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Tim the Yowie Man

Nobody knows the Canberra region like Tim the Yowie Man.

Algal bioluminescence captured on film in Tasmania.

Sparkling sea

This column receives many remarkable nature reports, none more so than the 'sparkling sea'.

Four Mile Hut resplendent in its winter coat.

Snowy Shelter

Discover Four Mile Hut, a rustic landmark familiar to many cross-country skiers.

Monster  brown trout captured on camera in a dam near Jindabyne.

Moonbah monster

When I first glimpsed this eye-catching photo of a giant brown trout leaping out of a private dam in the snowy mountains, I could hardly believe my eyes?

Guthega Power Station - the original Snowy Hydro Scheme's first power station.

Hydro hike

Right now, the folk down Cooma way are walking around with a spring in their step for two reasons.

Constructed 35 years ago by his neighbour, Wolf Heyer crosses the flooded Tuross River on a home-made flying fox.

Fearless flying foxes

Swinging bridges aren't the only hair-raising man-made structures which span some of our waterways.

One of several grand suspension bridges on the Thredbo Valley.

Swinging bridges and the kings of swing

With their design based on ancient Inca rope bridges, nothing evokes a sense of adventure more than being greeted by an old rickety swinging bridge in the back country.