainment in Canberra this weekend? Look no further.

The Phantom of the Opera is here

Preview of The Phantom of the Opera which opens at The Canberra Theatre, Saturday 10th of August.

Ron Cerabona It took a year and a half, a six-figure budget and a lot of hard work by dozens of people.

Take a peek behind the red curtain

Canberra Phantom of the Opera preview.

Ron Cerabona Andrew Lloyd Webber's 1986 musical The Phantom of the Opera can lay claim to being the most successful single entertainment event to date.


Litbits - Ron Carabona

Ron Cerabona A quick look at literature around the capital.

Many hands, legs make dance work

Dancer Jack Riley performing during a media call for the production Me Right Now at the Canberra Theatre Playhouse.

Ron Cerabona It took two years, three choreographers and 44 dancers from Australia and overseas to create QL2 Dance's Hit the Floor Together.

Reunion party gives Don another go

Actors rehearse ((l-r) Pat Gallagher as Mal and Peter Robinson as Don for the sequeal of Don's Party at Canberra Repertory, Theatre 3.

Ron Cerabona Peter Robinson was quick to accept the title role in Canberra Repertory Society's production of Don Parties On. It was a decision he almost regretted.

Free and flying: former jailbird Jack tells all

Ron Cerabona ''I'm up in Canberra - the place where it all happens,'' said Jack Charles.

Musical masters the mind of a dog

Playwright Jim McGrath and his lead character Sharik contemplate the future  of

Ron Cerabona Canberra playwright Jim McGrath says his musical Heart of a Dog ''is a bit Frankenstein, a bit My Fair Lady and a bit Carry On Up the Kremlin.

Weekend fun in Canberra

Wind Air Water kite festival

Ron Cerabona Still scratching around for something to do this weekend? Worry no more! Ron Cerabona has you covered.

Liberties and the Christian lobby

Actors James Lugton, Kym Vercoe, Jane Phegan, Irving Gregory and Drew Fairley.

Ron Cerabona Want to see Australian Sex Party leader Fiona Patten's 2010 Sunrise debate with Family First's Wendy Francis recreated as a wrestling match? That's one of the scenes in Version 1.

48 hours: making the most of your weekend

48hrs dinkus

Ron Cerabona It's the last weekend in autumn, and here's just a couple of ways you can get out there and enjoy it.

Groups tune up for orchestral play off

Ron Cerabona The Australian National Eisteddfod turns 75 this year. From Thursday, about 2500 musicians will take part in the bands and orchestras division across a range of age divisions.

Just like clockwork, more of the old ultraviolence

Cast from the UK theatre company Action To The Word presents A Clockwork Orange opening at Canberra's The Playhouse.

Ron Cerabona Beethoven, Bowie, beatings and brainwashing are all part of the mix in Action to the Word's A Clockwork Orange.

A former Canberran scoring local ballet? That's symmetry!

Huey Benjamin

Ron Cerabona How do you score a ballet about Parliament House? That was the challenge for composer Huey Benjamin.

University star attraction one of a kind

More photos for UNA sculpture.
UNA 2013 Canberra, 4 metres od: stainless steel. Photograph Ben Wrigley

Ron Cerabona Una is ANU spelt backwards. That's one reason British sculptor Wolfgang Buttress chose it as the title of his new stainless steel sculpture.

Frankenstein leaves the lab

Actor, Lee Jones, who plays the creature.

Ron Cerabona Frankenstein's monster is one of the archetypes of horror.

Filmmaker enriches two cultures


Ron Cerabona ANU graduate John Darling's legacy lives on in creative exchanges between filmmakers.

Roles aplenty in this Welsh classic

Actors Graham Robertson, Alice Ferguson, Geoffrey Borny and Erin Pugh, play multiple charters each in Dylan Thomas' Under Milk Wood.

Ron Cerabona Canberra Repertory Society's production of Under Milk Wood begins with actors sitting on a row of chairs on a bare stage.