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Calendars with character just the thing

The request in Wednesday's column for advice about better 2013 Canberra calendars (to send to our old aunts overseas) than the awful, glossy ones in all the shops (those dreadful calendars that have no people in them and that make Canberra look abandoned and deserted, like a well-tended Chernobyl), has yielded some noble alternatives.

The noblest one of all, for dog lovers, is the ACT Rescue & Foster (ARF) ''Best Friends'' calendar. ARF exists to find

good homes for rescued dogs, and when you

buy their calendar you will support ARF's wonderful and essential work.

ARF member Carol Anderson boasts to us that she is the ''the proud owner of Floyd, the calendar's Mr July''. Each month of the calendar features a picture of an adopted dog juxtaposed with a Canberra heritage place, making it, the proud owner of Mr July thinks, ''A winning combination of lovely dogs and old buildings.''

You can buy the calendar online by going to the ARF website