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Sally Pryor is the Arts Editor at The Canberra Times.

Art for Mart: a tribute to pop artist Martin Sharp

Sally Pryor About 80 artists are set to converge on a Goulburn gallery to celebrate the life and work of pop artist Martin Sharp, who died in December.

Canberra Symphony Orchestra offers Rodin sculpture for raffle

Rodin sculpture

Sally Pryor How much would you pay for the chance to own a sculpture by Auguste Rodin?

Canberra's gain until the cows go home

Sally Pryor Spring Frost, Elioth Gruner's award-winning work that had critics raving when it won the Wynne Prize in 1919, has found a temporary home in Canberra.

Artist John White makes the break into Canberra Glassworks

Sally Pryor Arts Editor It's a classic Canberra tale - at least in the art world.

Works by WEP donated to Australian War Memorial

War memorial senior curator Claire Baddeley with some of the works donated by William Edwin Pidgeon's family.

Sally Pryor His illustrations brought solace to thousands of Australian women as they waited out the Second World War back home.

Photographers bring Indonesia into focus at National Gallery of Australia

Gael Newton, curator of the Garden of the East Photography in Indonesia exhibition at the National Gallery of Australia.

Sally Pryor The latest exhibition at the National Gallery of Australia casts the history of photography in a new light.

Gorman House arts centre: how to turn a house into a village

Sally Pryor Imagine you're new to Canberra, and you visit Gorman House for the first time.

National Museum appoints Mathew Trinca as new director

Newly appointed National Museum of Australia director Mathew Trinca.

Sally Pryor The National Museum finally has a new director.

Sorry, but no refund for Prom ticket-holders who dodged the rain

Concert patrons shelter from the rain as the Canberra Symphony Orchestra perform during the Shell Prom Concert on the grounds of Government House.

Sally Pryor Canberra Symphony Orchestra has no regrets about going ahead with its signature Prom concert on Saturday.

National Gallery suing over stolen artworks

Shiva as Nataraja, Lord of the Dance.

Sally Pryor The National Gallery is suing a New York art dealer over a work it purchased six years ago, with claims the 11th century Indian statue was stolen.

Kayakcameraman Paul Jurak to have morning paddles stored at National Library

Cameraman Paul Jurak in front of the National library.

Sally Pryor If you sleep in, you can still see the sunrise.

Artists' work inspired by the cosmos is on display at CSIRO

Capturing the Cosmos opens at the CSIRO Discovery Centre February 1st. Cris Kennedy of CSIRO Discovery helps artists Jacquie Roger (left) and Arlene Williams hang their work.

Sally Pryor If the idea of the cosmos is all a bit of an abstraction to you, you're not alone.

#Australiaday gifted to the National Museum

Sally Pryor If you tweeted your way through Australia Day this weekend, your exploits could well have ended up in the National Museum of Australia, to be gazed at in wonder by future generations.

Arts Centre chief paints picture of growth

Belconnen Arts Centre's Daniel Ballantyne  in the gallery.

Sally Pryor Daniel Ballantyne may have taken the scenic route when it comes to his latest job, but in many ways his new role was written in the stars.

Elvis Presley photos chronicle a legend in the making

Sally Pryor If anyone can claim to be an Elvis Presley aficionado, it must be Warren Perry.

National Gallery talking up Canberra's winters by capitalising on the cold

Sally Pryor National Gallery director Ron Radford says Canberra's much maligned winter should be it's big selling point.

Migrants' stories given new life by revisiting their cafe culture

Former owner of the family business, Loula Zantiotis, 81, who now lives in Sydney, visits the display with 3 generations of the family.

Sally Pryor The china was monogrammed, the teapots solid silver and the fittings art deco, but this was no posh city home.

Canberra Fringe to ruffle more feathers with burlesque night

Gearing up for the Fringe Festival.

Sally Pryor He may be known as the enfant terrible of the Canberra arts scene, but Jorian Gardner is hoping some locals have grown up a bit in the past four years.

After seven years, the glass is full for polished director Ann Jakle

Sally Pryor Seven years is a long time in a young city such as Canberra, and Ann Jakle thinks it is long enough at the helm of one arts organisation.

Mapping Our World celebrates 50,000th visitor

Sally Pryor It's not every day that you're met on the steps of the National Library by cameras, microphones and the director-general waiting to shake your hand.