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Ross Peake is a senior reporter for The Canberra Times

Memories of pride and joy as Governor-General Quentin Bryce says goodbye

Ross Peake Quentin Bryce recalled tears of sadness and joy as she reminisced about her five-year term as Governor-General.

'Lean years' coming for ACT with PS job cuts


Ross Peake The cuts to the federal public service will hit Canberra harder than Holden's job losses will affect South Australia.

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Ministers forced to approve last-minute millions

Ross Peake Ministers were forced to approve tens of millions of dollars in last-minute spending on Parliament House just weeks before the opening.

Parliament portraits proving too popular?

Ross Peake The portraits at Parliament House of former prime ministers are proving to be a magnet for visitors wanting a picture of themselves with a famous Australian.

Labor plan was for Calvary to go private

Ross Peake The Hawke Labor government seriously considered breaking the promise to fund the operating deficit of Calvary Hospital, which would have closed all its public beds.

Canberra's Model citizens set to embrace new homeland on Australia Day

Ross Peake Almost 17,900 people from 155 countries will become Australian citizens in about 400 ceremonies on Sunday.

State of the States report prompts call to cut ACT costs

Andrew Blyth

Ross Peake Business groups are concerned about a drop in investment as the ACT government is urged to cut costs.

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Some of Parliament's customs have been overtaken by time

Ross Peake Senators from the major parties do not bother being in the chamber to cast a vote if told the division is a ''mickey''.

PS job nerves hit ACT economy


Ross Peake and Meredith Clisby The ACT economy is showing clear signs of distress as the federal government cuts the public service, the latest economic data shows.

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Government buying cheap imports, manufacturers complain

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Ross Peake Paper and clothing manufacturers are complaining bitterly about the flood of cheap imports and calling for the Abbott government to have the political courage to ''buy Australian'' even as it slashes...

Cabinet had to resolve future of Jervis Bay

Naval ships from several countries gather in Jervis Bay.

Ross Peake The Hawke government had to deal with the future of Jervis Bay as it wrestled with imposing self-government on the ACT.

Flemming blames sacking on vendetta

Air Vice-Marshall, Jim Flemming.

Ross Peake The Air Force officer who was sacked as director of the Australian War Memorial says he was the victim of a left-wing vendetta.

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Democrats helped shape ACT electoral system

Gordon Scholes, pictured here at a press conference in September 1984.

Ross Peake As the ACT approached self-government, federal cabinet changed its mind after pressure from the Democrats on which electoral model to adopt for the Legislative Assembly.

Cabinet papers 1986-87: Police had concerns over casino for ACT


Ross Peake Police had serious concerns that a casino in Canberra would attract interstate criminals, professional gamblers and ''cheats''.

Casino life interesting? A safe bet

Ross Peake Bernie Morris once saw a gobsmacking $1 million bet placed on the table where she was a baccarat dealer.

Hope for brain damage reversal in premature babies

Ross Peake It may be possible to partially reverse brain damage in premature babies, according to research to be published on Thursday.

National Arboretum Canberra visitor numbers tipped to soar

Ross Peake Almost half a million people have visited the National Arboretum Canberra since its opening in February.

Contract will put paid to free parking

A contract has been signed to put pay parking in central Canberra.

Ross Peake A multimillion-dollar contract has been signed to put paid parking in central Canberra in a move that will affect thousands of commuters.

PM holding line - no indication of conscience vote

Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

Ross Peake Despite furious demands for national leadership on gay marriage, Prime Minister Tony Abbott remained mute on Thursday amid the tumultuous reaction to the High Court's unanimous decision to strike out...

Same-sex marriage bill overturned: reaction to the High Court judgment

Australian High court hands down ruling on same sex marriages. Ivan Hinton, spokesperson.

Lisa Cox, Michael Inman and Ross Peake Reaction to the High Court's decision on same-sex marriage laws.

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