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Tom McIlroy is a Legislative Assembly reporter at The Canberra Times

Advocates call for better responses to homelessness in Canberra

Tom McIlroy Canberra's leading social service agencies have challenged Andrew Barr to act on homelessness.

ACT budget to boost bike paths and cycle infrastructure

Next week's ACT budget will boost bike paths and cycle infrastructure

Tom McIlroy Tuesday's ACT budget will include new funding for bike and walking paths, cycling infrastructure and the planned Molonglo cycle highway project. 

ACT Government defends Ashley Drive duplication plans

Chief Minister Andrew Barr and Roads Minister Mick Gentleman announcing funding for Ashley Drive duplication works

Tom McIlroy The ACT government has defended its plans to spend more money than expected to duplicate a smaller section of Tuggeranong's Ashley Drive. 

Coroner holds inquest into disappearance of Canadian hiker Prabhdeep Srawn in the Kosciuszko National Park

Mr Srawn disappeared after parking a rental car in the Charlotte Pass Village, sparking weeks of searches.

Tom McIlroy More than two years after the disappearance and suspected death of Canadian bushwalker Prabhdeep Srawn, a coronial inquest into his case began in Cooma on Tuesday. 

New approach to graffiti and street art in Canberra

Tom McIlroy Highly visible locations around Canberra are set to see a new approach to graffiti and street art as the ACT government allocates $250,000 for management from next week's budget.

ACAT considers Northbourne public housing demolition

ACAT has excluded the National Trust from appealing the Northbourne Avenue public housing demolition plans.

Tom McIlroy ACAT considers Northbourne public housing demolition.

Canberra set for a "suburban" budget: Andrew Barr

Andrew Barr opening Winyu House in Gungahlin

Tom McIlroy Chief Minister Andrew Barr says next month's territory budget will have a "suburban" focus for all of Canberra, despite a forecasted $250 million deficit in 2015-16. 

Andrew Barr ready to fight over Northbourne Avenue demolitions

Heritage concerns present a challenge to the ACT government's plans to redevelop Northbourne Avenue. Dickson Flats pictured.

Tom McIlroy Andrew Barr has defended a government legal challenge over the demolition of Northbourne Avenue's public housing, warning heritage advocates he will use every necessary power to knock...

ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr defends Canberra's public housing history

ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr

Tom McIlroy Chief Minister Andrew Barr admits he will never change some people's minds on public housing but is pushing ahead with the current policy of dotting developments around the suburbs..

Auditor warns of risk of catastrophic failure of water catchment

ACT Auditor-General Maxine Cooper  has raised concerns about risks to the lower Cotter drinking water catchment.

Kirsten Lawson and Tom McIlroy Despite significant improvements in the major lower Cotter drinking water catchment, major risks remain, including the risk of catastrophic failure of the catchment, ACT Auditor-General...

Nobel laureate J.M. Coetzee signs open letter protesting kangaroo cull

Canberra's annual kangaroo cull will begin on April 30.

Tom McIlroy Nobel laureate J.M. Coetzee has joined a group of 50 international academics, writers, lawyers and artists calling on the ACT government to stop its shooting of kangaroos, calling...

Westside Container Village tradies wait to be paid

Kirsten Lawson and Tom McIlroy  

Community leaders respond to Nicholls public housing criticism

Anne Eccleston,73, has lived in her small public housing complex in Garran for 10 years.

Tom McIlroy Community advocates have called for informed and measured debate about the ACT government's strategy for placing new public housing developments and backed the longstanding "salt and pepper" approach...

ACT government commits another $800,000 to ice fight

Health Minister Simon Corbell has commited another $800,000 to the fight against ice

Tom McIlroy Minister for Health Simon Corbell today announced an $800,000 funding boost that will see drug treatment and support services funding reach record levels in the ACT.

Nicholls residents oppose public housing near primary school

Gold Creek P&C president Michele Justin and former president Michael Rush

Tom McIlroy Nicholls residents unhappy about a planned 14-unit public housing development near the Gold Creek primary school have complained to the ACT government their safety, amenity and...

ICRC critical of new Canberra water and sewerage prices, but has to deliver them

The ICRC is critical of a new decision on Canberra water and sewerage pricing

Tom McIlroy The ACT's Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission has warned residents of apartments and small houses in Canberra will face the largest increases in water bills as a result of a...

Construction begins on secure mental health unit at Symonston

Construction of a new secure mental health unit in Symonston has begun

Tom McIlroy Construction begins on what has been long considered a 'missing link' in the ACT's criminal justice and health systems. 

Canberrans are travelling longer as the city and airport work populations swell

Finbar O'Mallon and Tom McIlroy As the population profile of Canberra's working areas changes, the time workers spend moving between home and work has increased, new research shows.

Legislative Assembly architects show off sleek re-designs

Concept designs for the expanded ACT Legislative Assembly.

Tom McIlroy Planned expansion of the ACT Legislative Assembly will include sleek contemporary design, with new offices and meeting areas featuring warm lighting, refined joinery and state-of-the-art technology.

The fight for social inclusion and equality continues: Andrew Barr

Tom McIlroy ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr has called on the Canberra business and community sectors to do more to champion social inclusion, and committed the territory public service to meet...