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Cadet denies forcing kiss on drunk student

An ADFA cadet accused of forcing himself on a drunken student in her campus room has denied holding an ''unrequited love'' for the teenager. And he has also rejected claims he went into ''damage control'' weeks later after realising the female cadet remembered the alleged acts of indecency from the early hours of Sunday May 6 last year.

Singaporean navy cadet Yong Chuean Benedict Ang, 22, is accused of entering the cadet's room and lying down next to her while she was half asleep and drunk.

He is accused of grabbing her jaw in a ''pistol grip'', blocking her nose, and then forcing his tongue inside her mouth.

Ang allegedly undid her bra while she was sleeping and fondled her breast.

The accused cadet took to the witness box on Thursday morning, and denied the alleged acts of indecency.

He says he went to check on the then 18-year-old after a big night out in Civic, where she consumed 18 drinks. He said the female cadet told him she was sore from AFL, and he offered her a massage.


He said they later kissed consensually, before he broke away, and she told him ''I can't do this, you're like my bro''.

But in cross-examination, Crown prosecutor Shane Drumgold suggested that Ang had an ''unrequited love'' for the cadet, and that his version of events was ''just nonsense''.

Mr Drumgold put it to Ang that he was sexually attracted to the cadet, had a focus on her, but that he overheard she had feelings for a different cadet.

He alleged Ang realised the cadet was drunk and in a ''partying mood'' on the night in question, and entered her room while the light was off, closed the door, lay beside her, and committed the acts of indecency.

''You hoped she didn't remember what happened the night before,'' Mr Drumgold said.

The prosecution alleges that later that month, after a two-week break from studies, two other female cadets approached Ang, warning him they were going to make a report.

Ang admitted telling the cadets he ''f---ed up'' and made a mistake that night.

But he told the court that he was talking about breaking ADFA rules prohibiting fraternisation.

He told fellow cadets that if they made a report, it would ruin his career.

Earlier, Ang's lawyer asked his client whether he had blocked the cadet's nose with his thumb to force her to kiss him.

He replied: ''No, I would never do that to anyone.''

Ang also told the court that on a previous occasion in the Mooseheads nightclub in Civic, the female cadet had grind danced on him, gyrating her buttocks on his crotch.

''It seems to me like she was coming on [to me].

''I then backed away,'' Ang told the court.

The trial continues on Friday in the ACT Supreme Court before Justice John Burns.