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Tom McIlroy is a Legislative Assembly reporter at The Canberra Times

Same-sex couple prepare to tie the knot again

Tom McIlroy Jennifer and Glenda Lloyd form one of just 31 same-sex couples who married before the ACT law was found to be inconsistent with the Commonwealth Marriage Act and was thrown out.

Gough Whitlam to have suburb named in his honour

Former prime minister Gough Whitlam with Senator John Faulkner in 2002.

Tom McIlroy Before his death, the Labor icon gave his approval for a suburb to named after him.

Hyatt Hotel defends booking for Australian Christian Lobby's anti-gay marriage conference

gay marriage

Tom McIlroy and Ben Westcott  Canberra's Hyatt Hotel says it supports gay and lesbian equality, amid growing criticism of a conference organised by controversial anti-gay marriage campaigners the Australian Christian Lobby.

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Tuggeranong majority rails against tram

Debate continues over the value of light rail.

Kirsten Lawson and Tom McIlroy Nearly 70 per cent of Tuggeranong residents say the capital doesn't need light rail.

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Jeremy Hanson will do 'everything' to stop light rail in Canberra

Opposition Leader Jeremy Hanson is totally opposed to light rail in 

Tom McIlroy Opposition Leader Jeremy Hanson says he will do everything in his power to stop the development of light rail in Canberra, as a new survey shows 59 per cent of participants oppose the planned route...

Backtrack on sausage sizzle regulation

sausage sizzle

Tom McIlroy Laws are like sausages, it was once said. It's better for the public not to see them being made.

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Canberra's light rail an election vote changer

light rail.

Kirsten Lawson and Tom McIlroy The ACT Government's signature light rail project is looming as a vote changing issue at the territory's 2016 election. 

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Pay parking moves Canberrans to board the bus

BUSING ALONG: An additional 1500 passenger trips to and from the parliamentary zone have been recorded on ACTION buses each week day since October 13.

Henry Belot and Tom McIlroy The introduction of pay parking in the parliamentary triangle has motivated an increasing number of Canberrans to abandon their cars and catch the bus to work.

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Call for community feedback on outdoor fitness equipment in Tuggeranong, Belconnen and Theodore

Tom McIlroy Community views are being sought on what types of public exercise equipment should be installed in three new outdoor fitness stations set to be added to parks in Tuggeranong, Belconnen and Theodore.

ACT upgrades to A-E scale for year 10

Education Minister Joy Burch.

Tom McIlroy Education Minister Joy Burch has confirmed the move to traditional grades, connecting the year 10 certificate to nationally recognised standards.

Federal police investigated Capital Metro business case leak

Artist's impressions of the proposed Capital Metro light rail.

Tom McIlroy In May, the federal police were asked to investigate the leak of cabinet documents related to the government's $780-million tram line but were unable to identify the person responsible.

Katy Gallagher signs economic agreement with Shenzhen, China

Chinese flag.

Tom McIlroy Shenzhen, with a population of 15 million people and an economy about eight times the size of the ACT's, has just became Canberra's new best friend in China.

ACT government promotes NXTBus take up

Tom McIlroy A new service offering live updates about Canberra's bus network is proving popular, with more than 80,000 requests for information online and via text message.

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New wave of debate over name change for Lake Burley Griffin

What's in a name for Canberra's lake?

Tom McIlroy The name of the capital's lake centrepiece will be considered by the Canberra National Memorials Committee. 

Medical marijuana advocates see only delays in clinical trials

The ACT will join a Commonwealth-backed national clinical trial of medical cannabis.

Tom McIlroy The ACT will join a Commonwealth-backed national clinical trial of medical cannabis.

ACT government to join national medical cannabis trial

Comunity backing:  A nation-wide poll released in July found almost 66 per cent of Australians support the legalisation of cannabis for medical purposes.

Tom McIlroy Taking part in a large population medical cannabis trial is a significant step for ACT, says Chief Minister Katy Gallagher.

ACT Education Minister: simplified national curriculum 'too fast'

Early-childhood literacy.

Primrose Riordan and Tom McIlroy ACT Education Minister Joy Burch believes a revised and simplified national curriculum should not be rushed in, at least until the current scheme is fully implemented. 

Opposite sides of the track: light rail campaigners square off

Meeting at the proposed site of the terminus, Ian Ruecroft (left) says it’s time to commit to light rail while Dr John Smith says that’s a flawed approach.

Tom McIlroy Views of the Canberra light rail line are divided long before it is scheduled to be built, writes Tom McIlroy.

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Canberra Liberals challenge costs decision on Labor club FoI request

Tom McIlroy  An administrative tribunal challenge to freedom of information charges brought by ACT deputy opposition leader Alistair Coe will begin this week, as he seeks information on profits made by the...

Got a $10 cheque from the ACT government? Here's why

Some Canberrans who paid their car registration after discovering it had overcharged them.

Tom McIlroy Incorrect fee was included on Canberra car registration renewal notices due in the period of September 1 to October 12.

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