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Sally Pryor is the Arts Editor at The Canberra Times.

Portraits of war hero Ben Roberts-Smith reflect shades of a life in combat

Sally Pryor There are two new portraits hanging in the Australian War Memorial this week.

Digital portrait of love and loss in Beijing

Darwin-born video artist Tiyan Melissa Kilie Baker says she was struck by the rapid and traumatic change unfolding in Beijing while spending six months there this year.

Sally Pryor A meditative portrait of love and loss in a teeming metropolis has won a major prize at the National Portrait Gallery.

Colour Music exhibition awakens the senses

Sally Pryor What must it be like to see music and hear colours, to see movement in light and colours in harmonies?

Artist Dale Frank $4 million donation is National Gallery of Australia's 'most significant gift'

national gallery of australia

Sally Pryor Artist Dale Frank donates paintings, drawings and collages worth $4 million to National Gallery of Australia.

New show highlights Australia on the brink of World War I

Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove officially opened <i>Crisis 1914! The Call to Arms</i> at Old Parliament House, Canberra and was greeted by St Kieran's, Manly Vale, schoolchildren after the event.

Sally Pryor It’s hard to imagine that in 1914, Australia was a happy, optimistic country, even as war loomed and a government faced one of the toughest decisions in history.

Kathryn Wightman wins Ranamok Prize with three-metre glass rug

Sally Pryor A flock of magpies, a box of matches, a floating scarf, a glistening blue rabbit  – the Ranamok Glass Prize has always attracted a diverse range of objects, all forged from glass.

Canberra Museum and Gallery buys Gruner painting

Mystery: Elioth Gruner's Untitled (Landscape) 1930, which was recently bought by the Canberra Museum and Gallery.

Sally Pryor When works Australian landscape painter Elioth Gruner come onto the market it’s worth pouncing.

New art space opens in Mitchell

Ilias Ellis and his daughter, Melody Ellis, at their new gallery space in Mitchell, Leta, with current works on the walls from their mother and grandmother, late Canberra artist, Gloria Ellis.

Sally Pryor To most people, an empty office space in Mitchell is a business opportunity.

Country books now allowed to compete for ACT Book of the Year

Author Marion Halligan.

Sally Pryor For a working author, recognition is just as important as money.

Robert Motherwell paintings, collages and prints at National Gallery of Australia

NGA senior curator Jane Kinsman studies a portrait of the artist at the Robert Motherwell exhibition.

Sally Pryor It was a classic case of louche New York gallery-goers and a misunderstood artist.

JW Power exhibition at National Library


Sally Pryor His paintings are striking works of avant-garde modernism, his vision long-lasting and his legacy profound.

Author John Clanchy's search for a publisher proved to be short and sweet

Sally Pryor It’s official: short stories aren’t major sellers when it comes to books.

World's smallest books vie for big title

Reference librarian Andrew Sergeant, holding the world's smallest book at the National Library.

Sally Pryor You think that book's tiny? Check this one out...using this handy microscope.

Print-maker Alison Alder comes full circle, living through diversity

Sally Pryor When you’re onto a good thing, it’s best to walk out on a high point, preferably with a big neon sign lighting up the Kingston foreshore.

Last days of Gruner with questions unanswered

Elioth Gruner oil: The Golden Poplars, Canberra, 1937 oil on canvas. from the Kerry Stokes Collection.

Sally Pryor Was Elioth Gruner a fun-loving bon vivant, or a grumpy neighbourhood eccentric? Perhaps he was both, as the curator of the major survey of his work at Canberra Museum and Gallery is slowly...

Nancy Sever opens new art gallery

Nancy Sever opens her new art gallery in Kingston on Wednesday.

Sally Pryor When Nancy Sever decided to retire last year, she planned to take a well-earned break, travel and spend time with her new grandchild.

Jeffrey Smart's Labyrinth to be displayed in the National Gallery of Australia

Artist Jeffrey Smart.

Sally Pryor and Ben Westcott The last painting by Jeffrey Smart has found a home in the National Gallery of Australia thanks in part to the estate of fellow artist Margaret Olley.

Brindabellas captured in infra-red

Infra-red film-makers James van der Moezel and Glen Ryan have made a new film of the Brindabellas .

Sally Pryor Filmmaker Glen Ryan used to be baffled when people raved about the beauty of the Brindabellas.

10-pound poms and migrant hostel memories

Sally Pryor In the 1950s, the Australian government portrayed immigrants very differently.

Glass artist Nick Mount pushes the bounds of an ancient tradition

Sally Pryor Leading glass artist Nick Mount, who has just opened a new exhibition at the Canberra Glassworks, says the scene is thriving since his days as an art student.